Selling Local: A winning formula for selling marketing packages at scale


Uncover the structure behind a winning approach to scaling growth with a deep-dive into the journey of a thriving marketing agency. We’ll examine the gears of its operational model, how it established a presence, and the key messages that resonate with their ideal clients.

Discover how to identify high-demand local marketing products, and how to package and price them for profitability.

You’ll also get to hear about sales tactics for quick wins, and customer retention strategies for sustainable growth.

In this webinar, you will:

Learn how to build a robust client acquisition machine
Explore the process of prospecting, discovery, and onboarding clients
Identify avoidable pitfalls when scaling your own agency
Uncover how to utilize new tools for rapid deployment and automation
Get your questions answered in an interactive Q&A session


Drew McLellan, CEO at Agency Management Institute
Marcel Krawczyk, Founding President Little Jack Marketing
Jason Swenk, Agency Coach & Founder of Agency Mastery 360
Vishal Teckchandani, Senior Content Editor Vendasta

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