Simple Social Share

Simple Social Share

Drive prospects and sales to your client’s sites

Promote brands with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter and Facebook

Influencers are real people with a substantial social media network who post your content for their followers. This targeted audience consumes the content and can interact with it through likes, shares and more. Each Facebook or Twitter post can have a specific CTA and drive prospects anywhere—to a website with more information or a landing page with a special offer. Influencers are vetted and chosen with care and their posts are made from within the Tempesta platform to ensure quality and provide reporting.


  • Save dozens of hours of your time by using Simple Social Share. Setting up a customer’s micro-influencer campaign takes less than a minute and requires no further work on your part thereafter.
  • Detailed performance reports can automatically be delivered to you or your clients each month.
  • Your customers will be able to see accountable performance in their first month.
  • Your customers get access to hard-to-target prospects through trusted micro-influencers that they already follow.


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