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Build a Recurring Revenue Stream: Your Guide to Becoming a Vendasta Affiliate


The Vendasta Affiliate Program is purpose-built to help you create your own recurring revenue stream. By leveraging your existing audience and network, affiliates can earn up to $9590 for each and every referral who signs a plan with Vendasta.

To become a successful affiliate you must engage your audience and sell them your trust in a company. Vendasta has created a partnership designed to make you an expert, so you can feel confident in your recommendation and endorsement.

Who should consider becoming a Vendasta affiliate?

A Vendasta affiliate is someone who—in exchange for commissions—shares their love for Vendasta. As an affiliate partner, you'll receive an industry-leading commission for every referral to Vendasta who signs up.

In order to be successful, affiliates should have a strong and engaged audience, along with a passion for sales and marketing. 

“Traditionally affiliate marketers are the ones pushing out content online. They have their own blogs, they already have an existing website. They may have multiple different affiliate links there as well,” says Vendasta Director of Partner Alliances Kass Naicker.

“But we’re also looking for affiliates who have an audience and just want to try something a little bit different. No matter where your audience is, whether it's on your website, blog, TED Talk,  Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. Affiliates are able earn commission by tapping that audience so we can bring them into the Vendasta ecosystem.”

The Vendasta Affiliate Advantage 

With a focused approach on sales-led growth the Vendasta sales division is an affiliate’s secret weapon, according to Vendasta Director of Partner Alliances Kass Naicker. 

Our affiliates can focus on what they do best, putting out the proper content and getting unique and qualified referrals to us. We take it from there and close those clients, so the affiliate can collect the commissions.

Kass Naicker

Director Partner Alliances, Vendasta

“We pay those commissions out monthly, and as Vendasta continues to close more and more referrals that monthly recurring revenue stream for our affiliates continues to climb. It’s a new and exciting concept for us here at Vendasta. We’re really making the investment to bring those leads in and develop meaningful affiliate partnerships.”

Commission structure

Depending on the plan your referral has signed up for, you'll receive commissions based on the following structure: 


  • Startup: $470
  • Essentials: $2870
  • Growth: $4790
  • Scale: $9590


You're able to earn up to $9590 for each and every referral who signs a plan with Vendasta. There is no minimum number of sales to begin earning commission. For a review of Vendasta's pricing structure, take a look here.

How it works 

To ensure all of your commissions are attributed to your account, you'll receive a personalized affiliate link. Ensure this link is shared whenever you post about Vendasta. Whether you have an audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email contacts, or any platform you can imagine, you can engage them! 

Simply share your love for Vendasta, along with your personalized affiliate link, and you'll earn a monthly commission for every signup. If you need some selling points, we’re happy to provide downloadable marketing collateral for your use. 

All affiliates receive access to their own Affiliate Portal, so they can track every dollar they earn. This portal is updated in real-time and allows you to instantly access all of your commissions, which are paid out monthly. 

Vendasta Affiliate Program: Features to shout about 

Giving you the tools you need to build trust for Vendasta with your audience, we've created these high-level features designed to make you a Vendasta expert.

We're well known 

With 60,000+ partners and 5.5 million SMBs local businesses reached worldwide, Vendasta is an industry leader. Not to mention, Vendasta is also rated by Deloitte as one of North America's top-500 fastest-growing tech companies in North America.

End-to-end Ecommerce Platform

Vendasta is the only end-to-end commerce platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses. In fact, the savings can be >$14K per month

Vendasta Affiliate in-line blog image

Our Partners get the credit

With our white-label digital marketing products and services, this means that Vendasta partners  put their logo on our (industry experts') work. Their clients will never know they’re using Vendasta.

All-in-one Platform

Market, sell, bill, and fulfil all in one platform. Vendasta’s white-label platform brings everything together for agencies and enterprises providing solutions to business owners. It’s B2B e-commerce software that lets partners scale sales, marketing, fulfillment, and operations—all in the name of helping local businesses succeed. No other B2B e-commerce platform brings everything together like Vendasta does for teams selling to small and medium businesses.

Find new business customers fast

Automatically engage business owners with a needs analysis. Then, provide a free set of tools tailored to help them grow their digital presence. Vendasta Partners can build trust, ask for the sale, then reap the reward.

Grow revenue, not costs

Sell solutions with integrated invoicing and billing. Offer new apps & services from the Vendasta  Marketplace. Scale fulfillment with built-in project management, or outsource to the Vendasta marketing services team.

Save time and money

Vendasta partners can connect their entire team through a full end-to-end solution, baked into a single subscription. Stop wasting time in spreadsheets and fixing broken connections between separate tools.

Vendasta Marketplace

The Vendasta Marketplace is equipped with 200+ digital solutions ready to resell under our partners own brand. Partners only pay for products they’ve sold to clients. There are no upfront costs, no monthly minimums. Without the risk of a financial commitment, Vendasta partners are free to experiment with products and discover what best fits their clients’ needs. With Marketplace, partners will discover what clients need before they do.

Outsource work to industry experts 

Being a business owner is time-consuming! With 350+ industry experts based in North America, Vendasta Partners can outsource work to our team, under their brand. Available services include:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Content
  • Review Management
  • Content Services
  • Listings Management

Partners have access to a powerful dashboard with all the reports for white-labeled marketing services in one place. The Vendasta Executive Report gives partners more credibility and local business clients can keep track of all the work.

5 Tips to Become a Successful Vendasta Affiliate

Don't fake it 'till you make it 

Audiences can quickly decipher between genuine excitement vs. dull, flat content. You've likely joined Vendasta as an Affiliate Partner because you already trust us, so be human and talk about why. To be successful as an Affiliate, you must genuinely have a connection to what you're promoting. When your audience can feel your excitement, your commissions will continue to grow. 

Do learn from others

Think about the time you were scrolling across your social feed and were drawn to a certain post. What captured your attention? How was the tone of voice written? What audience were they targeting? Take note and use those lessons to inform how you might want to develop your own affiliate content. 

Educate yourself

The easiest way to talk about something you love is to understand it! Vendasta has created a handful of marketing materials to equip you with high-level talking points and general information. For even more detail, do as much—or as little—reading as you want at vendasta.com

Consistency is key

You've just sat down to start your daily scroll through Facebook. Why are you seeing the posts that appear? Don't worry, this isn't a trick question. Every single post you see has one thing in common: it was posted! Content is key. The more you share, the more you earn. It's simple.

Plan your path

With support from our partner alliances team, your love for Vendasta, and your entrepreneurial spirit, you're almost ready to begin. Find a plan that works for you. Whether you want to pre-schedule your social media content, generate a plan for some emails, or share as you feel like it, you decide how you want to go to market.


Affiliate marketing continues to exist because of one factor: it works. As a Vendasta affiliate partner, you have the opportunity to earn up to $9590 for each referral who signs up. Share your content, track your commissions, and get paid.

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