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Raise the bar with Premium Reports (coming soon!) and other exciting updates

Data is more than just numbers—it’s the backbone of strategic decision-making. Or at least it should be! And with AI being hailed as the secret weapon for modern businesses, you need to do more to keep up with the competition and demonstrate your value to clients.

That said, the depth and breadth of your business insights could be a major differentiator.

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That’s why we’re giving you a sneak peek at a huge game-changer coming your way: Premium Reports 📈

But we also have some updates on Local SEO, Social Marketing, and Reputation Management locked and loaded! Let’s dive in.

Enhanced features for Local SEO

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, so we are continually improving Local SEO with your needs in mind. Here’s a quick breakdown of our latest improvements.

  • Keyword tracking and protection: We've improved the keyword tracking list, allowing easy adjustments to keywords and their radius. And to ensure your clients don’t inadvertently hinder your SEO strategy, there’s now an option to disable keyword editing for Business App-only users.Demonstrating Local SEO's new admin tool
  • Syncing with Bing: Clients using Local SEO Pro can now sync attributes to Bing, in addition to Google, directly from their business profiles! Easy as pie.

Syncing attributes to Bing with Local SEO

Elevate (and customize!) Social Marketing

We've expanded the horizons of your Social Marketing capabilities—and if you have a development team, they’re going to be especially happy! Here’s a peek into the newly added features.

  • Custom feeds: Beyond the regular platforms, clients can now post to custom feeds. These can be showcased on your website or any platform, accessible via our API.Custom feeds have now been added to Social Marketing

Incoming SMS in Reputation Management Premium

When’s the last time you had your phone in your hand? Maybe it's in your hand right now! The year-over-year SMS conversion rate has increased by 102% and is likely still rising—so it’s time to reach your clients where they are.

That’s why, if you’ve been following along on the Reputation Management Premium journey, you’ll know that review requesting via SMS is imminent!

  • SMS review requests: The process is now seamless with an integrated SMS registration form (registering is mandatory for businesses in the US wishing to communicate via SMS). Ensure your clients sign up in time to benefit from this feature as soon as it goes live.

👀 Sneak peek: Premium Reports

Knowledge is power, as they say. So be prepared to seriously power up your business insights!

We’re thrilled to be able to give you a taste of Vendasta’s Premium Reports. It’s more than just a new feature—it’s a game changer for businesses aiming to gain deeper insights from their data.

These reports are meticulously designed, ensuring both functionality and elegance. Here's a deep dive into what sets our Premium Reports apart.

Vendasta's Premium Reports

Comprehensive reporting

Unified dashboard: No need to juggle between different platforms or tools. With Premium Reports, you get a unified view of all the metrics that matter, making your analysis more streamlined and efficient.

Controlled access

Role-based accessibility: Define who gets to see what. This feature ensures that sensitive data is viewed only by those with the appropriate permissions.

Easy data export

Multiple formats: Whether you prefer spreadsheets for in-depth analysis or PDFs for presentations, export your data in the format that suits you best.

No third-party tools required

Cost-effective: By eliminating the need for third-party reporting tools, you're not only saving money but also ensuring that there are fewer platforms with access to your sensitive data.

Fully integrated: Every feature of the Premium Reports is crafted to work perfectly within the Vendasta ecosystem, providing a smoother user experience.

See Premium Reports in action

The essence of Vendasta’s Premium Reports lies in their ability to visually represent key metrics. So let's take a moment to see the power and elegance of these capabilities firsthand.

Social Marketing usage

Check out the ease of monitoring your social media engagements and tracking your digital footprint.Social Marketing usage in Premium Reports

Pipeline quality metrics

Understand the quality of your sales pipeline with precision, enabling you to spot trends and make informed decisionsPipeline quality metrics in Premium Reports

Sales funnel dynamics

Visually track the progression of prospects through your sales funnel, recognizing areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.Sales funnel dyamics in Premium Reports

Pipeline breakdown by month and owner

Get an overview of pipeline activities, segmented by time frame and ownership, fostering better accountability and forecasting.Pipeline by month and date in Premium Reports

Open opportunities by created date

Keep tabs on burgeoning opportunities, ensuring none slip through the cracks.Open opportunities by creation date in Premium Reports

Billing overview by customer

Simplify your financial assessments with an at-a-glance view of billing segmented by customer.Billing overview by customer in Premium Reports

Automation reports insights

Harness the power of automation with insights that streamline your operations and increase efficiencyAutomations in Premium Reports

And more!

Make sure you've watched our latest What's New video for the FULL demo.

Pricing and availability

As a commitment to our users, Premium Reports are included at no extra cost for our current Premium and Custom Enterprise subscribers. For other users, this groundbreaking feature can be availed for just $249 US dollars per month.

Mark your calendars 📅

October 3rd is the big day when Premium Reports are set to launch!

In summary, Vendasta’s Premium Reports offer you a one-stop solution for critical business insights, eliminating the need for expensive third-party tools. Whether you're tracking KPIs, monitoring your sales pipeline, or analyzing customer engagement, you can do it all within your current Premium or Custom Enterprise subscription at no extra cost.

Don't miss your chance to drive unparalleled growth—talk to our team today to harness the power of Vendasta's Premium Reports. Any specific questions or want to see more of what Vendasta has to offer in action? Book a demo with us and we'll walk you through it.

We'll see you back here for more exciting updates! There's always something new at Vendasta.


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