Accelerate lead capture and conversion for clients with Inbox Pro

The world of business communication has officially been taken up a notch.

We’re thrilled to finally introduce the beta launch of Inbox Pro. Our aim with this new enhancement? Only to completely redefine how local businesses communicate with their clients. No big deal, right?

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Inbox Pro centralizes communication with nearly unlimited SMS messages, and new Google Business Profile messages for your clients. But that’s not even all we have to talk about this week!


Centralize communication in one location with Inbox Pro

You might remember a sneak peek into this release from our team a few weeks ago.

Today, we delve deeper into our ultimate communication hub for local businesses—which has now made its much-anticipated appearance in Vendasta’s Marketplace!

Successful, long-lasting business relationships are built on effective communication. In this ever-connected digital world, lagging behind in responses or losing out on essential touchpoints is simply not an option. In fact, it’s the quickest way to send prospects and clients alike into the arms of your competitors!

With all this in mind, Inbox Pro not only consolidates communication channels but also enhances the overall customer experience.Inbox Pro Marketplace Overview

Inbox Pro: New Beta features and more to come

Though Inbox Pro's beta version is an exciting release on its own, there are a lot more features to come! These include an AI web chat widget next month, and Facebook and Instagram messaging integration early next year.

Let’s see what our Beta version is packing.

  • Google Business Profile integration: One of the standout features is the seamless integration of messages sent from the "chat" button on clients' Google Business Profiles.
  • Generous SMS inclusions: We've upgraded the number of included SMS messages. From the standard 100 messages per month, your clients can now enjoy almost unlimited** text exchanges.
  • Centralized communications: With all conversations happening in one place, clients can now easily monitor and respond to communications, whether they come from Google or SMS.

**Why not fully unlimited? Some carriers limit the number of sent messages per day to 2000-3000! The more you know.

A glimpse into Inbox Pro

Adding Inbox Pro to your offerings is simple. Once activated, clients will notice enhanced features in their Business App, particularly within Inbox Messages. It’s all neatly placed, offering more capabilities without complicating the user experience.

  • SMS: For businesses based in the US, a straightforward registration process for A2P compliance is required, which is seamlessly included in Inbox Pro's package.
  • Google Business Messages: Linking Google Business Messages is a breeze, and the chat option generally reflects within 24 hours on Google platforms.

But that's not all.

With Vendasta, you know there will be consistent, high-value updates—like integrations with client websites via an AI-assisted web chat lead capture widget, Facebook, Instagram, and even email! It will definitely take user engagement to the next level.

Pricing insights

Inbox Pro Beta is available for resale now! The features that are currently available are incredibly valuable, and as we mentioned, there’s even more to come. With a competitive wholesale price, businesses can leverage Inbox Pro’s offerings while maintaining profitability.

  • Beta release: At its current Beta release, Inbox Pro provides users with a shared team inbox, nearly unlimited SMS messaging, and an integrated platform for Google Business Messages.
  • Future Integrations: As the product matures, planned enhancements include: An AI-assisted web chat lead capture widget set to launch at the end of November. Facebook and Instagram messaging integrations, projected for early 2024.
  • Pricing: The wholesale price is set at $39. This competitive pricing offers ample room for profit when determining your custom retail pricing for clients.

✨ BONUS: As an added value, from December 1st onwards, SMS messaging for Inbox will exclusively be available on Inbox Pro. The package offers almost unlimited SMS credits, marking a substantial upgrade from the previously provided 100 SMS per month.

Deliver a consistent pitch with improvements to Snapshot Report

Beyond Inbox Pro, our Snapshot Report also received a facelift. This trusted sales intelligence tool now boasts improved listing details and more consistent report formatting, ensuring that you get accurate insights into prospects' needs.

Improved listing details

  • Updated statuses for clearer findings representation.
  • Potential errors are now highlighted in yellow.
  • "Missing" status indicates a lack of essential details like website URLs or phone numbers.
  • A clear "Listing not found" status in red signals the absence of a company on a listing source.

Consistent listing accuracy

  • Fixed discrepancies between inaccurate address count totals and individual listing details.
  • Adjusted calculations for total count ensure a harmonized and accurate presentation.

Overall experience

  • A standardized report format guarantees a coherent narrative, helping agencies highlight the value they offer to prospects.Snapshot Report enhancements

Marketplace: See wholesale pricing when creating invoices

The billing process now provides greater transparency by showcasing both the wholesale and retail prices.

Billing enhancements

  • Clear visibility of both wholesale and retail prices during invoice creation.
  • Seamlessly confirm profit margins without the need to revisit individual product listings.Wholesale pricing invoices

Excited to get onboard with Inbox Pro?

Vendasta is always at the forefront of innovation, and the launch of Inbox Pro is a testament to that commitment. We encourage you to explore it and share your feedback!

Remember, the AI-assisted web chat widget is right around the corner, so stay tuned for more updates. Specific questions? We’d love to chat.

As always, comprehensive details of our weekly updates can be found in the Changelog on Explore, experience, and excel!

We’ll see you back here next week for more updates.

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