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New updates to set and track revenue goals to step up sales performance


Halloween is upon us! As you carve pumpkins, don your favorite costumes, and bask in the eerie atmosphere, there's another kind of magic brewing at Vendasta…

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While we might not be conjuring spirits or raising the dead (or are we? 🎃), we're certainly always creating new opportunities for businesses to thrive. 

In the spirit of Halloween, let's unearth the latest updates and refinements that Vendasta has in store for you this week.

Growth opportunities with Premium Reports

A couple of weeks back, we launched Premium Reports in Partner Center. And if you’ve gotten familiar, you know these aren’t your run-of-the-mill insights. They offer a deep dive into growth opportunities tailored for your enterprise such as:

  • Purchasing trends: Understand what your customers are leaning towards.
  • Untapped markets: Identify potential areas for expansion.
  • Sales performance: Keep a finger on the pulse of your sales metrics.

Achieve your Goals with Premium Reports

All of that is exciting, right? Our focus remains on enhancing tools that boost your sales performance. 

And forecasting sales can be daunting. Enter Goals! With Goals, you can confidently:

  • Set clear sales targets.
  • Monitor the trajectory of these targets over time.
  • Foster a data-driven culture by setting measurable revenue objectives both for teams and individual sales members.
  • Optimize sales strategies based on tracked performance.

And to supplement the Goals feature, we've introduced three reports.

  1. Total Contract Bookings: Get a handle on bookings, segmented by each salesperson.
  2. Salesperson Target Tracker: An overview of individual sales goals and progress, directly from the Sales section of Partner Center.
  3. Sales Team Target Tracker: A holistic view of how a team is progressing towards its objectives.

Eager to get started? 

Goals is available to partners on Vendasta’s Premium subscription plan or above. 

And remember, we're on a journey of continuous improvement. Set those revenue markers in Partner Center, and let us know how it's helping your team!

Language update to Reputation Management

Reputation can make or break a business. That’s why next-level reputation management software is so essential. And with our Review Display Widget, your clients can proudly showcase their reviews right on their website.

But our digital world is more connected than ever across the globe—so we’re here to make sure a good reputation translates. 

Our latest enhancement to Reputation Management is Czech Language Support! Alongside English and French, reviews in Czech can now be featured seamlessly. Je to úžasné!

Local SEO tweaks: Mobile enhancements and simplified white-labeling

For the professionals who hustle on the go, you'll appreciate the tweaks we've made to Local SEO's mobile interface.

  • Enhanced readability for keyword table, grid, and trend views.
  • Streamlined white-labeling process to reduce confusion. Now, the product customization is found exclusively under the Marketplace section. Adjust product names, slap on custom icons, and more with ease.

Happy Halloween from Vendasta!

A week at Vendasta is always packed with innovation. We're gearing up for more exciting updates, so stay in the loop. For a detailed breakdown of all the latest features, head over to the Changelog on roadmap.vendasta.com.

And before we sign off, we’re wishing everyone a spooktacular Halloween!

🔮 Remember, you don’t need a crystal ball to summon us. We’d love to chat if you’re interested in a demo or have specific questions about our products. 

We’ll see you back here next week for more exciting updates. 

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Rylan Morris is a seasoned B2B product marketing expert with a passion for empowering SMBs/SMEs through SaaS technology. With a customer-centric approach and cross-functional mindset, he drives growth as VP of Product Marketing at Vendasta. Renowned for crafting impactful strategies that resonate with target audiences, Rylan excels in leadership, teamwork, segmentation, and go-to-market tactics. His skills span narrative design, ecommerce enhancement, and monetization strategies.

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