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This week at Vendasta, we're rolling out several exciting updates to our platform, all designed to make selling, billing, and managing customer relationships even better. 

From smarter product selection to new CRM features in Business App, let’s dive into what’s new.

Platform updates: Orders and billing

💸 Time is money. So when creating an order, time is of the essence.

With a keen focus on user experience and process optimization, this week’s enhancements impact the way you interact with the platform to ensure every transaction is not just a process, but an easy, efficient experience. 

Let's delve into the specifics of each update that’s reshaping the landscape of sales and billing within Vendasta.

Intuitive product selection

  • See the most popular products first. 

When creating an order, our partners often gravitate towards popular solutions like Reputation Management, Social Marketing, and Inbox Pro

To enhance efficiency, we've optimized the product selector to present the most popular products first, saving you the hassle of searching or scrolling.

Flexible retail pricing

  • Aligned pricing in CRM and Partner Center. 

Setting retail prices is a crucial step in the sales process. Now, you can do this directly in the Partner Center. 

This new feature ensures consistent pricing and aids in seamless payment collection from customers.

Multiple invoice recipients

  • Gone are the days of single-recipient invoices. 

You can now add multiple recipients to an invoice, ensuring all relevant parties are in the loop. 

This feature allows for customization at the invoice level or across all invoices for a client, adding a layer of convenience and efficiency.

Coming soon: Subscription billing

  • Automate billig and payment collection with Subscriptions. 

Subscriptions will automatically generate invoices based on the sale price of the order, eliminating the need for manual input. It’s super easy to preview invoices and expected revenue and wholesale costs can be reviewed in one place.

Partners that use 'bill by active' to invoice customers can anticipate these enhancements as early as November 13th, with more details to follow in-platform.

Business App enhancements: CRM

The latest enhancements to the Business App's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features are all about empowering your clients with the tools they need to manage their sales processes more effectively. 

From sales task creation to better organizational capabilities, these updates are geared towards ensuring that your clients stay ahead in their sales game.

Sales task creation and management

  • Assign types, set priorities, and track due dates with ease.

Dive into the enhanced CRM capabilities within the Business App. Clients can now create and manage sales tasks directly on a contact profile, streamlining their to-do lists and maintaining a clear activity log. 

And for a quick overview, the Contact table allows for sorting and filtering by upcoming task due dates.

Sales tasks in Partner Center

  • Bonus: These CRM capabilities aren't just for clients! 

Soon, sales tasks will be available in the Partner Center as part of the new CRM set to launch on November 30th. This is just a taste of the comprehensive CRM solution that's on the horizon.

Coming Soon: Vendasta Connect Event

  • Thursday, November 30th at 1:30 ET

Curious about these updates and eager to discover more? Join us at the upcoming Vendasta Connect event on November 30th, where we'll delve into the new CRM and Business App Pro. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

For now, that's a wrap for this week's updates. These enhancements reflect our commitment to making Vendasta's platform more intuitive, efficient, and powerful for our partners. 

For a full recap, visit the Changelog on Stay tuned for more updates, and we'll see you at the Vendasta Connect event!

Want to connect before then? We’d love to chat if you’re interested in a demo or have specific questions about our products. 

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