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Capture more leads with Inbox Pro and other big improvements


The stuff that makes the biggest impact doesn’t have to be the heaviest lift. That’s why we’re making engaging potential clients and leading them down the sales funnel more effortless than ever.

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It’s all thanks to Vendasta’s latest suite of enhancements and improvements. From automating your Snapshot Reports to managing opportunities for even hotter leads, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, you know we LOVE a sneak peek! Read to the end to get a special preview of something coming your way soon: Inbox Pro.  It’s all about prospecting smarter, not harder.

New Snapshot Report automation

Snapshot Report has always been a powerful sales intelligence tool to identify growth opportunities for potential clients. Now, thanks to our new automation, generating these reports just got more efficient.

You can tailor your automations based on various criteria and streamline lead generation processes without having to worry about unexpected costs. It's all about maximizing your efficiency and impact.

  • Efficiency first: Automate the generation of reports, freeing you from manual work.
  • Custom criteria: Filter and select reports based on specific lead sources, email campaigns, or any criteria you set.
  • Cost-control: Automated report generation is mindful of your monthly free report limit, so no surprise costs.

New Partner Center CRM features

The sales process requires clarity, organization, and quick access to necessary information. With Partner Center, not only can you manage opportunities to create a clear path to success, but we’ve also improved these features:

  • Team’s pipeline view: Get a holistic understanding of potential deals and their stages.
  • Voice dictation: Dictate your notes directly for easier and more accessible note-taking.
  • Attachments and tags: Attach necessary documents and categorize opportunities with custom tags.
  • Optimized product view: Faster product selection with a focused view (and an option to view associated add-ons). Finding and selecting products has never been this efficient!

Engage prospects with AI-powered campaigns

Move those leads and get them closer to being ready to purchase. How? By engaging and nurturing them with  Vendasta’s AI-powered Campaigns tool. Crafting compelling emails is a breeze now, with the "Suggest Content" button leveling up your content creation process with AI recommendations.

  • Front and center AI: The "Suggest Content" button now stands out more, facilitating AI-assisted content creation.
  • Customizable emails: AI-generated text and imagery to make your communications resonate with your audience.
  • Efficient lead nurturing: Streamline your engagement process to move leads closer to conversion.

Updated SSO/API integrations

The Vendasta API library has undergone crucial updates to enhance usability and flexibility. Check out how expansive it is:

  • Unified business categories: Consistency across platforms, making synchronization smoother.
  • Product cancellation: Increased API flexibility, allowing both delayed and immediate access termination upon product cancellation.
  • SSO configurations: Clearer and more varied Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations including OAuth2 and the new SAML SSO standard.
  • Linking possibilities: Link to public websites, client-specific web pages, and sites using various SSO standards.

Check out our API library by visiting developers.vendasta.com.

📥 SNEAK PEEK: Introducing Inbox Pro

You know it, you love it: Inbox in Business App has been a centralized, reliable messaging hub for both you and your clients. It keeps communication about work right where the work is happening, making it easy to stay connected, keep conversations flowing, and improve customer experiences for both your clients, and theirs.
And soon, it'll transform into an even more potent tool. How soon? Inbox Pro product upgrade is coming on November 22nd! 🎉

We want to make sure you get the message. Here’s what’s so exciting about our upcoming Inbox Pro offering!

  • Google Business integration: Let your clients connect directly with their customers via Google Business messages, expanding reach.
  • AI-powered web chat widget: Enable your clients to instantly respond to leads on their website, ensuring no lead goes unanswered. Our AI is trained to capture the customer’s name and phone number!
  • Massive SMS upgrade: Jump from 100 lifetime to nearly unlimited SMS messages per day for each client!
  • Early access: Begin selling from October 18th, ensuring your clients are ahead of the curve.

Notably, from November 30th, SMS messaging via Inbox will shift exclusively to Inbox Pro, boasting a massive upgrade from 100 to 3000 SMS messages per day for each client!

Exciting times ahead with Business App Pro

Bundling up our latest features, the upcoming Business App Pro promises more value, integrations, and enhanced analytics. Keep an eye on roadmap.vendasta.com for more updates!

And don’t forget to mark October 18th on your calendar and prepare to transform your client engagements with early access to Inbox Pro.

As always, if you like what you see and want to learn more, book a demo with us.

We’ll see you next week for more What’s New at Vendasta.

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