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Vendasta’s Agency CRM Features

Automate your agency’s tasks

Vendasta’s agency CRM provides you with automated insights into the needs of your clients. By utilizing those insights, you can easily move your leads through a customizable sales pipeline that automatically calculates your potential revenue. 

This allows you to fully understand your financial position without the need to manually calculate it each month.

You’ll also never have to worry about missing a potential sale, as our automated “hot lead” notifications inform you exactly when your clients are ready to buy. 


Access world-class integrations

With Vendasta’s agency CRM, you’ll have access to a full suite of world-class CRM integrations at your fingertips. This can help you save time and money while focusing on growing your business. 

We offer everything you need to succeed when selling digital marketing solutions. Our agency CRM includes sales intelligence software, appointment scheduling, marketing automation, ordering and billing processes, project management, and so much more. 

Close deals effortlessly

Focus your time on leads who are engaged and ready to buy. Vendasta’s agency CRM helps you easily move your prospects through the entire sales funnel, from initial lead to paying customer. 

Engage prospective customers with our marketing automation and sales intelligence tools. Build them a custom package from our marketplace that meets their unique needs. Finally, fulfil the services they purchased while collecting payment, all from a single platform.  

The best part is, you’ll know exactly when to initiate the sale as our CRM alerts you when a potential lead is highly engaged, saving you from having to do the legwork. 

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Work cross-functionally with ease

Using real-time insights, you’ll have complete visibility into the inner workings of your team. Whether you’re a one person show or a team of experts, every sales activity is tracked within the respective account.

With easy to use features like leaderboards, social feeds, and pipeline management tools, you can track everything from revenue opportunities to sales actions (phone calls, emails, and meetings).

By keeping a record of all interactions, our agency CRM allows salespeople to easily keep up with the team, recognize a team member when they made a big sale, and train new employees on sales strategies, all from a single platform.

Connect with clients seamlessly

A key piece of our agency CRM is scheduling and meeting functionality, designed with a salesperson in mind. Whether it’s a virtual meeting or arranging an in person sales call, we have you covered.

Our CRM offers a wide range of integrations when it comes to screen sharing. You can connect many of the most popular software options on the market directly to our CRM, including Google Meet, Zoom, and Crankwheel.

You’ll also have access to appointment scheduling, built directly into our CRM. Our meeting scheduler allows you to book a sales call with clients on their time, ensuring it fits into everyone’s schedule. You can now eliminate that back-and-forth you experience with booking appointments the old fashioned way.


Should you adopt an agency CRM?

If you plan on scaling up your agency, then a customer relationship management system can be an indispensable tool for yourself and your sales team. As industries and businesses continue to evolve, it’s important that your agency is able to adapt at the same rate. Not only does this involve new communication methods such as social media, email, and online chat, but having access to the products and services these business owners need now or in the near future to compete with the competition.

An agency CRM can offer you the tools necessary to not only stay up-to-date with these ever-expanding requirements but allows you to expand your client base with relevant and actionable data. By utilizing a CRM to both keep existing customers happy and bring in new leads, your agency can adapt and grow no matter what new trends are hitting the market.

What is Vendasta’s agency CRM capable of?

We offer software that allows you to:

  • Utilize real-time data to know when prospects are engaged and receptive
  • Engage with clients using effective email content through our marketing automation software
  • Forecast monthly revenue to better understand what products your client base is interested in
  • Customize your online store and packages to meet the unique needs of your customers
  • Collect important salesperson data to better manage and stay updated with your team’s sales efforts
  • Save time with our sales intelligence tool that provides valuable insights into your prospects
  • Connect with team members whether you are working in person or remote
  • Understand the customer journey as your prospects move through your sales pipeline

How can our agency CRM help you grow?

As the digital marketing industry continues to grow and become more complex, marketing and sales costs will continue to climb as agencies try to keep up with evolving technology. Those costs may not only be monetary, as they can also come in the form of time spent sorting through data to determine trends and business needs, repetitive and manual administrative duties, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives that result in lost needs. 

With our CRM platform backing you up, you not only save on expenses by combining multiple advertising and sales tools into one complete package, but you reduce time spent on many of those manual tasks. By lowering costs with an improved sales system, you can increase teams productivity, which leads to an increase in sales and growth for your entire agency

Get results with Vendasta’s Sales & Success Center CRM

Drive up your conversion rates

Close more deals by identifying unique pain points and establishing your reps as trusted local marketing experts.

Cut your cost of acquisition

Devote less time to the tire kickers, and more time to the promising closes.

Boost your clients’ lifetime value

Ensure ongoing client success by driving growth and engagement.

Make impactful decisions

Build a winning sales team by making data-driven decisions.

A sales platform that everyone loves


Identify the hottest leads, close more deals, and build meaningful relationships.

Sales Managers

See everything your sales team is doing so you can make data-driven decisions.


Get a well-rounded CRM without losing sleep over how much it costs.


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