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Ignite your leads.

Let Marketing Automation bring you interested prospects

Automatically bring interested prospects to your door so your sales reps can focus on closing. Vendasta’s marketing automation software fuses personalized content with email drip campaigns to capture your prospects’ attention and understand their intent.

By arming email campaigns with the award-winning Snapshot Report, Vendasta’s partners have experienced jaw-dropping engagement:

avg. open rate
avg. click-to-open rate

*The average of 479,072 emails from the Local Marketing Snapshot campaign that partners delivered as of January 2018.

Get results with Marketing Automation

Catch the attention of local businesses

Wow prospects with the Snapshot Report—an award-winning marketing analysis that reveals how they’re performing online.

Lower your cost of customer acquisition

Let our marketing automation system do the heavy lifting and identify prospects that are interested in what you’re selling.

Start campaigns in minutes, not months

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Start ready-made, proven campaigns in just a few clicks.

See how marketing agencies are generating thousands of hot leads with automated, personalized campaigns.

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Marketing Automation Features

Ready-made email campaigns

Building new campaigns from scratch is awfully time-consuming, so we’ve laid the groundwork for you.

We’ve built ready-made campaigns that generate hot leads for your salespeople and drive product adoption. You can use these campaigns out of the box, or tailor them to your brand.

The Snapshot Report: a hyper-personalized marketing analysis

Capture the attention of your prospects with a personalized marketing analysis.

Use the Snapshot Report to start the conversation with prospects, highlight gaps in their marketing, and propose the optimal solutions.

Intent-based lead notifications

Know when your prospects are ready to buy.

Marketing Automation is seamlessly integrated with Vendasta’s sales CRM. The instant your prospects engage with your emails or Snapshot Reports, your reps are alerted so they can follow up immediately.

Easy campaign launch, powered by Google

With a single piece of business information and an email address, you have the power to generate a personalized Snapshot Report and start an automated email campaign. It’s that easy.

Prospect bulk upload tool

Import a list of your prospects, assign them to your salespeople, and add them to a campaign.

You have the power to add the right amount of prospect at the right times—that includes which days emails are sent, and what’s the maximum number of recipients per salesperson per day.

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