An end-to-end platform jam-packed with
marketing, sales, and fulfillment tools


Snapshot Report

An award-winning, automated marketing needs assessment for prospecting local businesses.

The Snapshot Report arms your reps with insights into the marketing performance of their prospects. These insights position your salespeople as marketing experts that local businesses can trust.

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Marketing Automation

Ready-made email drip campaigns to acquire, retain, and grow clients.

Highly personalized ‘customer acquisition’ campaigns bring in interested prospects while your salespeople seal the deal. Then ‘product adoption’ campaigns continue to keep your clients engaged.

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Sales & Success Center

A well-rounded sales CRM and pipeline management tool for prioritizing your prospects and opportunities.

Sales & Success Center equips your salespeople with all the tools they need to be local experts. These tools include a sales CRM, sales pipeline, and built-in training resources.

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Risk-free, instant-on products and services you can resell to local businesses.

Become the agency of record by supplementing your offering with the rest of the local marketing stack: websites, SEO, digital advertising, social, reputation, business listings, and more.

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Business Center

A client portal under your own brand.

With Business Center, your clients can access your digital solutions, get updates about their business, view performance reports, and browse your Store.


A task & service management tool for getting things done and reporting it to your clients.

Concierge allows you to provide managed marketing services at scale. From posting on social media to responding to reviews, you can handle all of your clients’ services from one place.

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Automated Reporting

Automated reports that show the value you bring for each client.

Business Center, Concierge, and other digital solutions from Marketplace continually show your clients proof that your solutions are working.

How to scale your business using the Vendasta Platform


Research a local business

Your salesperson generates a Snapshot Report to gain insight into a prospect’s online performance and prepare a stellar sales pitch.

By truly understanding the prospect’s needs, the salesperson can establish themself as the local expert.


Identify which prospects are ready to buy

The salesperson starts a Marketing Automation campaign, which nurtures the prospect until they show interest in your solutions.

These campaigns automatically bring interested prospects to the salesperson.


Consult and close

A hot lead notification tells the salesperson which solutions the prospect is interested in. The salesperson then provides expert advice on how to solve the business’s needs.

Marketplace contains curated products and services that you can arm your reps with in order to build complete solutions for the local business.


Fulfill your services

Provide your solutions through the service model that works best for the client.

They can do the work themselves using Business Center, you can manage their work using Concierge, or you could offer both! That’s what we like to call, “the agency of the future.”


Prove your value

Automatically send timely, detailed reports to the client to show them that you’re improving their digital marketing.

This proof-of-performance reporting allows you to retain the client for longer.

Industry-leading features

White Labelled Platform

to rebrand & resell

Personalize your sales CRM, client portal, and digital solutions with your brand.

Add your company name, logo, colors, and domains, and call it your own.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

with flexible permissions

With a single authentication, agencies have the power to manage every account, product, and report.

Local businesses, too, can access their apps, media, and reports with one convenient login.

Big Data & AI

for instant insights

We’re continuously gathering marketing insights about millions of local businesses worldwide.

Deliver added value with rapid data about your prospects and clients.

Sales & Marketing Automation

for efficient prospecting

Back-to-back automations bring your reps prospects that are ready to buy.

Automations include: performing sales research, running email campaigns, and monitoring intent to buy.

Unlimited Users

on all subscription tiers

Whether you employ five sales reps or 50—your subscription fee remains the same.

After all, the cost of your CRM should never inhibit your growth.

Unlimited Emails & Recipients

on all subscription tiers

All customer acquisition, product adoption, and product upsell email campaigns are tier-free.

You’re not forced to pay for hitting arbitrary thresholds.

Be the marketing agency local businesses trust

Competing against big brands of the world, small and medium-sized local businesses need to shine in every single aspect of digital marketing. They need an expert they can trust to do it all and to do it well.

Be the trusted expert with Vendasta.

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