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The #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses

Vendasta’s platform helps agencies and media companies sell digital solutions to local businesses.

If you’re looking for higher-quality leads, better pipeline management and a single source of truth for your data, you’re at the right place.

SELECT PRODUCTS and brand them yourself
and brand them yourself
SELL SOLUTIONS to local businesses
to local businesses
SCALE REVENUE with marketing automation
with marketing automation

Local is hard. We make it simple.

Our platform makes it easy to sell products and services to local businesses. Discover everything you need to win, from white-label solutions to a marketing automation system that helps you scale.

Scalable services

Offer services such as social media management and listings correction to local businesses with our in-house digital agency.

Higher ROI

Gain better insights into your sales pipeline, improve your team’s performance and establish a single source of truth for your reps.

More Exposure

Market all of your products and services, both digital and non-digital, to local businesses and learn who’s interested in which ones.

100% white labelled

All of our products and marketing collateral are completely rebrandable, allowing you to hit the streets and start selling asap.

No vendor clutter

Create a one-stop digital storefront for local businesses featuring all of your products, as well as a single login for your solutions.

Hotter leads

Our marketing automation system identifies hot leads with personalized campaigns, showing you exactly which prospects are ready-to-buy.

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