Closed-loop reporting

Understand your sales results to steer your strategy

Better data shapes better decisions

Optimizing your sales pipeline without proper reporting is next to impossible. Our intuitive dashboards empower managers to make better decisions with a full picture of their current funnel, from leads contacted to presentations delivered to accounts closed.

Get a high-level look at your pipeline

High Level Reporting

Monitor and manage overall sales progress—from account creation to closed won/lost and everything in between.

Keep a close eye on opportunities

Monitor Opportunities

Monitor your prospects’ place in your funnel. See their latest engagements and assign/alert salespeople to manage them.

Improve your team’s productivity

Improve Productivity

Manage your sale team’s individual productivity. See who’s performing and who’s not. Find out why, adjust and optimize.

Focus on metrics that matter

Keep your eye on the prize with key pipeline metrics. Use these insights to dig deeper and build better strategies by monitoring salesperson activity, tasks, opportunities, and Snapshot Report performance.

Sales Manager metrics
Sales Pipeline

Watch leads fly through your funnel

Get a good idea of where your opportunities are sitting. See at what stage each opportunity sits, the potential revenue from closing those deals, and a quick view on what’s been done or whats needed to move it further down the sales funnel. 

Learn what’s working and what’s not

Track what email campaigns are working and which ones could be improved, giving you the ability to bring in more qualified leads to fill the top of your sales funnel

Customer Acquisition
Sales improvements

Identify your stars and stragglers

See who’s performing well and who’s not. Get the most important metrics about your team—like revenue won or lost, number of opportunities generated, amount of calls and emails sent, and more—and adjust your training, processes and goals.

Bottom line: Who benefits from our pipeline management solution?

Sales Managers

Automate as much data entry as possible and access all the marketing resources you need in one repository.

Sales Reps

Gain insights into your overall pipeline, improve your daily performance and rest easier with more reliable data.


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