White-label PPC: The ultimate guide to ROI for your clients (Updated 2023)

Here’s a thought you may not have considered before: You don’t have to be an expert or really know anything at all about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in order to make money from it and offer it to clients. Thanks to white-label PPC, you can start selling even if you consider yourself a novice in this field.

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Hell, even if you’re an expert at it, you don’t have to spend time on fulfillment to make money from it.

Everyone has limits on their knowledge and bandwidth. Just because you’re an agency that offers digital marketing to clients doesn’t mean that you’re an expert at PPC advertising. Or maybe it’s not that you don’t know enough, but that you don’t have enough time or people to handle the delivery of an additional service.

Traditional limitations of offering PPC services can include:

  1. You lack the knowledge and expertise to run PPC campaigns
  2. You don’t have time to spend fulfilling multiple PPC campaigns for clients
  3. You don’t have the people-power in-house to fulfill the services at scale

But I’ll let you in on a little secret here: Lack of knowledge, time, and people never have to be limiting factors.

You don’t have to know anything about PPC advertising in order to sell it to clients.

Why? White-label PPC.

What is white-label PPC?

White-label PPC management is an advertising service that B2B companies can buy, rebrand, and resell as their own. White-label PPC services can include PPC white-label campaigns, reports, services, and much more. Your company can add new advertising services for clients without more work!

An agency, for example, can buy white-label PPC services from a white-label service provider, sell PPC white-label campaigns to their business clients, and have the campaigns managed for their clients by the provider under their agency brand. Basically, it’s managed digital advertising services for local businesses that you can resell under your brand.

Here’s an example to show how it works:

  1. A white-label service provider sells white-label PPC management services to Digital Dino Agency to re-sell.
  2. Digital Dino Agency then rebrands the PPC white-label services with their own logo and sells it to Fit4Life, a business client.
  3. The white-label supplier’s digital advertising team fulfills the PPC white-label services Fit4Life purchased from Digital Dino Agency—all under the Digital Dino Agency brand.


With white-label PPC outsourcing, any agency can add digital advertising to their basket of offerings and be confident in the level of expertise that will be provided to their clients under their own brand.

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Why do agencies use white-label PPC outsourcing?

White-label PPC services allow agencies to offer fully managed PPC white-label campaigns to clients in a cost-effective, hands-off way that promotes growth and positive ROI (return on investment). By outsourcing the PPC white-label campaign management to an external, expert team, your agency is not only guaranteed great results for their clients, but also saves time and money, which reduces the initial investment.

White-label PPC services and SEO for startups

An agency can’t be an expert in every field—especially in the startup phase. In the early stages of agency life, there are money and people-power limitations that restrict how many areas of the digital marketing stack your agency can focus on. Will you be a website agency? The go-to local expert for social media marketing? Or perhaps a star in the reputation management space?

As a rounded-out agency, you can try to be a jack-of-all-trades, but only the behemoths with massive resources in their cogs and gears will master them all. White-label PPC services enable you to deliver as if you had the in-house expertise of one of the big players.

White-label PCC outsourcing for the time-restricted

Manpower and expertise aren’t the only barriers to offering PPC services—time itself can be a hot commodity for a well-established agency. Even if your agency has all the in-house knowledge you need to run PPC campaigns or organic SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns for your clients, fulfilling that service at scale is a huge time investment.

Your agency has to focus on running the business and fulfilling the services you already offer—there’s hardly enough time to add on additional cogs to maintain on the agency machine. With white-label PPC outsourcing, you can free up much-needed time.

A solution for all

Rather than spending all of your agency’s time and money on attempting to gain expertise in each field, look outward for external expertise that you can bring in under your agency umbrella.

That’s where white-label PPC management comes in. A company with digital advertising experts under their roof can choose to make their experts your experts—sharing their knowledge and people so your agency can be a master in the PPC field without having to hire the extra SEO (search engine optimization) experts or spend years perfecting the craft.

The bottom line of white-label PPC outsourcing is that it allows digital marketing agencies to resell new services at their own price, save time to focus on other areas of business, and grow at scale. White-label PPC outsourcing is basically a way for agencies to make more money without making more work for themselves.

Plus, outsourcing white-label PPC management to a company with dedicated PPC experts is the safest way to get guaranteed results for your business clients. The cherry on top is your business clients think you’re doing all the heavy lifting.

To summarize the benefits of white-label PPC outsourcing:

  • It’s easy and requires very little extra work for your white-label PPC agency to offer it
  • Clients get great results, as an expert team is running their PPC campaigns
  • Your white-label PPC agency looks great because your clients get great results they attribute to your services
  • It’s a new revenue stream for your white-label PPC agency, as every business is clamoring to get help with their digital advertising


This isn’t just empty theory.

White-label PPC outsourcing is how one small American restaurant came to add 325 new paying customers to their books directly from their advertising campaign, while the white-label PPC agency that sold them the advertising services gained the success story of a 4,381% ROI to prove their value. It was an agency that didn’t have its own in-house expertise to dominate the various advertising channels but knew where to look to find them and leverage them as its own.

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How an agency gained 4,381% ROI with white-label PPC outsourcing

Not only do white-label PPC services benefit your agency, but they also benefit your business clients with real-life results.

When Vendasta’s PPC white-label service was offered to a small restaurant through a local agency, the results were massive: 729 ad clicks, 357 engagements on social & website clicks, and 325 new paying customers. In 30 days.

Digital Dino Agency, the local agency that sold the white-label PPC management services to the restaurant, knew that digital advertising wasn’t their forte—but it could be, through white label. They hired our in-house team of digital advertising experts to manage and optimize their client's campaigns under the Digital Dino brand.

By utilizing white-label digital advertising services, they were able to offer Cafe Mexicana:

  • A Google Ads campaign with programmatic bidding
  • Relevant review and location ad extensions
  • A customized mobile-optimized landing page
  • Programmatic display ads with geo-fencing and conversion zones
  • Supplemental Facebook ad campaigns

Cafe Mexicana gained over 300 new paying customers and generated nearly $30,000 of new revenue directly from the white-label advertising campaign. Meanwhile, Digital Dino Agency made a name for itself in the area as an advertising expert and gained a huge success story to bolster its reputation and credibility.

Benefits of white-label PPC services

PPC white-label campaigns have big benefits for both you and your business clients. With expert digital advertisers at the wheel, you can expect the highest level of campaign optimization and white-label PPC management.

Geofence competitors and run conquest campaigns

By leveraging programmatic and geo-location ad targeting technologies, white-label PPC outsourcing can promote your clients’ businesses to the right audience at the right time, including targeting competitors’ customers, nearby consumers, past customers, and more.

What it means: When your clients’ target customers are hanging out around their competitors, you can serve them ads and notify them about your clients.

Track real-life metrics that matter

Not all business owners speak the language of CTRs (click-through rates) and ROI (return on investment), so it’s important to track real-world results like new paying customers. Customer phone calls should be anonymously analyzed for specific keywords, and audience geo-locations should be anonymously analyzed to reveal in-store visits. These real-world actions are linked to your client’s campaign and prove tangible value to your business clients.

What it means: If people see your client’s ad on their phone and call them—or visit the store in person—you can track that. The goal is to get your clients’ consumers in their stores and on the line, which you can directly trace to your PPC white-label efforts.

ROI reports

One major necessity when offering any digital marketing services is providing proof of performance—that is, showing your clients tangible results of your efforts.

Proving the value of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising services can be hard, but white-label PPC services such as Vendasta have you covered. Our reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your client’s impressions and clicks—these reports also show that you’ve generated more phone calls and store visits and that you’ve given them a positive return on investment. Plus, performance reports are automatically delivered to your client’s inbox.

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What it means: You need to give your clients branded reports to show them exactly how their dollars are getting them tangible business results. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the 4,381% ROI!


ROI Report for Cafe Mexicana

How to get PPC clients

Offering white-label PPC services to your agency clients has many upsides, both for your organization and for the clients you serve. However, if you haven’t sold these services in the past, you might be wondering how to effectively grow your list of PPC white-label clients. Maybe PPC is a departure from the types of services your agency is most well-known for offering, or perhaps you already have a PPC white-label offering but you’re not getting as much traction as you’d like.

Whatever position your agency is currently in, there are plenty of techniques you can employ to get more PPC white-label clients. The reality is that just about any business operating today needs to incorporate PPC into its digital advertising strategy to succeed. This means that your clients and prospects will be spending their ad management dollars somewhere: Why not with your white-label PPC agency?

Let’s take a look at some of the best methods you can start using to land more white-label PPC clients.

Sales intelligence tools

The sales process today looks very different than in past decades. It’s not enough to have a great pitch or to be a masterful cold caller; today, numbers talk. Especially when it comes to the world of digital advertising, leveraging data can help you convey to your prospects exactly what they’re missing by not using—or misusing—PPC advertising.

Luckily, you don’t have to pore over piles of your data yourself to understand what is going on with your prospects' PPC needs. The right sales intelligence tool can help you by generating an automated report outlining how your prospect is currently performing across a range of important channels including digital advertising, SEO, reviews, listings, and more.

All you need to generate a report is a piece of business information, such as a phone number. Armed with a report, you can demonstrate to prospects that you have done your homework and are prepared to offer solutions that meet their specific business needs, rather than general one-size-fits-all solutions. It enables you to start a conversation about how your services can help them improve their advertising metrics, what realistic goals can look like, and more.

Going into a sales conversation armed with customized, client-specific information establishes a foundation for trust and professionalism, both of which are key to closing the deal.

Bundle your services

Bundling your white-label PPC services with other digital marketing offerings gives you the opportunity to sell complementary tools and services in packages that incentivize your customers with attractive pricing or service extras.

Ecommerce businesses regularly employ a version of this tactic when they have offers encouraging customers to buy more items in order to access a higher discount.

There’s a reason these kinds of offers are popular: they work. You can create a similar incentive for your clients by encouraging them to consolidate more of their spending with your white-label PPC agency. For example, if you already sell SEO services and want to drive more PPC sales, you can create a bundle that enables clients to save when they purchase both services together.

Bundling gives you an opportunity to boost sales of your PPC white-label services and increase the importance of your agency as a vendor to your clients. In the next section, we’ll give you some ideas for how you can effectively bundle white-label PPC management with other agency services.

Leverage referrals

When it comes to new prospects, quality matters. Over 80% of B2B sales leaders report that the best leads are generated by referrals, and customers generated by referrals tend to have a higher lifetime value. If you’re not currently using any techniques to generate new leads through referrals, it’s well worth coming up with a referral program to bolster your lead generation efforts and sell more PPC white-label services.

So, how can you encourage your customers to refer your white-label PPC agency’s services to their networks?

Creating a clear, easy-to-share referral program is your best bet. The customers who are happy with your services will likely be more than happy to share it, particularly if you give them a desirable incentive to do so.

For example, you can give your customers a referral code they can share or a custom link to a lead generation for. Your incentive structure might be a cash payout for every successful referral, discounts on future services, or anything else that makes sense for your business and customer base.

Finally, don’t be shy about promoting your referral program. Sure, you don’t want to constantly harangue your customers about it, but periodically including a mention of your B2B referral program and the incentives it offers in your regular communications is totally acceptable.

Get ahead of the competition

As a digital marketing and white-label PPC agency, you’ll be competing against the following groups when selling white-label PPC services:

  • In-house PPC specialists
  • Freelance PPC managers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Other digital marketing agencies

To position yourself competitively against all of these groups, you need to be able to articulate why you are in the best position to offer the most value.

When it comes to in-house PPC specialists, many of your small and medium business clients likely simply don’t have the capacity or expertise available in house. They may designate one of their staff members to be responsible for digital advertising management, but the chances are high that they are being pulled in multiple directions and don’t have the time to deliver the best possible results for the company. Your white-label PPC agency can offer a high level of expertise on demand, freeing up their in-house staff for other important facets of their business.

Freelancers are notoriously hit-or-miss, so you can position yourself as a reliable, professional alternative that can drive meaningful results, without the risk and unpredictability of outsourcing to freelancers.

Your SMB clients will almost certainly prefer being able to purchase more than one digital service from you; this can give them savings opportunities and simplify their dealings with vendors. This gives you a competitive edge over advertising-only agencies since you can offer a more robust set of solutions.

Finally, you can win out against other agencies by understanding and meeting your clients’ needs. By reselling a variety of white-label services, you can expand your offering and create custom solutions for clients, all without the risks and challenges of hiring in-house staff yourself.

Convey the value of PPC

To land PPC white-label clients, it’s essential that you can clearly convey the value of PPC advertising to them. While some of your clients may not require any convincing, it’s not unlikely to encounter resistance from those who haven’t tried it yet or who may be skeptical about spending on PPC when there is talk of an extended economic downturn.

Make sure you’re able to communicate what kind of results PPC can produce for them, and how it can work synergistically with their other digital marketing efforts to create even better ROI.

Content marketing

Establishing your agency as a trusted, reputable voice in the world of PPC advertising should be a part of your overall strategy to sell more white-label PPC services. An effective way to do this is by creating content on the subject of PPC. This includes everything from blog posts and long-form YouTube videos to bite-sized social media videos and informative infographics.

Interactive content, such as hosting webinars or participating in podcasts, can also play an important role in your overall agency content marketing strategy. By regularly conveying that your agency has expertise in the field of PPC, more prospective clients will have reason to trust their PPC dollars with you over the competition.


Maybe it goes without saying in a guide that’s all about PPC, but don’t overlook the power of advertising in growing your agency’s client base for white-label PPC services.

Free trials

While it may not be financially feasible to offer a free trial to every prospective client, strategically offering trial periods to some prospects can help you demonstrate your effectiveness as a white-label PPC agency, making it easier to seal the deal on a new PPC client.

For example, you might have existing customers for other services who you think would be good candidates for your PPC services. Offering them a free trial can make them feel more comfortable with the service, since they can see how you work and how this service might integrate with others that they already purchase.

Case studies

Once you have some PPC white-label success stories, creating attractive, easy-to-read case studies can help your prospects visualize their own success with your services. The case study we shared above is pretty compelling, isn’t it? Imagine how other prospects, particularly if they are also in the restaurant industry, respond to such a positive example of how PPC can help their business.

Case studies help turn hypothetical targets into real, material results that can be particularly persuasive for those making buying decisions.

Sell more with bundles

We mentioned that product bundling can be a very effective strategy for agencies that want to land more PPC clients. From agencies to DIY software, today’s SMB clients are faced with a ton of different digital marketing solutions. The result of having so many options to choose from is, in most cases, burnout and overwhelm. In fact, we’re willing to bet that most of your clients would prefer to consolidate as many of these solutions as possible with a single vendor. By bundling your offerings, you can give your clients an attractive reason to consolidate more of their digital marketing budget with your agency.

It’s a win/win situation: They can get more value at a better price, and you can sell more services, increasing the lifetime value of each client on the whole even if you may be slightly reducing the profit margin on individual white-label products and services.

Bundling enables you to

  • Vastly improve your retention rates
  • Increase the value of each client
  • Boost your profits
  • Deliver better ROI for your clients

Let’s take a look at some PPC bundles you can put together to maximize ROI for your clients while also generating more profits for your agency.

Advertising bundle

Before getting into bundles you can create with other types of digital marketing solutions, consider which PPC white-label solutions you can bundle together to maximize the impact of your advertising offering.

For example, consider Vendasta’s newest ads bundle. It includes

  • Advertising Intelligence, our white-label PPC reporting software
  • Advanced reporting
  • Digital Ads: Campaign, a white-label product that provides access to a team of digital advertising specialists to run, manage, and optimize campaigns
  • Call tracking, to accurately assess how many leads are being generated from each campaign
  • A custom landing page
  • A monthly strategy call

Effective digital advertising requires more than just putting money into campaigns and hoping for the best. An advertising bundle like this one ensures that your digital marketing efforts on behalf of your clients are strategic, effective, and measurable. You get to sell a variety of white-label PPC management solutions and maximize your clients’ ROI in the process.

Bundling SEO and PPC

If you sell SEO services, bundling them with white-label PPC services is a natural fit. SEO and paid advertising are two key components of any effective digital marketing strategy today. PPC enables SMBs to generate a steady stream of targeted traffic that can start converting and generating ROI right away, while an SEO strategy takes time and patience to develop but can deliver high-quality organic traffic to bolster the paid traffic numbers.

Relying on just one of these strategies isn’t advisable for most businesses: Organic traffic can take many months to develop and can fluctuate considerably in response to things like algorithm changes. Meanwhile, PPC traffic can be costly if it’s a business’s only source of online leads, potentially cutting too much into profitability. A balanced strategy that employs both SEO and PPC is ideal.

If you can provide both SEO and white-label PPC management for your clients, you can maximize the effectiveness of both by ensuring they’re working synergistically. For example, the keywords you target in a client’s SEO strategy can also be bid on in their PPC campaigns. Having one agency (yours!) deliver both services can ensure they’re working together to produce maximal results for your client.

Bundling PPC and website services

A beautiful, responsive, and on-brand website is a must for any business operating today. Whether you’re creating a website for a startup or refreshing an existing business’s home on the web, welling website services can keep your agency busy. However, after the initial build, the profits generated from hosting and maintenance aren’t likely to be very significant.

By bundling PPC and website services, you can take advantage of website-building opportunities to lock clients into a more profitable ongoing partnership once the site build is complete.

No matter how perfect and well-designed a website is, it won’t be worth much to your clients if they don’t get traffic to it. Bundling PPC with website services is a natural fit, because it enables your SMB clients to start driving traffic to their new site so they can get those conversions rolling in right away.

Bundling PPC and social media

Social media gives clients a way to broadcast their message, promote their products or services, and interact with their audience regularly. As much as social media has opened up new channels through which businesses and customers can easily interact, it can also be quite time-consuming to manage.

Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, maintaining an active, on-brand presence across all of these different channels is a full-time job. Not only do brands have to respond to questions and comments and field concerns, but they also have to create and post content to ensure their accounts remain at the top of users’ feeds.

By offering white-label social media management services, you can take this time-consuming task off your clients’ plates, grow their audience, support their brand messaging, and help to improve their online reputation.

Since so much of PPC advertising goes through these very same social media channels, it makes sense to have the same agency handle social media management as well as white-label PPC management on the platforms. By handling both, you can ensure consistency across communications, whether they are regular posts or paid ads.

Bundling PPC and content marketing

Content marketing plays an important role in driving traffic to a business’s site and building its reputation and authority. Businesses that maintain a consistent brand voice, reflecting their brand personality and values, across all of their communications make themselves more memorable in the minds of consumers. By handling the content creation as well as white-label PPC management for your clients, you can ensure that both PPC ads and content reflect a unified brand voice.

Bundling PPC and reputation management

Reputation management refers to a business’s efforts to monitor and influence its online perception. Since online reputation can have a huge impact on a business’s bottom line, investing in reputation management services to ensure that customers and prospects have a positive image of the brand is essential. This includes services such as review and online mention monitoring, responding to all reviews in a constructive manner, and analyzing brand mentions to assess brand sentiment.

Since a great deal of reputation damage occurs due to a mismatch between the buzz around a product or service and its reality, bundling white-label PPC services and reputation management services can ensure that ad campaigns support, rather than work against, your client’s online reputation.

White-label PPC pricing

As a white-label PPC agency, it’s important to understand how white-label PPC pricing works and how it can impact your profit margins compared to delivering white-label PPC management services the traditional way.

If you were to offer PPC advertising services through an in-house team, you would have to take costs such as salaries, office space, hardware, and software into account when determining your pricing structure. These costs would remain largely unchanged regardless of whether you’re actively bringing in revenue. If you’re having a bad quarter for PPC services, you’re still on the hook for salaries, employee laptops, and more.

If you opt for white-label PPC outsourcing of these services instead, your costs can be more closely tethered to the services you actually deliver, making it much easier to select a white-label PPC pricing structure that reliably gets your white-label PPC agency the profit margin you’re targeting.

The white-label model saves you the costs associated with in-house hiring, as well as the risk of having to pay those costs even in the absence of sales revenue. Instead, you’ll only pay for white-label PPC outsourcing when you actually have a sale. You know exactly what your costs will be for each client campaign, making it easier to set the right white-label PPC pricing to meet your white-label PPC agency’s financial goals.

White-label PPC costs

Before choosing your white-label PPC pricing structure, it helps to understand what your costs are, since these will differ somewhat from the traditional in-house model.

Your costs to deliver white-label PPC management services include

  • Fees associated with using your white-label PPC platform of choice
  • The cost of licensing any white-label tools or SaaS products for your clients
  • The fees associated with having a team of white-label experts handle the white-label PPC management on your behalf

Since you can be aware of these costs up-front, you can choose a white-label PPC pricing structure based on these inputs that enables you to meet your goals and hit your target profit margin.

There are four broad structures that you can use when determining your white-label PPC pricing:  management fee, percentage of ad spend, commission-based, or hybrid. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Management fee

A management fee white-label PPC pricing structure, also known as a fixed-fee structure, is one in which you charge a pre-determined fee for a given amount of ad spend.

For example, your white-label PPC agency may have pricing tiers for each range of ad spend. It might look something like this:

  • $1,200 per month for ad spend up to $5,000
  • $2,000 per month for ad spend up to $10,000
  • $3,000 per month for ad spend up to $20,000

These are hypothetical numbers, but the principle remains the same: In a fixed-fee structure, the white-label PPC agency pre-determines the fee for each range of ad spend, and the client can choose the tier that works best for them while having some incentive to choose higher tiers because the agency fee per ad dollar spent decreases.

In this example, an SMB client spending $5,000 on ads per month would be paying an extra $0.24 per ad dollar on agency fees, or 24%. Meanwhile, a client spending $20,000 on ads would only be paying an extra $0.15 per ad dollar on agency fees, or 15%.

As long as you understand what white-label PPC outsourcing costs are for each level of ad spend, you can structure your management fees to ensure you make a profit margin that you are comfortable with.

Percentage of ad spend

Just like the name implies, a white-label PPC outsourcing pricing structure based on a percentage of ad spend means that your client pays you a percentage of their ad spend in fees, so your revenue can grow as the client’s spend increases.

For example, you might set your white-label PPC pricing at 18% of ad spend. In a fixed-fee model, you make the same even if a client spends more as long as they remain within a given range, but in a percentage of ad spend model, you can make more as they scale up.

This has some positive incentives for both the white-label PPC agency and the client. A client is unlikely to increase their ad spend if they aren’t seeing positive ROI, so the agency is incentivized to deliver the best possible results so that the client will increase their spend (and in turn, their fees) next month. This can give the client confidence that your agency has incentives that are aligned with their own preferred outcomes.


A commission-based model is not a good choice for most agencies, but we’ll briefly discuss it here because it does exist.

The reason that commission-based white-label PPC pricing is unadvisable is that the final sale is, ultimately, out of the scope of what white-label PPC services deliver. PPC campaigns can drive targeted traffic to a client’s sales page, but conversions depend upon other important factors including web design, reviews, online reputation, and page speed. When it comes to white-label PPC for agencies, you want to make sure you’re making an acceptable profit margin on each sale, rather than leaving your profitability up to other factors that are outside of your control.


The ideal pricing model for your white-label PPC agency may combine the management fee and percentage of ad spend models. For example, you might have a flat fee for all PPC management services, plus a percentage of ad spend. This way, you can ensure the management fee covers your white-label PPC management costs, while the percentage of ad spend can be pure profit for your white-label PPC agency.

Your pricing model might also be impacted by other services purchased by your clients. For example, we’ve talked about lots of potential pricing bundles you can create with white-label PPC outsourcing plus other services, such as SEO, social media management, or reputation management. The price structure of the product or service being bundled with PPC can impact how you choose to price the bundle.

Ultimately, there is no single pricing structure of white-label PPC for agencies that will work for every single organization. Factors such as which white-label PPC platform you choose and how they structure their pricing will also impact your final decision.

White-label PPC platform

Speaking of white-label PPC platforms, let’s dive into what you should keep an eye out for when choosing one to work with. Not all platforms are created equally, so it’s important to be aware of factors that can influence your white-label PPC agency’s experience, your client’s experience, and ultimately, your profitability.


The term “white label” implies brandability, but different platforms may differ in this regard. When choosing a white-label PPC platform, look into exactly which products are services can be rebranded. In addition to having a team of experts deliver services on behalf of your white-label PPC agency, you may also want additional tools, such as reporting software, to be fully rebrandable. This way, the experience you offer your clients can feel like it’s completely delivered in house, bolstering the value of your brand.

A client portal

Chances are, your clients won’t always want to wait until your next report to see how their PPC campaigns are performing. That’s why it’s important to give them access to a sleek and useful client portal that they can log into anytime to check on their campaigns.

Not only does this meet a client a need, but it also demonstrates that your agency is transparent, trustworthy, and client-oriented. By giving your clients access to a client portal where they can take a look at progress and see their ROI any time, you can also improve their customer experience because they don’t necessarily have to send an email to your in-house or white-label teams every time they have a question about their PPC campaigns.

Look for a white-label PPC platform that enables you to give clients access to a rebranded client portal that they can easily access at their discretion.

A robust marketplace

If you choose a white-label PPC platform that also offers a range of other high-quality white-label solutions, you can more easily grow your business and meet client needs by adding different products and services to your portfolio.

Choosing a single white-label platform that can be used to access a wide range of solutions for your agency means that you’ll be able to more easily integrate them all into a single customer-facing dashboard where they can browse solutions and choose those that meet their needs. Conversely, if you choose a white-label PPC platform that doesn’t offer much else, it will be trickier to create a cohesive, branded customer interface.

Just as importantly, it simplifies billing and vendor management on your end, so you can focus on the important things, like growing your agency’s client list. Getting all, or most, of your white-label SaaS reseller solutions from a single white-label platform means you only have to deal with a single touchpoint to manage all of your solutions.

Easy integrations

Make sure that your white-label PPC platform is capable of easily integrating with all important ad channels, including Google Ads and Meta Ads. The easier it is to manage campaigns across a range of channels from a single dashboard, the faster your agency and your white-label team will be able to deliver impressive ROI. Clunky integrations require more time troubleshooting and more time logging in and out of different ad accounts, so this is an important feature to look for when choosing your white-label PPC platform.

Flexible ad formats

Just as your white-label PPC platform should easily integrate with different ad platforms, it should also handle the whole gamut of ad formats and campaign types that each ad channel supports. In other words, the ads and campaigns created through your white-label PPC platform should be just as full-featured as if they were created directly through the channel itself.


One of the major draws of white-label PPC for agencies, as opposed to in-house fulfillment, is the scalability of the business model. When delivering PPC in house, there’s a ceiling on how many clients you can take on at any given time. You can hire in order to take on more clients, but this is a lengthy, imperfect, and costly process that only offers incremental solutions. Conversely, your white-label PPC platform should make scaling a breeze.

Make sure you choose a platform that makes onboarding new clients easy, and that can serve your clients no matter which time zone they’re in. This will enable you to confidently prospect and sell more PPC services since you know that you have a white-label team on hand who can meet the increased demand.

Ease of use

When it comes to white-label PPC outsourcing, the platform you choose should be easy to interact with for both your clients and your in-house team. White-label solutions are a reflection of your brand since your clients perceive them as being one and the same. Any time your clients interact with your white-label PPC platform, they should have a positive experience. Similarly, an easy-to-use platform will make it easier for you to keep an eye on progress and metrics so that you can stay on top of how the delivery of services is going for your clients.

Reporting capabilities

Just as sales intelligence tools can arm you with data when you’re at the sales stage, having the right tools and data once you’re delivering white-label PPC services is just as important. Being able to produce regular reports demonstrates to your clients that you’re on track and meeting the KPIs you’ve set for yourself. The best white-label PPC platforms will generate reports upon the client’s request so that you don’t even have to lift a finger to deliver high-quality, on-demand reporting. When it comes to building a client-agency relationship based on trust and transparency, it doesn’t get better than that.

Other white-label services

White-label PPC management and other white-label managed services are proving that lack of knowledge, time, and people don’t have to be limiting factors in running a successful agency. Plus, the benefits of white-label services don’t start and end with PPC— there are a ton of other white-label services you can sell to grow your business without having to expand your in-house team. Here are some services that are well worth your consideration:

White-label social media management

Social media management is time-consuming for your clients, and it’s no less of a time drain for agencies that try to handle it in-house. Using white-label social media experts to fulfill your social media services frees up your team’s time while ensuring that your client’s social channels are regularly updated with on-brand content and that they regularly interact with their audiences.

White-label reputation management

Having a solid reputation management strategy in place is a must, since today’s consumers rely on reputational cues such as positive reviews to inform their buying decisions. You can resell white-label reputation management software that enables your clients to quickly see all of their online reviews from across over 100 different review websites, and respond to them, from a single dashboard. You can also resell white-label services to handle the review management process, as well as white-label solutions to generate a steady stream of positive reviews across different channels.

White-label website services

With white-label website services, you can create beautiful, responsive, websites for your clients at scale. Rather than being limited by how much your in-house designers can handle, you can confidently sell web-design services to many clients knowing that you have a white-label team to handle the building and maintenance of your sites.

White-label content creation

Blog writing isn’t your forte? Not to worry: this is another service that you can white-label, creating content that isn’t only on-brand and relevant for your clients, but also SEO-friendly and written with appropriate keywords to help your clients meet their goals. White-label content creation can ensure your clients regularly produce content their audience loves and that drives more organic traffic.

White-label email marketing

Email remains an excellent marketing channel that produces impressive ROI compared to other, newer channels. Offering white-label email marketing enables you to deliver maximal ROI for your clients while boosting your monthly revenue stream as well.

White-label SEO

An effective SEO strategy has many moving parts, ranging from technical and on-page SEO to keyword research, link-building, and listing management. Thanks to ever-changing algorithms, ongoing SEO success requires staying up-to-date in the latest developments impacting SEO and adjusting your strategy accordingly. That’s why SEO fulfillment is best left to white-label SEO experts who have the know-how and experience to ensure your clients are getting the best possible SEO results.

Our in-house Digital Agency team is our fastest-growing department, with 50+ digital marketing experts fulfilling a multitude of services for agencies across the globe. A white-label agency allows you to grow your business without increasing overhead costs and workload, enabling you to focus on sales and on boosting that bottom line. From white-label PPC management to a range of other white-label services, we can help take your agency to the next level.

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