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How Agencies Are Making 4,000+% ROI for Clients With White Label PPC

Here’s a thought you may not have considered before: You don’t have to be an expert or really know anything at all about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in order to make money from it and offer it to clients.

Hell, even if you’re an expert at it, you don’t have to spend time on fulfilment to make money from it.

Everyone has limits on their knowledge and bandwidth. Just because you’re an agency that offers digital marketing to clients doesn’t mean that you’re an expert at PPC advertising. Or maybe it’s not that you don’t know enough, but that you don’t have enough time or people.

Traditional limitations of offering PPC services can include:

  1. You lack the knowledge and expertise to run PPC campaigns
  2. You don’t have time to spend fulfilling multiple PPC campaigns for clients
  3. You don’t have the people-power in-house to fulfill the services at scale

But I’ll let you in on a little secret here: Lack of knowledge, time, and people never have to be limiting factors.

You don’t have to know anything about PPC advertising in order to sell it to clients.

How? White-label PPC.

Get the case study: one agency achieves 4,381% ROI in 28 days for a restaurant client!

Table of Contents

What is white-label PPC?

Why do agencies use white-label PPC?

How an agency gained 4,381% ROI with white-label PPC

Benefits of white-label PPC services

Other white-label services


What is white-label PPC?

White-label PPC is an advertising service that B2B companies can buy, rebrand, and resell as their own. White-label PPC services can include PPC campaigns, reports, consultancy services, etc. Your company can add new advertising services for clients without more work!

An agency, for example, can buy white-label PPC services from a white-label service provider, sell PPC campaigns to their business clients, and have the campaigns managed for their clients by the provider under their agency brand. Basically, it’s managed digital advertising services that you can resell under your brand to local businesses.

Here’s an example to show how it works:

  1. A white-label service provider sells white-label PPC (pay-per-click) services to Digital Dino Agency to re-sell.
  2. Digital Dino Agency then rebrands the PPC services with their own logo and sells it to Fit4Life, a business client.
  3. The white-label supplier’s digital advertising team fulfills the PPC services Fit4Life purchased from Digital Dino Agency—all under the Digital Dino Agency brand.



With white-label PPC, any agency can add digital advertising to their basket of offerings and be confident in the level of expertise that will be provided to their clients under their own brand.

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Why do agencies use white-label PPC (pay-per-click)?

White-label PPC services allow agencies to offer fully managed PPC campaigns to clients in a cost-effective, hands-off way that promotes growth and positive ROI (return on investment). By outsourcing the PPC campaign management to an external, expert team, your agency is not only guaranteed great results for their clients, but also saves time and money, which reduces the initial investment.

White-label PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) for startups:

An agency can’t be an expert in every field—especially in the startup phase. In the early stages of agency life, there are money and people-power limitations that restrict how many areas of the digital marketing stack your agency can focus on. Will you be a website agency? The go-to local expert for social media marketing? Or perhaps a star in the reputation management space? As a rounded-out agency, you can try to be a jack-of-all-trades, but only the behemoths with massive resources in their cogs and gears will master them all.

White label PCC for the time-restricted:

Manpower and expertise aren’t the only barriers to offering PPC services—time itself can be a hot commodity for a well-established agency. Even if your agency has all the in-house knowledge you need to run PPC campaigns or organic SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns for your clients, fulfilling that service at scale is a huge time investment. Your agency has to focus on running the business and fulfilling the services you already offer—there’s hardly enough time to add on additional cogs to maintain on the agency machine.

A solution for all:

Rather than spending all of your agency’s time and money on attempting to gain expertise in each field, look outward for external expertise that you can bring in under your agency umbrella.

That’s where white-label services come in. A company with digital advertising experts under their roof can choose to make their experts your experts—sharing their knowledge and people so your agency can be a master in the PPC field without having to hire the extra SEO (search engine optimization) experts, or spend years perfecting the craft.

The bottom line of white-label SEO and PPC is that it allows digital marketing agencies to resell new services at their own price, save time to focus on other areas of business, and grow at scale. White-label PPC is basically a way for agencies to make more money without making more work for themselves.

Plus, outsourcing PPC services to a company with dedicated PPC experts is the safest way to get guaranteed results for your business clients. The cherry on top is your business clients think you’re doing all the heavy lifting.

To summarize white-label PPC (pay-per-click):

  • It’s easy and requires no extra work for your agency to offer it
  • Clients get great results, as an expert team is running their PPC campaigns
  • Your agency looks great because your clients get great results they attribute to your services
  • It’s a new revenue stream for your agency, as every business is clamoring to get help with their digital advertising



This isn’t just empty theory.

White-label PPC is how one small American restaurant came to add 325 new paying customers to their books directly from their advertising campaign, while the agency that sold them the advertising services gained the success story of a 4,381% ROI to prove their value. It was an agency that didn’t have their own in-house expertise to dominate the various advertising channels, but knew where to look to find them and leverage them as their own.

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How an agency gained 4,381% ROI with white-label PPC

Not only do white-label PPC services benefit your agency, but they also benefit your business clients with real-life results.

When Vendasta’s white-label PPC was offered to a small restaurant through a local agency, the results were massive: 729 ad clicks, 357 engagements on social & website clicks, and 325 new paying customers. In 30 days.

Digital Dino Agency, the local agency that sold the services to the restaurant, knew that digital advertising wasn’t their forte—but it could be, through white label. They hired our in-house team of digital advertising experts to manage and optimize their clients campaigns under the Digital Dino brand.

By utilizing white label advertising services, they were able to offer Cafe Mexicana:

  • A Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
  • Relevant review and location ad extensions
  • A customized mobile-optimized landing page
  • Programmatic display ads with geo fencing and conversion zones
  • Supplemental Facebook ad campaigns

Cafe Mexicana gained over 300 new paying customers and generated nearly $30,000 of new revenue directly from the white-label advertising campaign. Meanwhile, Digital Dino Agency made a name for themselves in the area as an advertising expert, and gained a huge success story to bolster their reputation and credibility.

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Benefits of white-label PPC services

White-label PPC campaigns have big benefits for both you and your business clients. With expert digital advertisers at the wheel, you can expect the highest level of campaign optimization and management.

Geofence competitors and run conquest campaigns

By leveraging programmatic and geo-location ad targeting technologies, white-label SEO (search engine optimization) services can promote your clients’ businesses to the right audience at the right time, including targeting competitors’ customers, nearby consumers, past customers and more.

What it means: When your clients’ target customers are hanging out around their competitors, you can serve them ads and notify them about your clients.

Track real-life metrics that matter

Not all business owners speak the language of CTRs (click-through rates) and ROI (return on investment), so it’s important to track real-world results like new paying customers. Customer phone calls should be anonymously analyzed for specific keywords, and audience geo-locations should be anonymously analyzed to reveal in-store visits. These real-world actions are linked to your client’s campaign and prove tangible value to your business clients.

What it means: If people see your client’s ad on their phone and call them—or visit the store in person—you can track that. The goal is to get your clients’ consumers in their stores and on the line, which you can directly trace to your PPC efforts.

ROI Reports

One major necessity when offering any digital marketing services is providing proof of performance—i.e., showing your clients tangible results of your efforts.

Proving the value of PPC (pay-per-click) or SEO (search engine optimization) advertising services can be hard, but white-label PPC services such as Vendasta have it covered. Our reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your client’s impressions and clicks—these reports also show that you’ve generated more phone calls and store visits, and that you’ve given them a positive return on investment. Plus, performance reports are automatically delivered to your client’s inbox.

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What it means: You need to give your clients branded reports to show them exactly how their dollars are getting them tangible business results. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the 4,381% ROI!


ROI Report for Cafe Mexicana


Other white-label services

White-label PPC and other white-label managed services are proving that lack of knowledge, time, and people don’t have to be limiting factors in running a successful agency. Plus, the benefits of white-label services don’t start and end with PPC—social media management, review response, website building, and even other types of digital advertising services can all help build your agency brand, and bring in new revenue for your business.

In fact, one agency helped a local business go viral on Facebook by combining our white-label agency social posting and digital advertising services. Read the full story!

Our in-house Digital Agency team is our fastest-growing department, with 50+ digital marketing experts fulfilling a multitude of services for agencies across the globe. A white-label agency allows you to grow your business without increasing overhead costs and workload.

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