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Why becoming a white-label SaaS reseller is a smart move in a recession


At this point, most economists are predicting another recession, and some say it’s already in swing. Opinions about how long it will last or how deep it will be are mixed (NPR). The long and short of it is that your business needs to brace for a rocky road ahead. Could becoming a white-label SaaS reseller help?

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Taking steps now can help you and your team weather the storm with relative ease. The right moves can even put you in a position to allow your business to flourish as markets recover.

One of the smartest moves you can make right now is to become a white-label SaaS reseller. With benefits like lower risks and higher client retention, reselling a white-label solution is an idea that works. Here’s how SaaS reselling will help you survive a recession.

Go to market sooner with white-label SaaS solutions to resell

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is probably not a new idea for you and your team. After all, you might have some SaaS solutions in place for your own business.

You can often join reseller partner programs for the solutions you know and love. If you use a digital advertising platform for your on ads, for example, you can join up with a the provider and provide this solution to your clients.

This is a win-win for you and the vendors you’re working with. They get to onboard more users, while you can make more recurring revenue for your business. Best of all, you’re delivering a software service you already know and trust for your own team. Your clients also benefit, since you can use your in-house expertise to provide better service for them.

The biggest benefit here is that you can get to market faster. Essentially, reselling means adding new services for your clients is quick and easy. Even better—it will translate into revenue sooner.

Reduce your risk with white-label SaaS reseller programs

Adding new SaaS solutions can be risky.

It can be even riskier in a recession, as some solutions need a lot of up-front capital and sunk costs.

In these scenarios, the pressure is on to make sales—something that can be tougher to do in a recession (HBR). If you’re already looking at a sales slump, then it may not seem wise to invest in adding new services.

With SaaS reseller programs, though, you don’t have the same up-front costs. You don't need to spend time developing new software or have to pay hefty fees to get a contract. In turn, you don’t need to worry as much if clients are hesitant to add new services right away.

That said, your risk as a software reseller is low, because users have already tested the platforms (for years). Chances are you’re going to resell software from vendors you’re already working with. This could be Google or other partners, like SEO providers. By teaming up with them, you could become a local SEO reseller. Since you already work with these vendors, you can vouch for them. That, in turn, inspires confidence in your clients, who also benefit from greater online visibility via local SEO.

Software customers already know they want these solutions. Your risk is minimal, because at least some of your clients are waiting at the ready to add these services and existing brands.

Become the one-stop shop for your clients

Reseller programs are an easy sell for your client base. If you’re reselling solutions your clients already know they want, then you don't need to jump through as many hoops to close the deal. You’ve probably been asked more than once if you provide certain services or digital products that your clients are looking for.

Reseller programs make it easy to boost your sales. You don’t have to tell these clients that “no” you don’t offer these services. You can instead resell them, meet your clients’ needs, and increase your monthly recurring revenue, all at the same time.

There’s a good chance your clients already use Google or WordPress or any number of SaaS solutions. If you resell these digital solutions, some of your clients may even switch away from their current vendor.


Putting all your software solutions under one vendor streamlines communication, billing, and more. Your clients already trust you to handle their web design or their IT stack. They, too, may be looking to increase efficiency and reduce their vendor clutter and costs given the looming recession.

Centralizing services cuts down on the number of different players your clients work with. That makes it simpler for them to get answers, find solutions, and even build better strategies. Services can be streamlined as well. If your client already has web services with you, why not add SEO as well? This can be a money-saving move on their part. It also makes joining an SEO reseller program a revenue-boosting idea for your business.

Bundle SaaS services to create more value for your clients

Your clients might already be thinking about switching vendors during a downturn to help cut costs. Think about creating product and service bundles to help increase cost savings for clients. If you can, your existing clients are more likely to move more services into the hands of your team. They already know and trust you, plus moving services can save them money. That’s all good news for a local business in an economic downturn.

Adding more services also increases stickiness for these clients. Stickiness means people stay and keep coming back (Indeed). They’re more likely to turn to you the next time they have a software problem they need solved.

Attract new clients with the right SaaS reseller programs

Have you had any feedback from clients who have set sail for other vendors? What about prospects who decided to sign with another agency in the end?

You might have noticed some of that feedback focuses on services that you’re not offering or what the competition does have on the menu. If so, white-label software reseller programs could help you address these concerns.

New services and digital products can even attract prospects who might not have given you the time of day before. Perhaps they were looking for a specific service or a provider who could offer them a more holistic solution. With white-label SaaS reseller programs, you could be back in the running.

Build trust with your clients and build your brand

The biggest advantage of becoming a white-label SaaS reseller is the opportunity to build trust. With white-label solutions, everything your clients see has your brand on it: their digital ads platform, their SEO platform, even their client portal.

This makes clients more likely to remember you next time they need something. If you already provide great service, you’ll be the first vendor they contact the next time they have a need.

Adding more services also gives you the opportunity to build trust with the customer. The more you can prove to them that you can meet—or exceed—their needs, the more they’ll want to work with you.

You have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your existing clients. You’re also in a position to build a better brand reputation. These clients are more likely to recommend you to their colleagues. They might leave you reviews or otherwise become advocates for your business.

That puts you in a stronger position as the economy recovers, since you can capitalize on your business’s reputation (HBR). You can begin growing again sooner than the competition as a white-label SaaS reseller.

Keep your clients—and your business—satisfied by becoming a white-label SaaS reseller

As you can see, becoming a white-label SaaS reseller has plenty of benefits for businesses. Whether you need new revenue streams or just want to offer your clients more, becoming a reseller makes a lot of sense.

Contrary to popular belief, it can make even more sense in an economic downturn.

Discover reseller programs to add to your business and offer your clients more of what they want. With the right partnership, you can build a better future for your clients—and your business.

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