Your step-by-step guide to onboarding agency clients (Checklist included!)

Mockup of the onboarding agency clients ebookLanding new clients is key to growing your agency’s revenue. But having them sign on is just the first step.

Putting the right onboarding process in place can ensure those new clients become happy, long-term accounts that will contribute to your agency’s monthly recurring revenue for years to come.

What’s more, as your client list grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a system in place to make clients feel confident that they have made the right decision. This will ultimately help minimize churn.

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What you’ll learn:

defined-process-icon-60x60 Why a defined onboarding process is so critical in minimizing churn and increasing customer lifetime value


mistakes-to-avoid-icon-60x60 Mistakes to avoid for successful agency client onboarding

step-by-step-process-icon-60x60Step-by-step process to ace your client onboarding every time

sample.-onboarding-pocess-example-icon-60x60Sample client onboarding process with Vendasta’s Business App

downloadable-checklist-icon-60x60A downloadable checklist to improve your agency’s onboarding process

Full chapter list

Executive note 2
Defining client onboarding 4
Mistakes to avoid for successful client onboarding 9
Steps to ace your client onboarding every time 17
Download your onboarding checklist 27
Sample client onboarding process with Business App 28

Start onboarding agency clients in a scalable, repeatable way with this step-by-step guide