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Scaling Your B2B Organization with a White-Label Platform

If you’ve landed on this page, there's a good chance you're a B2B marketing solutions provider—a marketing agency, media company, SaaS platform, etc—in need of a white-label platform.

So, you want a platform to streamline your own sales and marketing, automate your funnel, and scale your company, all without having to reinvent the wheel? I like where your head's at. Keep reading, and we’ll show you what a white-label platform can do for your business.

Note: this a no BS post. We’re gonna give you the straight facts on white-label platforms and arm you with core knowledge so that you can make an informed investment.

white-label platform

Let’s jump into it.

What is a White-Label Platform?

A white-label platform, or white-label marketing and sales dashboard, is a piece of software that's designed to automate the sales and marketing funnel for marketing services providers looking to scale. The platform is built and designed by one company and resold to a second company to be rebranded and used to streamline sales and marketing. As a white-label platform, it is completely customizable to fit the branding of the marketing provider that uses it.

White-label platforms come in all different shapes, sizes, and even names. Some call it a white-label marketing platform or a white label sales platform. Others call it a white-label marketing dashboard or white-label SaaS. Others might group it into white label marketing software or white-label business software. The good news? It’s all these things—but, to avoid confusion, we’re going to refer to it as a white-label platform.

White-label platforms are designed to either partially or fully automate your sales and marketing initiatives. The best kind of white-label platform a marketing service provider can invest in is one that can streamline the sales funnel—from prospect, to close, to upsell—and that covers the full marketing stack.

White-Label Marketing Automation

Think of white-label marketing automation as an AI-powered platform for you, coupled with robust marketing automation tools for your clients. The idea is that automation removes redundant and repetitive tasks for you as a product or service provider, as well as complicated marketing tasks and workflows for your local business clients—all with your logo on it.

The cold hard truth: in most cases, “marketing automation” is a buzzword that has led to most folks believing that marketing becomes almost entirely self-reliant. This isn’t true.

In general practice, “marketing automation” pertains to tools designed to automate key tasks like email, social media posts, web forms, chatbots, etc, for businesses that don’t have time to stress about these tasks.

In the white-label world, however, “marketing automation” goes beyond the standard marketing functionality that your clients need. It also encompasses task automation, reporting, sales, and more for businesses like yours that want to scale, but need more organizational tools and help selling your core marketing offering.

Below, we’ve listed the 6 marketing automation-driven functionalities that you need in a white-label platform.

6 Core White-Label Platform Functionalities

The following white-label platform functionalities are available across a broad market of offerings. Depending you needs, you may only be looking for specific solution, or you may be looking for something more comprehensive. You might just find something that you didn’t even know you needed!

1. Wholesale White-Label Software

White-label software, in this context, is a digital marketing product developed by the white label platform provider for you to rebrand, re-price, and resell under your brand. This kind of software comes with two key benefits:

  1. It scales. Big-time. You don’t have to develop the products in-house or outsource it. You save costs, time, and probably a few hairs on your head. Ready-to-sell, instant-on products are what the majority of your competitors are selling.
  2. The ROI model is bulletproof. You purchase products at wholesale costs, rebrand it, and resell it at your price point. Some white-label platforms will only charge you when you sell something—no monthly subscriptions, no on-boarding fees.

Here’s a list of the most common types of white-label products being sold by marketing providers to local clients:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Websites
  4. Reputation management
  5. Listings management
  6. Digital advertising
  7. Graphic design

2. White-Label CRM

A white-label CRM is a pipeline/client management dashboard that allows the company using it to brand it as their own. This dashboard would feature your logo and company information on it. It’s 100% yours. These dashboards allow your salespeople to track their opportunities from prospect to close, and allow your sales managers to review overall performance and create accurate projections.

Leverage AI to identify engagement opportunities. Your salespeople will never have to stress about ill-timed follow-up calls and ineffective touch-points. Powerful tools like activity tracking, email logging, probability analytics, intelligent contact management, KPIs, and critical notifications all mean that a white-label CRM is sure to bring you closer to the clients that matter most.

white-label crm

And remember, having your brand showcased across all of your tools and interfaces positions you as a leader amongst both internal and external stakeholders.

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3. White-Label Project Management

White-label project management helps B2B marketing providers to track their tasks and stay organized across a breadth of unique clients, each with unique marketing challenges. No white-label platform would be complete without a built-in project manager to give your staff the technological edge they need to manage their complex schedules and super-serve your clients.

Your team needs a task manager that can:white-label project management

  1. Remove complicated technicalities from tasks like claiming listings.
  2. Organize projects across various collaborators and stakeholders.
  3. Establish approval and revision processes on completed works.
  4. Intelligently manage due dates and timelines, to ensure that your staff are never stuck wondering what’s next.
  5. Show proof-of-performance on demand, for staff and clients alike to measure and benchmark their successes.

Give your CEO the scalability that he desires, your staff the time-saving organization they need, and your clients the top-tier service that they deserve.

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4. White-Label Client Portal & Reporting Dashboard

Unlike traditional CRMs, white-label platforms need separate login portals for the end user (your clients) and the purchaser (your organization)—or, in other words, a white-label client portal.

If you operate in the B2B space, something like a traditional HubSpot platform for marketing won’t give you the client-facing functionality that you need to strengthen your brand and build credibility among your clients. You need something under your brand that your clients can log into to monitor their account.

white-label reporting

Your clients want to see these elements in a client portal:

  1. ROI Reporting. Nothing is more powerful than a statement that clearly exhibits the value that you are bringing for your clients.
  2. Automation. There aren’t enough hours in the day to build comprehensive reports for ALL of your clients. You need a client portal that automatically generates reports that clearly demonstrate your value, whether it’s last week or this month.
  3. Digital Store. Your clients don’t have time to shop around for solutions, and they need more help than they realize. Your organization needs a simple way to showcase your offerings. The answer? An online store that your clients can access at any time. Each client login should also allow your clients to add or remove offerings with the click of a mouse.

The more products you can offer your clients, the stickier your relationship will be. According to the Vendasta Churn Study, SMBs who are sold one product have a retention rate of 30% after two years, while two products show an increased retention rate of nearly 20%, and four products show a retention rate of 80%. Supplement your offerings with clear proof-of-performance and your clients will have no reason to ever doubt the value you bring.

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5. White-Label Lead Generation

White-label lead generation is the process of leveraging a rebrandable tool, app, or service to attract qualified prospects to your offering. As an agency or media provider, lead generation is likely one of the most difficult challenges you face.

But… what if you had a tool that you could slap your logo on and use to measure the entire breadth of a prospect’s online presence? Imagine the unforgettable sales presentations you could deliver.

white-label reporting

Best-in-class lead generation and prospecting tools will allow you to collect insights on core digital marketing metrics such as:

  1. Listings. Determine what listing sites local businesses have their location and contact information on, and identify platforms where errors in this data exist.
  2. Reviews. Take a macro look at the businesses online reputation across some of the key platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.
  3. Social Media. Measure social interactions, impressions, clicks and other critical metrics across the top social platforms to draw conclusions on a prospect’s social presence.
  4. Website. Website performance is the life-blood of many local businesses, and arming yourself with an understanding of traffic and load times can make for a great conversation starter.
  5. Digital Advertising. Is the business running paid ads? What platforms are they running, and how are they performing as compared to industry averages?
  6. SEO. The voodoo of online marketing. Identify key opportunities for prospects to grow their online presence and rank on keywords that will generate real traffic and real conversions.

With these insights, it becomes easy for agency sales reps to start difficult conversations with local businesses and showcase the value they can offer on day one.

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6. White-Label Services

White-label services are professional services that a third-party company will complete on behalf of you and your brand to help your agency scale faster. Outsourcing key tasks can be beneficial if you simply lack expertise in a subject area, if you need help scaling to match your client growth, or if you just need a little bit more time to focus on building sales horsepower.

White-label service providers generally follow a Do-it-With-Me (DIFM) approach, working in conjunction with you and your teams to ensure that work is being completed in a timely manner and meeting all client needs and quality expectations.

white-label digital advertising

Common white-label service offerings include:

  1. Digital Advertising. Let the experts do the heavy lifting in this complex and rapidly-changing environment.
  2. Website Creation. If you have clients with websites that look like they’re crawling out of the 90s, then it might be time to enlist some professional web help.white-label reputation management
  3. Review Responses and Requests. Reputation management is a critical front in helping your clients build trust across their networks. However, it can be a tedious process requesting, managing and responding to reviews across nearly 60 platforms—fortunately, there are teams that specialize in doing just that!
  4. Social Media and Blog Posting. Let’s face it, not all of us are writers… If you want to deliver key writing services at an attractive price-point, then you may want to consider outsourcing these tasks.

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A Comprehensive White-Label Platform

Depending on your unique needs as a marketing product or service provider, you may require certain platform components or offerings more than others, and there is a market full of solutions available for you. However, if you are looking for an all-encompassing solution to meet all of these core needs and truly delight your clients, then you need to explore the Vendasta platform.

white-label agency in a box

At Vendasta, we like to call this offering the ‘agency in a box’. Why? Because with an offering like this, not only are you provided with a suite of products and services to resell, but you are also provided with a sales and marketing platform that was built for agencies and media groups that service the local business market.

Core functionalities of Vendasta’s white-label platform include:

  1. Snapshot Report. Gain insights into a local business’ digital footprint.
  2. Marketing Automation. Formulate intelligent drip campaigns that will ignite your leads.
  3. Sales CRM and Pipeline. A dashboard to manage it all and analyze unique sales opportunities.
  4. Marketplace. A network of ready-to-sell apps and services.
  5. Business App. A powerful reporting dashboard for managing your clients’ experience.
  6. Task Manager. A center to manage all ongoing and scheduled tasks so that you don’t ever miss a client.

Are you ready to acquire more leads than ever before, expand your product and service offering, and identify unique business opportunities without lifting a finger?

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