White-Label Reputation Management: What It Is & Why You Should Sell It

Jack of all trades, master of none” doesn't apply anymore.

With rapid technological change and an ever-changing digital landscape, barriers such as knowledge, expertise and resources that previously limited the growth of many organizations no longer exist.

There are now white-labeled solutions to fill those voids that previously existed, and allow organizations of any industry or vertical to offer a complete suite of services and solutions to their customers.

Reputation management is one of those great and foundational products that you can easily add to your offering to help your business clients improve their online reputation, earning more reviews/mentions and managing/monitoring those across every major review site.

Let's cover how you can sell white-label reputation and review management to grow as a marketing service provider.

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What is White-Label Reputation Management?

Why Resell White-Label Reputation Management Solutions?

White-Label Reputation Management Case Study

What to Consider in a White-Label Reputation Solutions

White-Label Reputation Management Solutions To Resell

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What is White-Label Reputation Management?

White-label reputation management solutions are rebrandable services and products that deal with a business' online reputation and reviews. There are a few aspects of online reputation management that can be white-labeled.

Software like a platform to monitor a business' reputation would be a rebrandable product, and services like review response and review generation would be a white-label fulfillment option. You could combine these together for a full-scope reputation management solution by finding a provider that offers both reputation management products and services.

Too high level? Let’s break it down.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is not a new concept. Reputation was essentially a word-of-mouth based referral program that drove traffic for businesses in an era before cell phones (WHAT?!). Today, the internet has brought us all a little bit closer and reputation is better defined by a star rating on Google.

Therefore, reputation management is now any process that allows businesses to easily manage, monitor, influence, and grow all of their reviews/mentions across the web. The overall concept is to take advantage of a variety of internet channels (social media, review sites, online forums) to promote a positive reputation of your brand—and to get consumers talking positively about that brand too.  

How White-Label Solutions Work

A white-label solution is any product or service that is made/produced/managed by a white-label provider that sells it wholesale to another company to rebrand and resell as if it were their own. The solution is completely unbranded and ready to have your business name and customizations stamped all over it—pretty good deal right?

This video provides a great break down of how white-labelling would work for something as simple as a cup of coffee.


What are White-Label Reputation Management Solutions

White-label reputation management solutions are products or services that a white-label provider makes/offers, and a reseller rebrands and sells to clients. White-label reputation management solutions can be software built by a white-label provider to help monitor and manage a business' online reputation, or services such as review response fulfilled by a white-label team.

A visual representation of the white-label experience:

white label solutions explanation artboard

White-label reputation management software is completely rebrandable, and most provider also offer fulfillment services if you want to grow and scale today. Here is the difference in these offerings:

  • White-label reputation management software: A product solution for reputation management is a platform or app that allows your clients to directly manage their own reputations, respond to their own reviews, and be responsible for their own review scores.
  • Resellable reputation management services: A service solution for reputation management involves managed fulfillment, which has a third party fulfilment team (like ours) do all of the review responding and reputation management for your clients.

Why Resell White-Label Reputation Management Solutions?

White-label reputation management solutions boast great benefits for both you, as a marketing service provider, and your clients. With top notch products in your repertoire, you can sleep well knowing that your clients' reputations are safe. Further, by leveraging white-label services, you can leave the technicalities to a team that live and breath the words “reviews” and “mentions."

With increased competition in all avenues of digital, adding reputation management to your offering could be the competitive edge that you were looking for. Our recent study on churn determined that in 2 years you will lose 70% of your clients if you only sell them one product, so diversification is key to maximizing your stickiness with clients.

Here are a few of the reasons why many organizations are becoming resellers of reputation management:

1. Land More Clients

By expanding your offerings to include reputation management, you can boost your chances of landing more (and often larger) clients. If you can meet all of the needs of your clients in one place, why would they ever leave you? They wouldn’t, because we’re all familiar with the nightmare that is multiple service providers.

Here are a couple reminders about your clients:

Your clients live and die based on an online reputation

A businesses reputation is the sale determining factor in the modern customer journey. When someone looks up a local business and sees a below average score, they are likely to choose a competitor.why reputation management is important

Your clients need to make sure they are able to capitalize on every prospect that makes it to the decision stage of their customer journey, and that is why offering reputation management to your clients is critical.

Your clients don’t have time to manage their reputation

Monitoring the internet and responding to each and every review or mention across every listing site and social platform is a ton of hard work—even for experts. Your clients just don’t have time in their already hectic day to add a task like this to their backlog.

At the end of the day, business owners don’t have time to monitor their own reputation, so they need the support of software or a service to fill those gaps. Reputation management is great because it allows these businesses to monitor their reputation in all possible places—through one central dashboard.
Justin Babiy

Business Development Representative , Vendasta Technologies

2. It Allows for Rapid Growth

By using white-labeled services, your organization is effectively able to skip over the R&D time and costs that are associated with building out new products. White-label products look like they were your own creation, and the service component allows you to grow without the need for additional staffing upfront.

3. Time to Focus on Your Core Competencies

Odds are good that you didn’t start an agency or media group as an expert in all fields. If your organization’s greatest strength is in sales, then white-label solutions allow you to focus on that strength and give you back time, so that you can get out there and pound some pavement.

4. Powerful Integration Capabilities

What if I have already developed software, or have a bundle/offering that I am already providing my clientele with?

Don’t sweat it!

White-label solutions are accompanied by powerful integration capabilities so that you can add them to your current stack of offerings with ease. There is no need to try and sell these as stand-alone products because they are designed to be used by other companies.

5. Create a Steady Stream of Revenue for Your Agency

Skip the R&D and add a pay as you play solution that can start to generate revenue for you today, not 3 years from now. Running an agency can be stressful, but by adding a consistent revenue stream to your hectic day-to-day, you will sleep much more restfully, trust me.

White-Label Reputation Management Case Study

How one agency went from $0 to $1 Million+ in Revenue in Two Years with Vendasta

Vendasta’s reputation management product and services get real results for our partners. 

Started in 2014 by an ambitious entrepreneur, Hard Rock Media built a highly successful company from the ground up by using Vendasta’s white-label software. Hard Rock Media set out to fill the gaps in the digital footprints and online reputations of local businesses, particularly in the restaurant industry, and they needed a review management solution that they could easily implement and scale with.

Hard Rock Media started in a basement with zero clients and zero revenue. By using Vendasta’s white-label reputation management paired with our fulfillment team, in just 2 years, they were able to grow their revenue to 1 Million+, and were on-boarding 20-25 new clients every month.

It’s scalability. People aren't scaling their businesses correctly, and they aren't taking advantage of everything Vendasta has to offer.

CEO , Hard Rock Media

What to Consider in White-Label Reputation Solutions

Before becoming a reputation reseller, you will want to be sure your white-label service provider is the right business partner for you. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that their solutions are in line with your brand and what you want to offer clients.

What to Consider in a Reputation Platform

There are a few things that you are going to want to check off on your list when considering different white-label reputation management platforms for your organization.

Make sure the solution you choose is:

  1. Mobile friendly
  2. 100% rebrandable
  3. Captures reviews and mentions from ALL of the major review sites, including vertical-specific websites and social channels.
  4. Supports review response directly through the platform
  5. Has automated alerts and a powerful reporting system

What to Consider in Reputation Services

If you are also considering a service option to pair with your platform, then you are going to want to ensure that the service provider you choose meets a few key requirements.

Make sure the service you choose meets these requirements:

  1. They’re monitoring key sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp—but make sure they’re getting the vertical specific ones too (ex. AutoMD for those in the automotive industry)
  2. Social mention monitoring on all major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Social mentions are growing and can also provide some of the best feedback and marketing opportunities for many brands. You’re going to need this.
  3. If they offer review generation as a service, make sure that they follow Google and Yelp review collection guidelines. You don’t want to have a white-label service provider damage your reputation as an agency by using shady and risky tactics.
  4. That they are providing these services frequently, or on a calendar basis. Responding to a scathing review a week too late can have huge consequences for your clients.
  5. And lastly, make sure they have an uncanny ability to adopt a brand voice for your clients so that responses fit the style that your clients are trying to portray.

White-Label Reputation Management Solutions To Resell

Ideally, you never have to worry about selling only portions of the white-label reputation management service, but that is often not the reality. Whether it be budgetary restrictions or simply unique needs, you may find yourself selling only portions of the full offering. Here are the major components of reputation management that are often bundled together, or can be resold separately to clients as either a product or a service:

White-Label Reputation Management Platform

By simply reselling the platform as a whole, you are providing your clients with the ability to efficiently manage their own reputation, by their own rules—which may be the best option for many clients. This platform option allows them to monitor mentions and reviews across the web, and also respond and interact with these reviews and mentions—all through a comprehensive dashboard. Users can then be responsible for asking their own consumers for reviews as well.

White-Label Reputation Management Services

Here are some of the white-label reputation related services that you may want to offer your clients.

Reputation Audit

Performing an audit can give your clients a bit of a taste of some of the mentions and reviews that are crawling around on the web that they probably never knew about.

Competitive Benchmarking

Many businesses have no real idea how they stack up against their top competitors, so providing this service can offer insight that your clients may have never seen before.

Monitoring and Response as a Service

If your clients are overwhelmingly busy local businesses like so many that we know, then they may be interested in a complete third party package. With white-label options, you can allow experts in the field to monitor mentions and review, and respond to them in place of your clients—while you get all of the credit!

Review Generation

This is a very grey area that many providers are still dealing in. If you want to offer this as a white-label service to your clients, just make sure that your provider is not soliciting these reviews in a way that breaks regulations on Google, Yelp, and other major platforms. Customer Voice is one of our products that we have taken great steps with to ensure complete compliance!

Get Started Today

White-label products and services truly allow anyone to become the master of their own destiny, by providing marketing service providers like yourself with all of the tools you need to grow and scale with none of the stress (like staffing, and lack of knowledge/expertise).

Reputation management is a necessity for all businesses in the age of digital, but it is only one piece of the marketing stack that all businesses need to truly succeed in the scope of marketing. White-labeling can work for other solutions, like websites, social media, and digital marketing as well.

If you’re ready to scale your agency like never before, explore our white-label reputation management solutions and get started today.

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