White label reputation management guide for reputation management resellers (Updated 2022)

“Jack of all trades, master of none” doesn't apply anymore (sorry Shakespeare!). Now you no longer have to limit yourself to a single expertise; not in life, and not in business thanks to solutions like white label reputation management. Here’s what I mean.

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With rapid technological change and a shifting digital landscape, barriers such as a lack of knowledge, expertise, and resources have dissolved or become unstable. Things that previously limited the growth of many organizations are no longer so daunting. What has filled those voids? Tools like white-labeled reputation management software.

White-label SaaS resellers are thriving, even amidst economic uncertainty. They provide valuable solutions to organizations across industries and verticals, so that those organizations can in turn offer a complete suite of services and solutions to their customers.

White label reputation management services are an example of a great, foundational offering that you can easily add to your range of solutions. As a reputation management reseller, you will help your business clients improve their online reputation, build trust, increase brand authority, and more.

I’ll cover how you can become an online reputation management reseller, and clarify why white label review management, along with other white-label reputation management activities, is the key to your growth as a marketing service provider—and to your clients and their success.

Ready to become a master of all (reputation marketing) trades?

What is white label reputation management?

White-label reputation management solutions are rebrandable services and products that deal with a business' online reputation and reviews. As an online reputation management reseller, there are actually a few components that can be white-labeled.

Software: White label reputation management software is a platform to monitor a business's reputation and would be considered a rebrandable product you can resell.

Services: White label reputation management services are things like creating review responses and or soliciting reviews on behalf of your client, and would be considered a white-label fulfillment option.

As a reputation management reseller, you can package products and services together for a full-scope reputation management solution, and create bundles that include your other offerings. But first, before you begin reselling, you’d need to find a provider that offers both reputation management products and services for you to purchase at wholesale prices—things like white label review software (product) white label review management (services). Then, you’d be able to rebrand them and start selling to business clients.

Too high level? Let’s break it down further.

What is reputation management?

As an online reputation management reseller, it’s important to understand the concept—and, like most things, it started offline.

That’s because reputation management is not a new concept. Reputation was essentially a word-of-mouth based referral program that drove traffic for businesses in an era before cell phones. Today, the internet has brought us all a little bit closer and reputation is better defined by an online star-rating on Google.

Being a reputation management reseller means you are helping your local business clients engage in the strategic process of managing, monitoring, influencing, and growing all of their reviews and mentions across the web. The overall concept is to take advantage of a variety of internet channels (social media, review sites, online directories, digital forums) to promote and amplify a positive brand—and to get consumers talking positively and acting as ambassadors.

So while the concept of reputation management isn’t new, the internet has completely changed the game. This is why tools like white label review software have become so crucial. Business can go viral for both good, bad, or just plain silly reasons. A negative review is more enduring, archived for all to see. A complete lack of reviews (or even just reviews that are dated) can either create a warning flag for customers or simply mean they will never find your business in the churning sea of Google’s algorithm.

On the other hand, positive reviews and mentions can really be amplified and spotlighted online. Tools like white label review management can give you and your clients far more agency when it comes to managing and protecting their brand.

How do white label solutions work?

White label solutions (such as the white label reputation management solutions that are the focus of this article) are products or services that are produced by one company and then branded and sold by another.

The company that creates the white label product or service is often referred to as a white-label provider, while the company that buys the product and sells it under its own brand is called the "reseller". If your company were to purchase white label reputation management software from Vendasta (provider) at a wholesale price, you would then become an online reputation management reseller. You’d be able to customize the product, choose your own margins, and sell the solution to your clients under your branding.

Going back to the “jack of all trades” quote I opened this article with, white-labeling can be especially useful for companies that want to offer a wider range of solutions to address their clients’ various pain points. Investing in the development and production of various products in-house is simply not feasible for most.

Now, as a reputation management reseller, you can be the expert in white label reputation management services and provide top-notch digital products—without sacrificing or selling yourself short in other areas. You can really do it all.

white label solutions explanation artboard

What are white label reputation management solutions?

White-label reputation management software and services are solutions that a white-label provider provides a reseller at wholesale prices. The reseller then rebrands and sells these solutions to their clients as part of their own offering. A reputation management reseller also has the freedom to price their solutions as they see fit, controlling their profit margins.

White label reputation management helps businesses track, manage, and control their online reputation to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers and reach a wider audience online. This type of software is often called white label review software (or review management software), and allows businesses to monitor and respond to online reviews on a variety of websites from a single dashboard.

Having a good online reputation is essential for businesses, and white label review management software can help ensure that businesses get more positive reviews and show up in the right places online. And since white label reputation management software and services can be branded and sold under your company’s name, as the reputation management reseller, you are positioned as the local expert. In turn, you’re boosting your own credibility along with your clients’.

Some providers also offer white label reputation management services, which means they will even handle fulfillment for you (under your brand, of course). As far as your clients are considered, everything is happening in-house.

Marketing experts handle tasks on behalf of the online reputation management reseller, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. This way, you can focus on your other core operations and strengths while also scaling your business.

White label reputation management software also unlocks sales intelligence tools for your team, so they’re equipped with insights into which local businesses may need help and where their opportunities are. In turn, it’s easier to make data-driven, custom-tailored sales pitches, close more deals, and grow business—all without having to worry about scaling too fast, thanks to fulfillment.

Why become an online reputation management reseller?

White label reputation management boasts great benefits for both you and your business clients. With top notch products in your repertoire, you can sleep well knowing that your clients' reputations are safe. Further, by leveraging white label reputation management services, you’re selling value-add services that will generate more revenue per client, increase the number of pain points you can address, and leave the technicalities to an expert fulfillment team. With white label review management, you have a squad of marketers ready to handle reviews as they roll in, and so much more, all under the banner of your brand.

With increased competition in all avenues of digital, adding white label reputation management to your offering could be the competitive edge you need. Our recent study on churn determined that in two years you will lose 70 percent of your clients if you only sell them one product, so diversification is key to maximizing client retention and “stickiness”.

Here are a few of the reasons why many organizations are becoming reputation management resellers.

1. White label review software: Land more clients and solve more problems

By expanding your offerings to include white label reputation management and associated strategic activities such as review monitoring,  you can boost your chances of landing more (and often larger) clients. If you can meet all of the needs of your clients in one place, why would they ever leave you to seek out another partner offering white label review management? They wouldn’t. We’re all familiar with the nightmare that is multiple service providers.

Here are a couple reminders about your clients:

Your clients live and die based on an online reputation

A business's reputation is the determining factor in the modern customer journey. When someone looks up a local business and sees a below average score (or no reviews or online presence at all), they are likely to choose a competitor.

Statistics showing the importance of white label reputation management software: 97% of consumers find local business info on the web, and 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Your clients need to make sure they are able to capitalize on every prospect that makes it to the decision stage of their customer journey. Because it directly impacts the customer journey, white label reputation management software is a critical offering.

Your clients don’t have time to manage their reputation

White label review management eases a huge burden for both you and your clients. Monitoring the internet and responding to each and every review or mention across every listing site and social platform is a ton of hard work—even for experts. Your clients just don’t have time in their already hectic day to add a task like this to their backlog.

At the end of the day, business owners don’t have time to monitor their own reputation, so they need the support of software or a service to fill those gaps. White label reputation management is great because it allows these businesses to monitor their reputation in all possible places—through one central dashboard.

Justin Babiy

Business Development Representative, Vendasta

2. Being a reputation management reseller allows for rapid growth

By using white-labeled services, your organization is effectively able to skip over the R&D time and costs that are associated with building out new products. White-label products look like they were your own creation, and the service component allows you to grow without additional staffing.

Solutions like white label reputation management services, which allow organizations to both resell white label products and include value-add services that can be fulfilled by the provider’s expert team, unlocks major scaling opportunities for agencies.

3. Online reputation management resellers have more time to focus on core competencies

Odds are good that you didn’t start an agency or media group as an expert in all fields. If your organization’s greatest strength is in sales, then solutions like white label review management allow you to focus on that strength and give you back time, so that you can get out there and pound some pavement.

4. White label reputation management software comes with powerful integration capabilities

What if I have already developed software, or have a bundle or packaged offering that I am already providing my clients with?

Don’t sweat it!

White-label solutions are accompanied by powerful integration capabilities so that you can add them to your current stack of offerings with ease. There is no need to try and sell these as stand-alone products. That means if you want to incorporate white label review software, it can fit seamlessly into what you already offer—even if it was not developed in-house.

5. White label reputation management can create a steady stream of revenue

Skip the R&D and go-to-market quickly. Add a pay as you play solution that can start to generate revenue for you today—not three years from now. Running an agency can be stressful, but by adding a consistent revenue stream to your hectic day-to-day, you will sleep much more restfully.

What to consider in white label reputation management solutions

Before becoming a reputation management reseller, you will want to be sure your white-label service provider is the right business partner for you. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that their solutions are in line with your brand and what you want to offer clients.

What to consider in a white label reputation management software platform

There are a few things that you are going to want to check off on your list when considering different white label reputation management platforms for your organization.

Make sure the solution you choose is:

  1. Mobile-friendly
  2. 100% rebrandable and easy to customize
  3. Captures reviews and mentions from ALL of the major review sites, including vertical-specific websites and social channels
  4. Supports review response directly through the platform
  5. Has automated alerts and a powerful reporting system

What to consider in white label reputation management services

If you are also considering a service option to pair with your platform and white label review software, then you are going to want to ensure that the service provider you choose meets a few key requirements.

Make sure the white label reputation management services you choose meets these requirements:

  1. Their white label review management includes monitoring key sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp—but make sure they’re getting the vertical specific ones too (ex: AutoMD for those in the automotive industry).
  2. Social mention monitoring on all major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Social mentions are growing and can also provide some of the best feedback and marketing opportunities for many brands. You’re going to need this.
  3. If they offer review generation service as part of the white label review software offering, make sure that they follow Google and Yelp review collection guidelines. You don’t want to have a white-label service provider damage your reputation as an agency by using shady and risky tactics.
  4. That they are providing these services frequently. Time is of the essence! Responding to a scathing review a week too late can have huge consequences for your clients.
  5. And lastly, make sure they have an uncanny ability to adopt a brand voice for your clients so that responses fit the style that your clients are trying to portray. As a reputation management reseller, do not forget that a poorly appropriated brand voice can break white label or harm trust.

White label reputation management solutions to resell

Ideally, you never have to worry about selling only portions of white label reputation management services, as the solutions are designed to work together. But sometimes, that is not the reality. Whether it be budgetary restrictions or simply unique needs, you may find yourself selling only portions of the full offering. Here are the major components of reputation management tools to consider. They should be bundled together, but can be resold separately to clients as either a product or a service.

White label reputation management platform

By simply reselling the platform as a whole, you are providing your clients with the ability to efficiently manage their own reputation, by their own rules—which may be the best option for many clients. This platform option allows them to monitor mentions and reviews across the web, and also respond and interact with these reviews and mentions—all through a comprehensive dashboard. Users can then be responsible for asking their own consumers for reviews as well.

White label reputation management services

Here are some of the white label reputation management services that you may want to offer your clients.

Reputation audit

Performing an audit can give your clients a bit of a taste of some of the mentions and reviews that are crawling around on the web that they probably never knew about. White label review software pairs nicely with this service.

Competitive benchmarking

Many businesses have no real idea how they stack up against their top competitors, so providing this service can offer insight that your clients may have never seen before. It’s one of the ways white label reputation management software helps your clients compete in a saturated market.

Monitoring and review response as a service

If your clients are overwhelmingly busy local businesses, they may be interested in a complete third-party package. With white-label options, you can allow experts in the field to monitor mentions and reviews, and respond to them in place of your clients—while you get all of the credit. That’s the beauty of white label review management with value-add services.

Review generation

This is a very gray area that many providers are still dealing in. As a reputation management reseller, you need to do your homework. If you want to offer review solicitation as part of the white label reputation management services you offer, make sure that your provider is not buying these reviews or collecting and incentivizing them in a way that breaks regulations on Google, Yelp, and other major platforms.

Top 5 white label reputation management software

Speaking of doing your homework around which white label reputation management providers are best to partner with, we can give you a place to start. Remember that “best” can be subjective, and the unique needs of your business and your clients will dictate the path forward.

As an online reputation management reseller, here are some of the top picks.

1. Customer Voice

Your business clients will have no reputation to build or protect without making the voices of their customers heard. As a reputation management reseller, Vendasta’s white label reputation management software Customer Voice is a favorite among agencies of all stripes. And it’s easy to see why.

The Customer Voice platform is easily rebranded and fully customizable. The white label review software component allows you or your clients to request reviews from customers in a variety of ways, including over email and SMS. Easy, personalized messages boost open rates and make customers more likely to respond.

Customer Voice also comes with powerful add-ons, such as a Review Generation Widget that can be embedded in your clients’ websites, landing pagings, social media profiles, or review sites. Removing all the friction and potential blockers from customers who want an easy way to have their voice heard will ensure the reviews start rolling in.

2. Reputation Management

Customer Voice is the product that will build a reputation for your clients to work with by stimulating the conversation and capturing testimonials from customers. With the white label reputation management tools that fall under the umbrella of Reputation Management, you’re getting a one-stop shop to address all of your clients needs. You’re also helping guide the narrative around your client’s brand and adding shine to their online presence in a big way.

As a comprehensive solution, Reputation Management streamlines white label review management by coordinating online review monitoring and review responses in one place. Reputation Management also includes online business directory listing management, brand mention monitoring, and Google Q&A activity monitoring.

As a platform with white label reputation management software integrated in it, Reputation Management also provides tools for competition insights to help your clients stay ahead of the game and make more data-driven, insights-based decisions.

3. Review Management

White label review management offers the white label review software and services needed to round out a complete, comprehensive solution for clients.

As part of value-add white label reputation management services, a white label review management team can take things to the next level. Fulfillment experts are at the ready when new reviews or notifications roll in, so neither you nor your client have to drop everything to pick up the slack.

Another perk is that the white label review management fulfillment team members are carefully trained. They deliver high-quality unique review responses on behalf of your clients and abide by brand guidelines. Professional yet authentic interactions can greatly boost brand loyalty, trust, and credibility.

4. Review Grower

Review Grower is a reputation marketing platform that is 100 percent white-labeled. As a reputation management reseller, it’s easy for your business to rebrand their solutions as your own.

Their white label review software helps generate review request campaigns, so that it’s an easier lift for you and your clients. Real-time review monitoring gives clients a view of their reputation across several websites, and their automation makes it even easier to request reviews on autopilot.

5. Arrivala

Arrivala is an online review collection tool for local businesses that you can rebrand and sell as your own. As an online reputation management reseller. Arrivala claims to automate review collection, distribute reviews across multiple platforms (less than Vendasta and Review Grower, however), and improve website SEO.

Arrivala incentivizes review collection by offering a charitable donation in exchange for a business review, but manages to stay within guidelines. It’s a unique angle for a good cause. With automated follow-ups, negative review filtering, multiple review flows, and more, Arriviala has a few unique offerings when it comes to white label reputation management software.

Get started as a reputation management reseller today

White label reputation management services and solutions truly allow anyone to become the master of their own destiny, by providing marketing service providers like yourself with all of the tools you need to grow and scale. As an online reputation management reseller, you can reap all the benefits with none of the stress (staffing and lack of knowledge or expertise).

White label reputation management software is a necessity for all businesses in the age of digital, but it is only one piece of the marketing stack that all businesses need to truly succeed. White-labeling can work for other solutions, like websites, social media, and digital marketing as well.

If you’re ready to scale your agency like never before, explore our white-label reputation management solutions and get started today as an online reputation management reseller.

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