White-Label Digital Advertising – What Agencies Need to Know

What is white-label digital advertising?

White-label digital advertising can be anything from rebrandable advertising platforms to reports, campaigns, or products that allow you to brand and resell digital advertising services to local businesses. As digital advertising is a generally a marketing service, the most common form of white-label opportunity in this realm is service fulfillment. Your business can partner with a white-label service provider to strategize, create, and maintain digital advertising campaigns for your business clients.

Why digital advertising?

Digital advertising is often considered the top of the marketing stack, and a vital service to offer business clients. Digital advertising brings that top-of-funnel traffic and attention to all the other marketing tactics the business is carrying out. With more eyes on the business and their offerings—and the right eyes with digital advertising's advanced targeting tactics—your business clients will be driving more sales and conversions than they would've thought possible.

Did you know over 42% of small businesses plan to use more digital advertising tactics this year? With more local businesses looking to spend on advertising, you'll want to offer some sort of advertising services for them to buy (before they leave you for competitors!).

Any agency that offers marketing services should consider white-label advertising. No matter what aspect of marketing your agency focuses on, paid advertising is the "top of the stack" that will greatly help local business clients acquire new customers and drive consumers to other pieces of the local business. Digital advertising is also one of the easiest areas to provide clear ROI reporting in, as ad spend directly correlates to results like conversions and sales.

However, PPC, Social, Display, and mobile advertising can be difficult waters to navigate without an expert on your team. Introducing a resellable advertising solution lets you borrow the expertise of a team of advertising specialists and add them to your brand to fulfill your client's campaign needs.

Reseller advertising programs are great because:

  • It's easy and requires no extra work for your agency to offer it
  • Clients get great results, as an expert team is running their PPC campaigns
  • Your agency looks great because your clients get great results they attribute to your services
  • It’s a new revenue stream for your agency, as every business is clamoring to get help with their digital advertising


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What to consider in white-label digital advertising solutions

The type of campaigns available completely depends on the white-label provider. Consider a rebrandable option that covers many aspects of advertising services, such as:

  • Multi-channel campaign creation and optimization
    • AdWords Search
    • AdWords Display
    • Youtube video
    • Facebook
  • Design
    • Facebook and Display ad images
    • Mobile-optimized landing page
  • Campaign strategy and consultation for clients


White-label digital advertising: suggested solution

With Vendasta's Digital Advertising, you can offer clients fully-managed multi-channel advertising campaigns that drive real results to their business. Your clients get results, you get new revenue—it's a win-win. Learn More about Vendasta's white label digital advertising and Get Started today.

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