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157 Social Media Stats Vendasta

How many social media stats does it take to understand online consumer behavior? As many as you can get. People are strange beings, and with 3.5 billion of them online worldwide, and over one billion active websites, it can be hard to pin down their behaviors (Internet Live Stats). That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most recent (and most surprising) social media stats to help you understand how to reach your online audience.

With 3.5 billion users spread out over one billion websites, you may be wondering how it’s even possible to gather stats on where and what people are doing. Thanks to social media, those online users congregate on a few major sites to tell tales and share photos with friends and family. Our list of stats cover these major social channels, from Facebook to Tumblr, to get you the latest and greatest information. With 64% of marketers using social data to optimize their marketing tactics, shouldn’t you (eMarketer)?

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157 Social Media Stats for 2016



1. There are 2.3 billion active users on social media (We Are Social, 2016) tweet
2. 1.97 billion people are active mobile social users (We Are Social, 2016) tweet
3. 79% of users use their smartphone for social media (Adestra, 2016) tweet
4. 94% of adults online have at least one social media account. (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
5. The average internet user has seven social media accounts! (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
6. 48% of teens aged 14-18 check their social media before anything else in the morning (Adestra, 2016) tweet
7. 47% of all users, and 56% of teens aged 14-18, are friends with people on social media that they have not met in person (Adestra, 2016) tweet
8. 32% of all users, and 44% of teens aged 14-18, post pictures of themselves more than twice a month on social media (Adestra, 2016) tweet
9. Internet users spend an average of two hours a day on social media (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
10. More than one third of internet users go to social media when they’re looking for more information about a product or brand (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
11. Almost 40% of users follow their favorite brands on social media (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
12. Companies agree that creating compelling content for social media is both the most effective (82%), and most difficult (69%) part of social media marketing tactics (Ascend2, 2015) tweet
13. Videos (69%), infographics (50%), and blog posts (35%) are voted the most effective types of content to publish on social media (Ascend2, 2015) tweet
14. Social media was rated as the most difficult tactic to execute in a digital marketing strategy (Ascend2, 2016) tweet
15. 44% of local businesses said they depend on social media to generate brand awareness, and 41% depend on it to drive revenue (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
16. 52% of organizations say they publish to social media multiple times a day, and 27% post once a day (Regalix, 2015) tweet
17. Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
18. 80% of the organizations that monitor social media track engagement like comments, likes, retweets, shares and mentions (Regalix, 2015) tweet
19. For marketers, retweets and shares (78%) are more commonly used to measure success than fans, followers and likes (66%) (Regalix, 2015) tweet
20. 41% of marketers say that 10%-25% of their website traffic comes from social media campaigns (Regalix, 2015) tweet
21. More than 50% of marketers who have been implementing social media marketing tactics for two years have reported improved sales (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
22. 40% of consumers have purchased an item online after seeing it used on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet


23. Facebook has 1.71 billion active users (Statista, 2016) tweet
24. 84% of internet users are on Facebook, making it the top network for membership (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
25. Nearly half of Facebook users only access the platform through a mobile device (VentureBeat, 2015) tweet
26. Six new Facebook accounts are created every second, which adds up to ½ million new accounts every day (Social Media Today, 2015) tweet
27. Approximately 81 million Facebook profiles are fake (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
28. Facebook Messenger is the top favorite messaging service at 56% (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
29. The average Facebook user has 130 friends (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
30. There are about 50 million small business pages on Facebook (TechChrunch, 2016) tweet
31. There are over one billion messages sent per month between businesses and users (KPCB, 2016) tweet
32. 80% of businesses are active on Facebook mobile (KPCB, 2016) tweet
33. 86% of social marketers regularly use Facebook ads (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
34. 55% of marketers say Facebook is their most important platform (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
35. 9% of social media marketers with 5+ years of experience use Facebook (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
36. Over 95% of marketers say that Facebook offers the best ROI of any platform (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
37. 32% of influencers say that Facebook is the best social media platform for influencer marketing (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
38. Users spend about 18 minutes on Facebook per visit (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
39. More than 60% of Facebook users watch videos on Facebook (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
40. 58% of Internet users watch videos on mobile on the Facebook platform (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
41. Video ads on Facebook that are between 30 and 60 seconds long perform the best (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
42. The top action performed on Facebook is clicking the “like” button (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
43. The absolute best time to post on Facebook is 8 pm on a Thursday (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
44. Almost 40% of online consumers turn to Facebook for holiday shopping ideas (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
45. Almost 25% of Facebook users use social media to research and find products to purchase, and about 35% use social platforms to find good content (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet


46. Twitter has about 317 million monthly active users (VentureBeat, 2016) tweet
47. 82% of Twitter’s active users use the platform on their mobile device (Twitter, 2016) tweet
48. 500 million people visit the site every month without logging in (Twitter, 2015) tweet
49. About 30% of social media users in the US use Twitter (Statista, 2016) tweet
50. eMarketer estimates that 286 million+ people will use Twitter on a monthly basis (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
51. Almost 50% of active Twitter users follow brands/companies (Convince&Convert, 2016) tweet
52. Over 40% of Twitter users learn about products and services via Twitter (Convince&Convert, 2016) tweet
53. One in three Twitter users watch videos on Twitter (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
54. 84% of the world’s heads of state are active Twitter users (DPC, 2015) tweet
55. There are 500 tweets published daily (Internet Live Stats, 2016) tweet
56. The joy face 😂 is the most tweeted emoji, having been tweeted over 14.5 billion times (Twitter Data, 2016) tweet
57. 58% of the top brands have over 100,00 Twitter followers (Simply Measured, 2014) tweet
58. 92% of brands on Twitter publish 1-5 tweets a day (Simply Measured, 2014) tweet
59. 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet is @replied to (Twitter, 2015) tweet
60. 52% of Twitter users say they have purchased a product they learned about on the platform (Twitter, 2014) tweet
61. Between 2013-2015, there was a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter (Twitter, 2016) tweet
62. 93% of organizations say that Twitter is one of the platforms they most majorly used for marketing (Regalix, 2015) tweet
63. 47% of marketers use Twitter as their most favoured channel for customer engagement (Regalix, 2015) tweet
64. 18% of social marketers regularly use Twitter ads (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
65. 63.5% of marketers voted Twitter as one of the best platforms for ROI (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
66. The optimal time and day to tweet is Thursday at 5pm (eMarketer, 2016) tweet

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67. LinkedIn has 106 million active monthly users (Statista, 2016) tweet
68. There are more than 467 million registered users on the platform (LinkedIn, 2016) tweet
69. Two new professional accounts are created every second (LinkedIn, 2016) tweet
70. There are over 133 million users in the US alone (LinkedIn, 2016) tweet
71. LinkedIn members spend about 10 minutes per day on the platform (eMarketer, 2014) tweet
72. The fastest-growing demographic on LinkedIn is students, with 40 million student and recent graduates having accounts on the platform (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
73. Uploading a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile gets you 21x more profile views, and 36x more messages (LinkedIn, 2016) tweet
74. Marketers that flesh out their Products and Services page have 2x as many company followers (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
75. 91% of marketers say that LinkedIn is one of the platforms most majorly used for marketing in their organization (Regalix, 2015) tweet
76. 40% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn is the most important platform for them (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
77. LinkedIn is the most favored channel for customer engagement for 64% of marketers (Regalix, 2015) tweet
78. 94% of B2Bs use LinkedIn for content marketing (Kyle Lacy, 2015) tweet
79. 67% of digital marketers list LinkedIn as a commonly used platform (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
80. 40% of B2B marketers will republish content on LinkedIn (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
81. The best time to post on LinkedIn is at 9am on Wednesdays (eMarketer, 2016) tweet



82. Every Gmail address has a Google+ account, which is why Gmail officially has over 2.5 billion users. (Tech Times, 2015) tweet
83. There are 540 million active users on the platform (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
84. 62% Google+ users are B2B marketers (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
85. 22% of online adults use Google+ more than once a month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
86. 87% of the top 100 brands have a Google+ account, and 50% of them actively post every month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
87. Brand adoption on Google+ has grown 10% in the last year (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
88. 49% of digital marketers use Google+ (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet


89. Instagram has more than 500 million monthly users as of June 2016, which is 100 million more than September of 2015 (Statista, 2016) tweet
90. Almost half of total Internet users have an Instagram account (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
91. More than 60% of instagrammers log in daily, making the Instagram population the most engaged behind Facebook (Global Web Index, 2015) tweet
92. Over 40% of ‘grammers watch videos on the platform (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
93. Over 95 million photos are posted to the platform every day (Instagram, 2016) tweet
94. There are 4.2 billion likes daily on Instagram (Instagram, 2016) tweet
95. 53% of users follow their favorite brands on Instagram (Global Web Index, 2015) tweet
96. Almost 60% of millennials have an account on Instagram (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
97. 23% of ‘grammers will share an Instagram photo on another social platform tweet
98. The average Instagram user spends 25 minutes per day on the platform (KPCB, 2016) tweet
99. 94% of the top 100 companies have an Instagram account, and 86% of them actively post each month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
100. The top brands on Instagram average a post per day, and five videos per month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
101. 14 of the top brands post more than 50 times a month (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
102. The most common frequency of posts for the top 100 brands is 11-20 times a month (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
103. 24% of influencers voted Instagram as the best social platform for influencer marketing (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
104. 34% of US marketers plan to spend advertising dollars on Instagram for the first time in late 2016, and 16% already use it and plan to increase their spend (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
105. The average consumer engagement per post among the Interbrand 100 companies is 31,827 likes and comments (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
106. Posts with hashtags and location tags perform the best in terms of user engagement (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
107. Posts with two or three hashtags perform much better than posts with one hashtag, or posts with more than four hashtags (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
108. The most popular hashtags used by the top 100 companies include #Regram, #ThisIsBoss, and #PictureoftheDay (Simply Measured, 2015) tweet
109. Instagram posts posted at 7 pm on Fridays do the best (eMarketer, 2016) tweet


110. YouTube has the most visitors globally, at 87% (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
111. There are 900 million unique visits to YouTube every month (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
112. Eight in 10 Internet users visit YouTube every month, making it the most visited social platform (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
113. YouTube has the second most members of any social channel, at 61% of Internet users (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
114. 80% of 18-49 year olds watch YouTube in an average month (Google, 2016) tweet
115. There are 4.95 billion videos viewed on YouTube every day (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
116. 3.25 billion hours of YouTube is watched every month, which is equal to 114,808 years linearly (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
117. 300 hours worth of video is uploaded to the platform every minute (Statistic Brain, 2016) tweet
118. Users who access YouTube on mobile spend more than 40 minutes watching videos each visit (YouTube) tweet
119. 85% of Interbrand top 100 companies actively post to YouTube every month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
120. YouTube partners see a 50% revenue increase year-over-year (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
121. YouTube video uploads timed with a product release or announcement see better results than scheduled and nuanced content (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
122. One quarter of YouTube users have watched a branded video in the last month (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet


123. There are about 100 million monthly active users on the Pinterest platform (Statista, 2016) tweet
124. There are 176 million registered Pinterest accounts (TechCrunch, 2015) tweet
125. Pinterest saw a 97% growth in active users in 2015 over 2014 (Global Web Index, 2015) tweet
126. Over half of women aged 18-54 in the U.S have signed up for Pinterest (TechCrunch, 2015) tweet
127. 55% of Pinterest users use the platform for finding and shopping for products (KPCB, 2016) tweet
128. 71% of Pinterest users recently bought a product online, and 62% recently reviewed a product online (Global Web Index, 2015) tweet
129. The average time spent on Pinterest per day is 21 minutes (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
130. There are over 2 billion searches per month on Pinterest (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
131. Pinterest has over 50 million pinned items for sale (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
132. 76% of top brands use Pinterest (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
133. 40% of digital marketers use Pinterest (Social Media Examiner, 2016) tweet
134. Believe it or not, the best time to post on Pinterest is 1am on a Friday (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
135. 31.6% of consumers will look to Pinterest for holiday shopping ideas and inspiration (eMarketer, 2016) tweet


136. Snapchat’s active monthly user count is sitting at 200 million in 2016 (Statista, 2016) tweet
137. 150 million Snapchat users are active daily (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
138. Just about 60% of Millennials in America use Snapchat (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
139. Snapchat has seen an over 300% increase in usage over the past three years (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
140. More than a third of Snapchat users engage with stories (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
141. There are six billion videos watched on Snapchat every day (TechCrunch, 2015) tweet
142. The average Snapchat user uses sponsored filters for 20 seconds (KPCB, 2016) tweet
143. A user spends 25 minutes per day on Snapchat on average (KPCB, 2016) tweet
144. 50% of young adults in the US watch videos on Snapchat (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
145. eMarketer predicts that almost 60 million US consumers will actively use Snapchat on a monthly basis this year (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
146. Snapchat is predicted to generate over $366 million in ad revenue in 2016 (eMarketer, 2016) tweet


147. Tumblr has more than 555 million active blog users monthly (Statista, 2016) tweet
148. Most Tumblr users are America, and between 25 and 34 years old (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
149. Tumblr users spend 3.25 hours per day on social media (Global Web Index, 2016) tweet
150. eMarketer predicts that Tumblr’s audience will reach over 25 million in 2017 (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
151. Tumblr saw a 94% increase in growth in 2015 (Global Web Index, 2015) tweet
152. Almost 20% of online women in the US have a Tumblr account (eMarketer, 2016) tweet
153. There are about 321 million blogs on Tumblr (Tumblr, 2016) tweet
154. There are 40.6 million Tumblr posts made every day (Tumblr, 2016) tweet
155. Over half of Interbrand top 100 companies have a Tumblr account, and 30% actively post each month (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
156. Brand adoption of Tumblr has grown 15% since last year (Simply Measured, 2016) tweet
157. Tumblr users spend an average of 34 minutes on the platform every day (eMarketer, 2014) tweet



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