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33 Twitter Stats to Make you Think (and Tweet)

A post that is 0-140 character long is known as a tweet on Twitter.  As a user, you can either read or post a tweet, which then can be viewed by your followers. If you use a #hashtag, people who don’t follow you may find your tweet by searching related content through that hashtag.

What is Twitter?

Now, let’s talk about what kind of social media platform Twitter is exactly. Twitter is a microblogging platform, with brief posts and frequent updates made of content 140 characters or less. These tweets are directed at people who have chosen to follow you (Techterms). What makes Twitter different from other social media platforms is the fact that you can follow anyone without the social approvals of the individual or brand you’re following (TechTarget). The exception to this is users who choose to lock their profiles, in which case you can’t access their tweets before they approve your follow request. Because of this, politicians have lost their jobs, people have not been hired and others have been pushed into silence. On the more positive side, brands and people have found notoriety through Twitter when people stumble upon their creative genius.

Here are 33 Twitter stats that illustrate the importance of an oft dismissed platform:  

  1. There are 100 million daily active Twitter users  
  2. Twitter has 310 million monthly active users 
  3. More than 500 million tweets are being sent each day 
  4. 170 minutes is the average time spent by users on Twitter per month 
  5. 46% of Twitter users use it at least once a day, and 29% check their account multiple times a day
  6. In terms of engagement, 50% of Twitter users have visited the website and/or made a purchase from businesses they follow on Twitter
  7. In terms of customers, 43% of users are regular buyers of the businesses they follow
  8. 60% of Twitter users have purchased from a local business because of something they have seen on Twitter 
  9. 70% of small businesses are on Twitter 
  10. 83% of active Twitter users are on mobile 
  11. Twitter supports more than 40 languages 
  12. 73% of users feel better about a local business after following and reading the business’s tweets 
  13. 74% of people follow businesses to get updates on future products and services 
  14. 42% of consumers learn about products and services via Twitter 
  15. Tweets without link gets the most engagement—retweets, favourites and replies 
  16. The average Twitter user is an an American woman with an iPhone and 208 followers 
  17. Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass
  18. Twitter earned $595m in revenue in Q1 of 2016 
  19. More than 500 million people visit the site each month without logging in, meaning they come from links and related content 
  20. 391 million accounts have no followers at all 
  21. The person with the most followers on Twitter is Katy Perry, with more than 90M 
  22. Twitter says that as many as 23 million of its active users are bots 
  23. 80% of users have mentioned a brand in a tweet
  24. 54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in tweets 
  25. There has been a 2.5x increase in these customer service conversations on Twitter 
  26. 76% of users who had a friendly customer service interaction were likely to recommend the brand 
  27. Consumers are 20% more likely to reach a resolution with a brand after a friendly customer service interaction 
  28. 77% of users who experienced a personalized interaction are likely to recommend the brand 
  29. Keep it personal—consumers are 19% more likely to reach a resolution and 22% more likely to be satisfied with a brand after a personalized customer service interaction 
  30. 60% of consumers expect brands to respond to customer service requests within an hour 
  31. Brand customer response times average 1 hour and 24 minutes
  32. 140 characters isn’t always enough— there are five interactions per inquiry between brands and consumers on Twitter 
  33. Twitter users who receive a response and reach a resolution are 31% more likely to recommend a brand 

(Stats sourced from Expanded Ramblings, Twitter, Small Bizsense, The Telegraph, Slash Gear, Twitter Counter)

In social media today, Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that help companies interact with their consumers and vice versa. As an analogy, I look at these two platforms as chat rooms, Facebook being a group chat and Twitter being more of an individual chat room. With Facebook, I can comment and write my thoughts as long form as I’d like. That content is directed to all the members in the chat room, and some may reply or interact with me, while some won’t. Although Twitter has some of the same capabilities, it is more of  a chat between you and another individual—a two-way, back and forth conversation.

Today’s generation is a social media generation. Most things they rely on are social media, which makes it so crucial for companies to be active and engaged on social platforms. Though it doesn’t make sense for every business, local businesses should look at the Twitter stats, and evaluate if being present here makes sense for them. An essential thing for companies on Twitter and other platforms to remember is to display sympathy to their followers, a.k.a customers. Twitter is the one platform where you have the option not just to talk at your customers all the time, but to show your empathy and interact directly with them.

Did you find the Twitter stats useful? Comment below if you’d like other stats resources, or any specific type of content, for that matter!



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Khusbu Shrestha was born and raised in Nepal. An intern here at Vendasta, she's getting a taste of all things digital marketing.

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