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Close more deals in less time with a CRM software designed for local experts

Vendasta’s CRM software streamlines your team’s pipeline and aligns tasks, setting you up for success. Find and nurture leads with intent, and move them through the funnel faster. Prioritize the right opportunities at the right time, and accelerate your company growth.

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Enable your sales team to provide an exceptional customer experience


Know what to sell and when

Know what your local business prospects need before they do with Vendasta’s AI-powered Sales CRM. Vendasta’s CRM continuously analyzes data and extracts insights that power your sales pitch and create urgency.


Conduct your sales team like a maestro

With built-in tools like leaderboards, pipelines, meeting scheduling, and task management, you can organize your team better than ever, all without complex integrations. Find, nurture, and convert prospects to close deals faster.


Free your sales people to sell

Stop digging through spreadsheets, searching documents, and building collateral. With configurable automations and up-to-date sales collateral that’s right every time for every customer, your sales team can finally focus on selling.


All-in-one sales platform

Expand the functionality of Vendasta’s Sales CRM with our suite of world-class software integrations that are automatically connected. When your CRM works with your marketing, your processes, and even your fulfillment, you’ll close more deals in less time.

Discover what businesses need and provide it at just the right time

With just the name of a business, you can generate customized content for your prospects in a matter of clicks. Vendasta’s Sales CRM software continuously analyzes data and extracts insights so you’ll know what prospects need before they do, increasing conversion and saving time while providing incredible insights.

Vendasta partners who use these insights via the Snapshot Report have 18 times more revenue in their pipelines and 2.8 times more opportunities created. That’s a game changer.

Enable your sales team like never before

Organizing and working with your sales team has never been easier with real time insights that track all sales activities. Sales & Success Center records all of the communication sent, opportunities, and sales actions (phone calls, emails and meetings) in easy-to-use leaderboard and pipeline management tools.

Grow your sales operations efficiently

Vendasta’s Sales CRM helps you save both time and energy while you continue to expand your business. With built-in campaigns and collaterals, order processing, and prospect analysis you get everything you need to build a successful sales team, without the need for any complicated integration.

Effortlessly connect with your clients

Connecting with your clients is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. With popular screen sharing software, Google Meet, Zoom, Crankwheel and Meeting Scheduler built directly into our platform, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect with your prospects.

A Sales platform built for everyone



Identify the hottest leads, close more deals, and build meaningful relationships.


Sales Managers

See everything your sales team is doing so that you can make data-driven decisions.



Get a well-rounded CRM without losing sleep over how much it costs.

Sell and get results with Vendasta’s CRM

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Give your sales team the tools they need


Marketing automation

Unlike any other, our sales and marketing automation save time on manual processes by creating automated personalized experiences that convert.

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Opportunity management

Rank your leads and know when your best opportunities are ready to buy, and nurture those who need more time with Vendasta’s prospect management dashboard.

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Sales collaboration

Stay connected, get organized and find what you need, and manage your team more efficiently with a live activity stream. Always stay in the loop.

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Contact management

With Vendasta’s CRM’s account management, create detailed profiles of your accounts and store them in one central location where they’re easy to access and refer.

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Appointment scheduling

Save time by allowing your clients to schedule meetings with you at their convenience with personalized booking links and integrations including Google and Zoom.

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CRM integrations

With a wide selection of additional integrations that seamlessly connect with our platform, Vendasta’s CRM opens access to an extensive list of options and tools.

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Marketing automation

Create automated personalized experiences that convert

Your customers want personalized experiences. Use Marketing Automations to discover their needs, and engage with them based on their intent with targeted email campaigns. When users perform specific actions in the platform, personalized triggers start workflows based on lists, tags, payments, and product activations.

Set up triggers in key areas of the platform to capture hot leads, receive notifications when they are ready to buy, and log their activity in Vendasta’s Sales CRM. Configure automated workflows to nurture those leads before they slip away.

Use pre-made campaigns or design your own to quickly contact potential buyers through a system that does the repetitive work for you.


Opportunity management

Fill your sales funnel with qualified prospects

Prospects are measured and prioritized based on campaign activity—email opens, clickthroughs, emails sent, content type, and dates. With the prospect management dashboard, salespeople are able to see what leads need action immediately and which need nurturing.

With direct access to the data in the Snapshot Report, salespeople are able see exactly what the prospect’s needs are. Whether it’s through an email or a phone call, now your sales team can take a smart, consultative approach to selling versus cold calling.


Sales collaboration

Seize more opportunities with sales collaboration

With Sales & Success Center’s great feature Loop, you get a real-time feed on activity and potential. Your entire organization will be able to view the latest sales activities, and see actions taken by salespeople and interactions from prospects.

Salespeople can easily see how they rank against each other using metrics such as revenue, opportunities, and sales activities.
And managers are able to easily monitor and measure their salespeople’s day-to-day productivity.


Contact management

Manage your contacts and touch points more efficiently

Manage contacts in the accounts page for streamlined contact management. Track engagement with advanced sorting features, create tailored campaigns based on prospect data, and make selling easier with all of their information right in front of you.

Create detailed contact profiles with a contact management dashboard that allows you to create profiles with your prospect’s NAP data, biographical info, and social pages for personalized interactions. You can also stay updated on all their potential fulfillment projects and unique business priorities from this same page.


Appointment scheduling

Generate new meetings with your clients, hassle-free

Create your own unique booking with our simple setup, which allows you to be up and running instantly with a customized booking portal that can be shared with anyone.

Easily manage your scheduled meetings with email and in-platform notifications, and review them all from your dashboard in the Sales & Success Center.

With the Sales & Success Center calendar, view all sales tasks and meetings in one place while accounts are updated automatically with any newly scheduled meetings.


CRM integrations

Boost the functionality of the CRM by enjoying our suite of world class software integrations

Our Snapshot Report is an automated marketing needs assessment that provides insights into a business’s online performance. This Sales Intelligence CRM integration arms a salesperson with the knowledge they can use to craft powerful and persuasive sales pitches.

Proposal and Billing Integration offers salespeople the ability to quickly submit orders directly from a proposal, while easily collecting payment from their clients. This simplified process makes sure that no orders are missed and that revenue keeps flowing.

By using Task Manager, salespeople can easily check on the progress of their clients’ projects. They can quickly stay up-to-date with the work being done, ensuring that the projects are completed on time and meet with the clients expectations.

Just like all our previous CRM integrations, third party integrations are available right from the start, giving salespeople instant access to these additional tools.

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Closed-loop reporting

Monitor and manage overall sales progress—from account creation to closed won/lost and everything in between.


Agency CRM

CRM that offers you the tools necessary to not only stay up-to-date with ever-expanding requirements, but also allows you to expand your client base with relevant and actionable data.



What is a sales CRM?

Sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to assist salespeople through the sales process, from prospecting all the way to the close. CRM software facilitates collecting, organizing, and managing customer information.

What are the best CRM features to look for?

Vendastas’s CRM includes all of the following popular features and more.

  • Contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Closed-loop management
  • Sales collaboration
  • Email tracking and engagement notifications
  • Email templates and scheduling
  • Document sharing
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Proposal builder

What is a sales pipeline in CRM?

A sales pipeline is an organized, visual way of tracking multiple customers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. In a CRM it helps to visualize, track, and manage prospects from one stage to the next as they move through the sales process.

Is Vendasta’s sales CRM a good fit for your business?

Vendasta’s CRM is a solution built for everyone. Whether you’re a one-person agency or a large-scale enterprise, Vendasta’s CRM platform scales with your needs.

You can start for free or request a demo to learn more about Vendasta’s premium features for enterprise businesses.

Part of Vendasta’s end-to-end family of solutions

When used together, Vendasta’s Platform and products become a far more powerful engine of growth. Discover how to combine Marketing Automation with Vendasta’s CRM, Workflow Automations, and so much more.

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“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

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“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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