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Top 4 white-label online reputation management solutions


In the era of social media and Google, a customer’s experience can go viral in a matter of minutes. In that climate, online reputation management takes on new importance. Your clients need you to manage their online presence the right way. Luckily, there are plenty of white-label online reputation management solutions out there. The best ones can help you and your clients stay ahead of the online conversation.

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Which tools should your team have in their toolkit? These are our top picks for getting the white-label online reputation management tools you need. With them, it's simple and profitable to provide efficient reputation management and support your clients' brands. Even better? These tools can be white-labeled under your company name to boost your brand equity, too.

1. Customer Voice lets people have their say—the easy way

Even with online review sites, getting customer feedback is like pulling teeth. Printed requests on receipts and even the promise of prizes don’t always translate into more feedback. You can change the story with Customer Voice, a white-label reputation builder that makes it easier than ever to get customer feedback.

Customer Voice is a customizable platform that lets you or your clients reach out to customers any way you want. Better yet, you can send personalized messages, which improves open rates. You'll even see more people clicking through to take surveys and leave reviews. Simply send out a text message or an email, and watch the online reviews roll in.

Want even more instant results? Add the Review Generation Widget to review sites, landing pages, and social media profiles. Having the widget in place makes it even easier for their customers to have their say.

Customer Voice works in perfect harmony with the other tools on this list to let you offer your clients a 360-degree reputation management solution. Better yet? Customer Voice works for businesses large and small, so it can scale with your clients’ needs.

2. Get better white-label online reputation management with Reputation Management

The aptly named Reputation Management software isn't just one tool. It's a collection of tools that helps you meet all reputation management needs.

What does the Reputation Management platform include? With it, you’ll be able to offer your clients:

  • Online review monitoring and review responses in one place
  • Online business directory listing management
  • Brand mention monitoring
  • Google Q&A activity monitoring
  • Comparative tools and competition insights
  • AI-powered business insights

It’s essentially a one-stop shop for managing your clients’ reputations. You can track and respond to reviews in an instant, meaning you’ll never miss one again. The ability to scan the web for mentions is also invaluable. With it, you can stay immersed in brand conversations and connect with your clients’ customers.

You can also manage online business directory listings for your clients. This white-label online reputation management platform even offers actionable insights for improving listings. Steps like adding photos are simple, yet powerful, moves you can make to boost listing search performance—and net more prospects for your clients (Business2Community).

Get powerful insights about how your clients stack up

AI powers this reputation management software, giving you the inside scoop on performance. Business insights and intelligence reports help you see what’s working. At the same time, you can pinpoint what still needs improvement.

These insights even extend to your clients’ competition. Comparative tools let you see what industry leaders are doing. In turn, you can use these insights to power an online reputation management strategy. Knowing what the competition is doing does more than help you avoid missteps. It also helps you help your clients outshine their competitors.

3. Use Reputation Sales Intelligence Tools to see where you can help the most

A powerful sales intelligence tool can help you deliver more for your online reputation management clients.

How does sales intelligence help with online reputation management? First, it can help you discover prospects who need a hand with their online reputation. A tool like Snapshot Report goes a step further, though. It provides you with a personalized report for each client using real business data. This white-label tool lets you brand the report as your own. It also helps your team deliver stellar presentations.

With all this information in hand, you can help your clients pinpoint problem areas. From there, you can help them discover actionable insights. Whether they need to get more reviews or build a better website, you can prescribe the right solution.

4. Review Management lets you build trust with ease

Last, but not least, white-label review management services help you deliver the best for your clients.

Why do you need review management services? After all, you offer reputation management tools like review monitoring or Customer Voice.

A white-label review management team goes a step beyond either of these tools. They’re at the ready when a new review notification rolls in, so you and your client don’t have to drop everything to respond. Better yet, the team members are expertly trained. With that training, they deliver unique responses—within brand guidelines, of course. Providing authentic interactions for customers is always a great plan.

Get more reviews (and boost sales)

An expert review management team goes beyond writing individual responses. In fact, the right team can help you onboard reputation management clients. A good team even provides better strategic planning and reporting.

With their help, you can help your clients get more reviews—and keep them rolling in. More reviews mean more trust. After all, reviews increase the likelihood someone will buy—to the tune of 270 percent (Spiegel Online). Even better than that, reviews can increase revenue and profitability for your clients.

You want to prove to your clients that reputation management works. Teaming up with the experts to deliver review management is a convincing way to do it.

Build your clients up (and your business too)

In the current climate, white-label online reputation management is a smart move. It has plenty of benefits for not just your business but for your clients too. Brands that manage their online reputations effectively win the hearts of their customers. That keeps people coming back—and your clients' businesses growing.

White-label online management solutions help you win the trust of your clients too. By helping them grow their brands and their sales, you build your credibility and your own brand too. And, of course, with more solutions to sell, you can increase your revenue.

Discover the difference the right tools can make in how you do online reputation management for your clients now.

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