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How to build a new revenue stream with Vendasta’s online review management services


If you’re looking for a reseller digital service that is in demand and can generate reliable revenue for your business, online review management services are well worth your consideration.

Grab our white-label reputation management sales playbook to guide your sales pitch and close more reputation management clients.

Did you know that over 70% of online shoppers read between one and 10 reviews before making a purchase?

If those reviews are bad, the prospective customer who might have otherwise converted is lost.  It’s clear that a business’s online reputation is more important than ever today.

Word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials have always been extremely powerful lead generators in business. In this online age, reviews take the place of the word-of-mouth recommendations people might have received from friends and family in the past.

With 79% of buyers indicating that they trust online reviews just as much as in-person recommendations, businesses must ensure that positive reviews are collected. They must also  ensure that responsiveness and care are demonstrated when someone leaves a bad review.

With Vendasta’s online review management services, you can help your clients develop online reputations that lead to more conversions while generating a reliable revenue stream for your business. Let’s get into how exactly you can do that using our tools.

What is reputation management?

Reviews are a critically important part of online reputation management since they directly influence buying decisions. However, a business’ online reputation also involves some additional aspects of how a business is perceived on the internet.

Monitoring conversations that take place outside of reviews, such as in forums, can help businesses better understand how their audience is talking about their products or services.

Ensuring that any contact information that appears online for a business is correct and consistent is another important component of reputation management.

With Vendasta’s white-label reputation management software and online review management services, you can stay on top of all facets of your clients’ online reputations.

Online review management services: Review monitoring

When it comes to online review management services, review monitoring is a non-negotiable activity. It’s also easier said than done, especially if reviews are being left across the internet on many different review sites. Manually checking every possible review site regularly just isn’t feasible for most of your clients, especially as a business grows and reviews become more frequent.

Why it matters

Why is review monitoring so important in online review management services? For starters, reviews can be helpful indicators of what a business is doing well and where they’re leaving their customers unsatisfied.

Just as importantly, replying to reviews is an unbeatable marketing opportunity and a great way to make things right with those who left bad reviews. Not replying to reviews can make a business look disinterested and unengaged to prospective customers. Responding to reviews has been shown to increase retention by 124%, a good indicator of just how much it means to customers to receive a response.

How we can help

Vendasta’s online review management services bring all of the listing sites on which your clients’ businesses appear under one roof, so they’ll never miss a review again. Rather than having to navigate to a bunch of different sites to see if any new reviews have been left since their last visit, they’ll see each review updated automatically in the Reputation Management dashboard. It’s easy to filter by star rating or source in order to zero in on the most critical reviews and respond in a timely manner.

They can also set up email alerts to receive automatic updates whenever a review is left on any of the 100+ review sites.

From there, customers can either respond to reviews themselves, you can have your team handle the responses, or you can choose to have Vendasta’s in-house Marketing Services do the work under your brand name. Your clients can be as hands on as they want, and they can log in to look at recent activity at any time. Review response templates make it easy to rapidly craft thoughtful responses that will leave a positive impression.

Reputation management

In addition to review monitoring, Vendasta’s Reputation Management platform uses AI to analyze a business’s reviews as a whole in order to glean useful information that might otherwise be missed, like customer sentiment and top trending keywords.

The software will also scour the web for any mention of a business, whether it’s in a blog, an article, or on social media. This gives your clients a chance to deal with negative mentions and highlight positive mentions. Great reviews and news articles, for example, can be used on their website’s home page as social proof.

You can also monitor their competitors’ online reputations over time in order to set benchmarks, leverage insights into the competition, and use them as guidance for improvement.

With listings management, you can easily check to see where a business is listed and where they aren’t but should be. Vendasta’s in-house team can stay on top of listings to ensure there are never discrepancies in how a business’s information appears across the web.

Combined with online review management services, these reputation management features provide a 360-degree overview of any business’s online reputation and the tools to ensure they’re perceived in the best way possible.

Getting more reviews

Given just how impactful reviews are on customer buying decisions, the more positive reviews your clients can get, the better. Reviews are most trustworthy when they’re plentiful and recent. This means that having a strategy in place to get new reviews regularly is just as important as responding to them when they come in.

Vendasta’s Customer Voice reputation builder software can help businesses quickly get more reviews on the platform. The best way to get more reviews is simply to ask. Many customers will gladly leave a review when asked, so having a system in place to automatically request them is key.

For on-site reviews, a fully customizable widget can easily be added to a website’s source code to capture reviews right where people are already shopping. But Customer Voice does a lot more than just capture on-site reviews. It also makes it easy to collect authentic reviews on any review platform through email or text requests.

The most important review site will vary from one business to the next. For example, a restaurant may find Google reviews more valuable than on-site reviews.

Popular platforms for which you can collect reviews using Customer Voice include:

All your clients have to do is provide a list of customer contact information, and our white-label digital marketing agents can do the rest. It’s easy to customize the review request messages so they fit a brand’s voice. With regular, automated requests, the reviews will start pouring in.

Increase your monthly recurring revenue with Vendasta

As more business takes place online and customers increasingly research products even before making purchases in brick-and-mortar stores, it’s clear that the online reputation of a business will hugely impact its success.

Vendasta’s online review management services make it easy to streamline the process of:

  • Collective reviews
  • Responding to them
  • Listening to what customers are saying
  • Ensuring your clients have a stellar reputation online

Reselling Vendasta’s suite of review management tools and services can provide a reliable new revenue stream for your business while enabling you to deliver a valuable, revenue-boosting service to your clients.

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