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17 Best white label marketing software


Incorporating white-label marketing software and tools can help you grow your bottom line while offering your clients more reasons to work with you over the competition.

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White-label marketing software and tools enable you to meet virtually every client’s needs with solutions that are right for them, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach with every client. As a white-label SaaS reseller, you can create a more robust product offering without having to incur the costs and risks associated with hiring staff in-house or developing proprietary software and tools.

Here’s how it works: With white-label products and tools, you can take an existing product and add your own branding to it so that your clients experience it as unique to your agency. Since you’re not on the hook for any development costs, you usually only pay for the tool when you’ve secured a sale for your client. This is appealing because it’s low risk. Just as importantly, offering white-label software means you can scale with ease. Your team can focus on selling with the confidence that you can deliver excellent products. Then, you can focus on onboarding and setting clients up for success in their new software platforms.

There are many white-label platforms and products out there, and not all products are created equally. That’s why we’ve created this roundup of the best white-label marketing software and tools that should be on your radar.

Let’s dive in!

Best white-label marketing software for SEO

1. Listing Builder

Local SEO is critical to local business success. Listing Builder is a white-label SEO tool that helps businesses manage their online presence by maintaining correct, up-to-date listing information across the internet, in directories, mobile apps, and more. Accurate listings translate to higher local search rankings, and in turn, more traffic.

2. Hike SEO

Perfect for agencies with limited in-house SEO expertise, Hike SEO generates a step-by-step SEO strategy for every client based on custom inputs and the amount of time they have available each month to spend completing the tasks. Your clients can follow the instructions each month even without experience, and watch their rankings climb.

3. SEMRush

Enterprise SEMRush clients can white label their wide range of popular and trusted SEO tools, which include position tracking, organic traffic insights, a backlink audit tool, a content analyzer, and much more.

4. Marketgoo SEO

Designed with small businesses in mind, marketgoo can scan a website and automatically generate an SEO plan that any busy business owner lacking technical expertise can follow.

Best white-label marketing software for reputation management

5. Reputation Management

This AI-powered white-label reputation management tool monitors over 100 sites for customer feedback, analyzes performance against competitor benchmarks, generates and tracks review management tasks, tracks brand sentiment over time, and enables businesses to easily respond to reviews across the web from one place.

6. Flyte360

Fly360 is a reputation management tool that can be used to track reviews, respond from a single dashboard, and gauge sentiment. Additionally, its widgets can be used to display reviews across websites in order to boost social proof.

7. Customer Voice

Collecting positive reviews on an ongoing basis is a key component of building a strong reputation. Customer Voice empowers businesses to gather more reviews, faster, through email, text, and even at the point of sale.

Best white-label marketing software for social media

8. Social Marketing

This powerful tool is designed to make the time-consuming task of managing multiple social media platforms more efficient and effective. Your clients can use this white-label social media marketing product to post once and publish across channels, grow audiences, engage with customers and fans, and even drive sales through shoppable posts.

9. Social Pilot

Social Pilot can be used to streamline the process of scheduling and publishing social media content. It also generates data-rich reports that help businesses identify what is working and what isn’t so that they can continually improve their social media strategy.

10. Cloud Campaign

With a customizable dashboard that can be tailor-made to cater to each client, Cloud Campaign delivers social media management capabilities and in-depth reports that include ROI metrics, such as cost per impression. With video becoming increasingly important across social media platforms, the unlimited storage for creative assets included in Cloud Campaign is particularly helpful.

Best white-label marketing software for lead generation

11. Visual Visitor

The overwhelming majority—about 98%—of visitors to a website don’t identify themselves by completing forms. Visual Visitor enables websites to capture all of those visitors that would otherwise go unidentified by sending webmasters an email identifying who visited, why they are looking, and where they came from. With Visual Visitor, any website can become a lead-generation tool.

12. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms enables businesses to go beyond generic forms to create solution-focused forms tailored to their business needs. Forms can use smart conditional logic, show users different follow-up questions depending on their responses, and incorporate tools such as calculators. Plus, forms can be integrated with the most widely used email providers, such as Constant Contact.

Best white-label marketing software for websites

13. Website Express

Thanks to the built-in Elegant Themes Divi Builder and a range of vertical-specific templates, even those without any design or coding experience can create beautiful, responsive, on-brand websites. Your ecommerce clients will appreciate the one-click WooCommerce setup that enables them to turn any website into an ecommerce store instantly.

14. Duda

Duda is a platform that includes a website builder, hosting, a useful client dashboard, and a variety of templates across different niches. It's available in three different pricing points and features a robust mobile editor, so your clients can create their websites even if they’re working on a tablet or mobile device.

15. SiteGlue AI

Customers increasingly expect on-demand assistance from businesses. White-label website solutions like SiteGlue AI enable your SMB clients to offer just that with AI-powered chatbots and business text messages. Visitors can be engaged when they are most interested, and many communications can be handled by AI leaving your clients free to work on other aspects of their business.

Best white-label marketing software for analytics

16. Executive Report

Give your clients the ability to see the areas in which they are performing well and those in which they can improve. Also included are data-informed recommendations for your products and services based on their performance. Additionally, Executive Report lets your clients see proof of how their marketing efforts through your agency have been paying off.

17. Klipfolio

Klipfolio enables you to create custom reports and dashboards so clients can visualize any data that you choose to include. With integrations with over 100 services, and the ability to use custom spreadsheets or retrieve data with custom queries, custom and comprehensive reporting can be achieved.

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