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11 Birdeye alternatives for review management


To build a thriving business today, having a reputation management strategy in place is a must. Consumers rely heavily on reviews and other reputation signals to gauge whether they want to purchase a product or service. Reputation management solutions make it possible to generate large numbers of reviews and respond to them at scale. With the right software, agencies and businesses can put review and reputation management on autopilot.

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That’s exactly what Birdeye promises to do. However, it’s a less-than-perfect solution for many businesses. In this article, we’ll go over 11 Birdeye competitors in the reputation management space that are well worth checking out if you’re ready to take your clients’ reputations to the next level.

What is Birdeye?

BirdEye is a review management and messaging platform. This software solution can encourage customers to leave reviews, helping businesses build up a consistent flow of positive reviews on different websites. This helps their customers develop a sense of trust in the products or services being reviewed, and contributes to a generally positive impression of the business.

While review management is the central functions of Birdeye, they also offer a suite of additional products related to reputation management. These include a messaging solution that facilitates conversations with customers, and a listings management solution.

Main features of Birdeye

Birdeye has several service tiers, with more features available to businesses who opt-in at the higher tiers. The following features can all be accessed through Birdeye, but only a few are available to users on the standard plan. Key Birdeye features include:

  • Generating reviews: Users can automate flows that send review requests to customers at the time they’ll be most likely to leave one, typically right after making a purchase. Using Birdeye, businesses can generate reviews across hundreds of websites.
  • Managing reviews: Users can respond to reviews from the platform’s dashboard, without having to log into the potentially hundreds of different websites on which they appear.
  • Messaging: Birdeye’s messaging dashboard is designed to enable businesses to carry on conversations from high-converting channels in a single inbox. Conversations from Instagram, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email can all be had through Birdeye.
  • Listings: Businesses can create and manage their listings across many leading websites, including Google, using Birdeye’s listings solution. Many listings websites also enable reviews, so having more listings can be an effective way to generate reviews on different platforms.
  • Mass texting: Businesses can communicate to their customers en masse via text, augmenting their email marketing efforts.
  • Webchat: A chat widget to capture customer information and encourage customer conversations. The widget can appear on a business’s website, giving customers a way to easily get in touch at the moment they’re most engaged.
  • Referrals: Automated referral campaigns can be created and managed using Birdeye’s referrals solution.

Birdeye cost

Currently, Birdeye’s website doesn’t list the business’s pricing publicly. To obtain a quote, prospects have to provide some basic business information and schedule a pricing assessment with a Birdeye specialist.

Birdeye has the three following tiers:


  • The last time prices were public, this tier cost $299 per month.
  • This plan includes Birdeye’s review management, messaging, and listings tools.


  • The last time prices were public, this tier cost $399 per month.
  • This plan includes everything in the Standard plan, plus Birdeye’s Webchat functionality.


  • Pricing for this tier has always been custom; you’ll have to contact Birdeye for a quote.
  • This plan includes everything in the Professional plan, plus referrals, surveys, ticketing, insights, and benchmarketing.

Why explore Birdeye alternatives?

Reputation management can have a huge impact on a business’s success, amplifying the effects of other digital marketing efforts. For example, a great ad campaign will only be made more effective with top-tier reputation management. That’s why taking the time to evaluate different competitors to Birdeye is so important.

With so many Birdeye competitors available that offer more value or a broader range of solutions, any agency that wants to offer the best results for their clients should take note.

Build trust and authority

Review monitoring plays a key role in building trust and authority for a brand, but it’s not the only factor impacting public perceptions of a business. The best Birdeye alternatives make review management a breeze, but also offer access to other complementary solutions to maximize results.

Boost local and traditional SEO performance

Reputation management and SEO overlap considerably, with activities like review generation contributing to a business’s discoverability online. By getting familiar with alternatives to Birdeye that offer more robust SEO solutions, agencies can choose options that serve as more of a one-stop shop, tackling reputation and SEO together.

White-label capability

Some Birdeye competitors offer white-label reputation management services, which is a huge plus for growth-focused agencies. By having white-label experts fulfill important reputation management tasks, agencies can free up time for other activities, like sales.

11 Birdeye competitors to start considering

These Birdeye alternatives may be a better first for your agency, whether you want to offer a wider range of solutions or you’re looking for a more budget-friendly reputation management option.

1. Vendasta

The more solutions an agency can offer today, the easier they make it for clients to consolidate their digital marketing spend and purchase more tools and services from a single trusted vendor.

That’s exactly what this Birdeye competitor offers: world-class reputation management tools and services, plus an expansive suite of complementary digital marketing solutions that can set your agency apart. Vendasta’s platform features include:

White-label reputation management software

A rebrandable interface that agencies can resell as their own to clients. This helps agencies build their brand equity and perception. Vendasta’s white-label reputation management software can be used to track reviews from more than 100 websites.

First-to-market with AI capabilities for review responses: Agencies and their local business clients using Vendasta's Reputation Management can leverage AI to suggest a response for customer reviews. “By clicking suggest response, AI will take elements from that review—the star rating, the user's name, and the sentiment of that review—and compose a response in seconds. Before, it could take a user 10, 15, or even 30 minutes to anguish over the best response. Now, they can do it instantly and move on with their day," says Jaw Hawkinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vendasta.

Single dashboard for review management

Through the customizable dashboard, reputation management clients can use review management tools, including a single dashboard to respond to reviews. Responding to all reviews, including negative ones, plays a major role in establishing a positive reputation. Vendasta’s AI-powered review management tool gives users access to smart suggested responses, as well as a range of machine learning insights that can help businesses continuously improve.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice is a white-label customer feedback tool that can help generate reviews across more than 100 websites. Businesses can invite customers to leave a review using email, text messaging, or point-of-sale prompts, so no opportunity to get a review is missed.

Customizable review display widget

Users can showcase their reviews anywhere on their website with a fully customizable widget. By showcasing reviews to prospects, a business can boost its online reputation and improve conversion rates.

Listings management

Having incorrect or inconsistent listings can damage a business’s online reputation and SEO performance. Vendasta’s local listings software simplifies the process of creating and managing consistent listings on a broad range of listing databases.

Insights and competitive benchmarks

Data helps businesses make better decisions. With on-demand reporting, Vendasta users can gain valuable insights into things like brand sentiment. Competitive analysis tools further help businesses benchmark their performance against key competitors and set appropriate goals and targets.

Listening tools

By tracking brand mentions wherever they occur online, Vendasta’s reputation management software gives businesses a complete picture of brand sentiment and makes it possible to respond to situations as they arise. Further, it provides users with valuable insights that can help them improve their offerings or customer service.

White-label fulfillment

It’s not just Vendasta’s reputation management software that’s white-label. Agencies can also make use of white-label marketing experts to deliver reputation management services on their behalf.

Wide range of digital marketing solutions

In addition to reputation management, Vendasta’s marketplace gives agencies access to a wide range of solutions, from social media management and SEO and digital ads and content creation. This gives agencies the ability to create customized solution bundles for clients, improving their revenue and providing more value in the process.


This Birdeye competitor offers a free tier to access its marketplace of products. Signing up at higher tiers provides agencies with more favorable wholesale pricing for reputation management and other solutions. The final price depends on which products and services are purchased, so it can vary for each client. Agencies can determine their own selling prices and profit margins. Explore pricing, profit margins, capabilities, and more in the Vendasta Reputation Management product guide.

2. Yotpo

Yotpo’s major selling feature is its affordability compared to many alternatives to Birdeye on this list. The features at the free and lower-priced tiers may not be enough for those looking to create a robust reputation management strategy. However, they can be a good place to get started for small businesses that are ready to start building up reviews.

Here’s what you can expect from this competitor to Birdeye:

  • Review generation: Businesses can prompt their customers to provide reviews automatically with email or SMS.
  • Visual UGC galleries: User-generated content enhances reviews by encouraging customers to see themselves benefiting from a product. Yotpo’s UGC galleries enable businesses to display UGC in attractive galleries on their websites.
  • SMSBump: Yotpo’s SMS marketing solution enables businesses to market to their customers through this increasingly important channel.
  • Loyalty and referrals: Yotpo’s loyalty and referrals product empowers businesses to improve their online reputation and boost their retention with loyalty programs that reward consumers for purchases, sharing referral codes, and more.


Yotpo offers very basic versions of the above features at a free tier. To get access to more features, businesses can sign up for paid tiers. Each feature has its own pricing, with the first paid tier generally being priced between $9 and $15 per month. More robust plans can cost up to several hundred per month, depending on the feature. Check out Yotpo’s website for more pricing info. For enterprise pricing, you’ll have to contact them.

3. Swell

This Birdeye alternative can be used to generate reviews from customers and gain reputation management insights. The software can be used by businesses operating in a range of industries, but they market themselves to health and dental care businesses in particular.

Swell’s offers the following features:

  • Review generation and management to help businesses establish a regular flow of positive reviews
  • Scheduling functionality, which is especially useful for businesses that take customer appointments
  • Customer survey capabilities
  • Webchat and messaging, which can streamline communications with customers
  • Payment processing
  • Insights and analytics


Swell doesn’t display its pricing on its website, so you’ll have to contact this Birdeye alternative directly for a quote. Note that they have different pricing for single-location and multi-location businesses.

4. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a competitor to Birdeye that can be used for reputation management and the management of customer service tickets. This can help businesses handle customer service requests at scale, which can have a positive impact on their online reputation.

SurveySparrow includes:

  • Review generation tools that enable businesses to gain reviews across a broad range of platforms and respond to them from the SurveySparrow dashboard.
  • Ticket assignment for negative reviews or other reviews that require customer service to follow up.
  • Brand reputation reports that help businesses track public sentiment.
  • Review display widgets to showcase reviews where they can have an impact on shoppers’ decisions.
  • A customer survey solution, giving businesses a way to gather valuable insights from customers.


Contact SurveySparrow for a custom quote and more information about their pricing tiers.

5. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers is an alternative to Birdeye that can be used to generate and manage reviews across a range of websites including Google, Facebook, YellowPages, and more. Thanks to its integrations with other widely used software such as CRMs and productivity solutions, this competitor to Birdeye can easily be integrated into the workflow of many businesses.

With ReviewTrackers, businesses can:

  • Generate and manage reviews: Turn review generation on autopilot with automated email and SMS review requests. Google and Facebook reviews can be responded to directly through ReviewTrackers.
  • Monitor social media and web mentions: Listen to what customers are saying online and track mentions from a single dashboard.
  • Get analytical insights: Generate AI-powered reports about brand reputation, as well as competitor analysis that can be helpful for benchmarking.
  • Manage listings: Create and manage consistent listings across the internet, boosting local SEO performance.


Businesses with fewer than 10 locations start at $119 per month, per location. Prices per location decrease as the number of locations increases.

6. NiceJob

This competitor to Birdeye is a word-of-mouth marketing platform that includes a range of convenient reputation management tools. Here’s what NiceJob offers:

  • Review management software that minimizes the friction involved in leaving reviews for customers.
  • Review reminders to help businesses capture more reviews.
  • Smart funnel that sends reviews to the websites where they’ll be seen by the most people.
  • Review sharing to easily showcase reviews on social media.
  • Review display widgets for the web, social media, and more.
  • Referral program software


A limited free plan is available. The standard plan is $75 monthly and can be used by businesses with fewer than 2500 customers, while larger businesses pay up to $389 per month plus a $399 setup fee.

7. Yext

This alternative to Birdeye offers a robust review management solution that can help businesses manage every stage of the review process, from generation to analysis.

With Yext, users can:

  • Generate reviews across many sites with attractive pre-built review invites.
  • Manage Q&A, boosting credibility and brand reputation by providing answers to public questions.
  • Respond to reviews from the dashboard, and let dynamic AI-powered suggestions craft responses to cut down on writing time.
  • See analytics that can help businesses make better decisions and benchmark against competitors.


Yext’s pricing is not currently publicly available, so you’ll have to contact them for a quote.

8. Olark

Olark addresses reputation management needs through its customizable, feature-rich chatbot rather. While it doesn’t include review management, here’s what you can expect from this Birdeye alternative:

  • The ability to start and end conversations so that staff only have to jump in when it really matters
  • Qualifying and routing of leads
  • Automating repetitive tasks such as scheduling and returns processing
  • Full customization, including many available languages
  • Searchable transcripts


After a free trial, monthly fees start at $29 per seat.

9. Oktopost

Another important facet of reputation management is social media management, and that’s exactly what you can expect from this Birdeye alternative. Oktopost features include:

  • Social publishing tools that make it easy to manage content across many profiles and campaigns
  • Social analytics that help businesses understand the impact of their content
  • Social listenings tools that help businesses assess brand sentiment
  • Employee advocacy tools that make it easy to turn employees into top advocates
  • Community management that enables businesses to communicate with audiences across multiple platforms, all from one convenient dashboard


Get in touch with this alternative to Birdeye for more information on their pricing.

10. Meltwater

This competitor to Birdeye makes use of social listening and machine learning to help users gather and interpret data. Interpreting data from reviews, social media, and blogs, businesses can gather key insights into their online reputations. Users can also set custom alerts that help them respond to emerging situations quickly, such as a spike in search volume for their business.

Features include:

  • Media monitoring across a variety of online and offline channels
  • Sentiment analysis based on social listening
  • Trends analysis to identify topics trending along with a brand


Contact Meltwaterto set up a demo and get a custom price quote.

11. ReviewPush

ReviewPush is an all-around review management solution for both single-location and multi-location businesses. This Birdeye alternative features:

  • Multi-site monitoring to track reviews all over the web.
  • Review management from the ReviewPush dashboard.
  • Customizable dashboards for different management levels.
  • Rankings across different locations.


Contact ReviewPush to find out more about their pricing.

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right Birdeye competitor?

Given the amount of comparable competitors to Birdeye, how can you determine which one will best meet your agency’s needs? The optimal choice for you will depend on several factors, so keep the following in mind as you evaluate Birdeye alternatives.

  1. Integrations. As any agency operating today knows well, there are a lot of software solutions out there. Life is easier when they all work together, so look for a Birdeye competitor that integrates with other tools that you and your clients already use.
  2. Pricing. The best solution won’t necessarily be the cheapest, but you should pick a Birdeye alternative with all the features you’re looking for while staying within budget. If it’s feature-rich and helps you deliver value for clients, it’ll quickly pay for itself.
  3. Support. When something goes wrong, you want to get support quickly. Look for an alternative to Birdeye that has generous support hours.

Free trial. Free trials can be very helpful when evaluating competitors to Birdeye, giving you a chance to get a feel for the platform before making a decision.

The bottom line: Why users are interested in alternatives to Birdeye

While Birdeye is an effective reputation management tool, it’s not without its flaws. These areas in which it doesn’t quite shine make the Birdeye competitors above well worth checking out.


While Birdeye’s pricing isn’t currently public, based on recently published prices, it isn’t exactly the most affordable option in the bunch. There are other options with similar functionality that won’t break the bank.

Platform limitations

Users complain that the onboarding process is difficult and that they’re left not fully understanding how to get the most out of the platform. Being able to start using a reputation management solution right away is a huge plus, and Birdeye isn’t quite intuitive enough for that.

Webchat needs work

On review sites, a frequent complaint is that Webchat has bugs and doesn’t quite work as advertised.


Another common complaint is that the platform crashes regularly, interrupting workflow.

Limited support hours

While Birdeye offers great support, the hours are limited. In the event of a reputation crisis, the last thing you’ll want to do is wait until the next day for help.

Frequently asked questions

Who are Birdeye’s competitors?

There are many Birdeye competitors available for reputation management and beyond. For example, Vendasta’s platform offers all the features available through Birdeye as well as SEO management, PPC ads, social media management, and more.

Is Birdeye good for SEO?

Birdeye’s listings management can help improve local SEO. However, additional actions need to be taken to succeed in SEO. A more robust SEO management solution can handle technical and on-page SEO, link building, and other aspects of a successful SEO strategy.

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