All-in-one operations management solution to help businesses build and fulfill

With Vendasta’s fulfillment solutions, you’ll find a range of productivity tools designed to keep your clients’ businesses running smoothly. Whether that’s with top performing office software, business incorporation solutions, or liability protection,Vendasta equips you with and lets you provide the tools every local business needs.

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Why fulfillment teams use Vendasta

Get more done with less
Improved communication
World class project management software
Automated insights on your teams performance

Plan, track, and prioritize fulfillment work to maximize efficiency

Save time and stay organized with a project management platform that enables you to provide world-class reputation services. New review response tasks appear automatically so nothing gets missed.

Offer a complete solution to your clients by managing with Task Manager

Handle all your clients’ fulfillment services, including responding to reviews from hundreds of sources, all from one dynamic dashboard. Manage the workflow of any size of task or project across teams to stay efficient, deliver results on time, and retain more customers. How Can Vendasta’s Task Manager Help Remote Teams

Sell more digital marketing solutions. Fast with Sales and Success Center

Arm your salespeople with our award-winning sales intelligence tool to show prospects how their online presence can improve. Save time by automating the research process, while still arming yourself with the insights to offer impactful marketing advice. Attract, convert, close, and delight more customers with Snapshot Report How to Sell SEO with the Snapshot Report

White-label reputation management services

Scale your business without worrying about costs related to hiring, training, and retaining employees. Get a team of marketing strategists to expand your current offerings and fulfill marketing services under your brand.

Have more time to grow your company while our team responds to any and all reviews on your behalf

Stop worrying about hiring, training, and overhead costs. Focus on growing your client base and selling more while our team of experts handles fulfillment. We integrate seamlessly with your team to deliver review management services under your brand, on your terms.

Trust our proven processes

It takes time to build a process to make you more efficient and keep your customers satisfied. The good news is that we have a proven process to help you deliver results and improve transparency with your clients. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’re experts in white-label marketing.

Productivity & operations software you need to help your local business clients

From business incorporation to cyber liability and key office software, the productivity and operations software available in the Vendasta will help you establish new revenue streams and increase client retention.

Provide clients with key productivity solutions

With the Vendasta Marketplace, you can provide productivity tools with office solutions like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. And, because we’ve found that increasing basket size from one to just three items results in an 80% increase in retention, adding these products is an easy way to reach and retain more customers. In fact, since launching in the Vendasta Marketplace, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have seen an average monthly churn rate of less than 2%, a huge contribution to your overall retention.

Boost your offering with productivity software

Every workplace relies on productivity and operations solutions—and that includes small businesses in the retail and service space. With solutions available to sell from Vendasta’s Marketplace, you have the ability to supply local businesses with their central productivity software. Best of all, you’ll be bringing their business to the cloud. We’ve found that partners selling these essential productivity tools alongside their existing offering tend to boost the sales of their other products. It’s a perfect way to sell alongside products already in demand.

Establish your brand as the one and only reputation management provider your clients need

Vendasta pioneered online reputation management software for agencies back in 2008. Since then, we’ve helped millions of businesses manage billions of customer reviews, mentions, and online listings. Our products, Reputation Management and Customer Voice, bring everything that affects a business’s online reputation under one roof with one login so you can be their reputation hero.

What Vendasta provides, you call your own

We give you the best reputation management software on the market to offer your clients online reputation management and you deliver the solution. Your brand. Your customers. Your trust.

Work Together Better

Set your clients and teams up for success by replacing silos with collaboration and efficiency. Assign tasks and projects, manage the transparency of both internal and external work and never miss a deadline again.

Billing & Invoicing Platform for Finance & Accounting Teams

Invoice, bill, and collect payment for all of your services through a single, integrated platform. Provide your local business clients with a seamless buying experience—all in one place, and all under your brand.

Automate and Accelerate your operations
with Vendasta

Discover how to reach out, expand your offering, and
prove performance better with Vendasta.

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We succeed when our customers succeed

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Tonya Wren


“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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