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How to become a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) reseller [Updated 2022]


You want to fill the pipeline with juicy leads. And naturally when those leads and prospects convert, you want to drive increased recurring revenue through stickier relationships with clients. One way of achieving these results is to resell Google Workspace and package better product and service bundles. The Google resellers program needs experienced partners like you to fuel its market penetration. But does this really mean becoming a Google Workspace reseller is a match made in heaven?

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Want to know how to become a Google Workspace reseller? You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to explore the benefits of becoming a Google Workspace partner, why the Google product suite is so highly coveted by clients, and what the deal is on the Google resellers program.

Even if you remember the days of being a G Suite reseller, lots has changed. You’re sure to find some value in learning about how to resell Google Workspace and why it’s different from being a G Suite reseller.

Google Workspace reseller FAQ

Before launching into a full on deep-dive of how to become a Google Workspace reseller, let’s start with addressing the frequently asked questions upfront.

Can I resell Google Workspace?

Yes! You can absolutely resell Google Workspace. Trust me, many agencies, media companies, and MSPs resell Google Workspace and are already reaping the benefits.

Clients can either pay for their usage directly to Google, or purchase seats through a Google Workspace reseller at a discounted rate. This Google reseller could be you.

Among other things, if you resell Google Workspace, you can work with a third-party provider who has a relationship with Google to ensure clients get the best Google Workspace prices and more customized solutions to fit their needs.

How do I become a Workspace reseller?

There’s an easy way and a hard way. Let’s get the latter out of the way.

If you decide to become a Google reseller independently, the qualification process can be difficult. Google mandates a minimum of 100 provisioned Workspace seats before they will consider letting you become a Google Workspace partner. After that, you have to complete a credit check and a number of other preliminary qualifiers.

The easier and more valuable way to jump into the benefits of a Google resellers program with a trusted, third-party provider like Vendasta. A provider with a pre-established relationship with Google can allow you to skip the qualifying hassles, and become a Google Workspace reseller for a much better price point than listed.

The best part? You still get to resell Google Workspace and benefit from the added credibility of the Google brand.

How do Google resellers make money?

We get it. You want to know how to become a Google Workspace reseller while making a healthy profit. Well, we’ve got good news.

Google also offers reduced pricing to premium Google Workspace partners who have successfully navigated all of their obstacle courses. Vendasta is one of those partners. As a result, we can pass our discounts along to you. You can then pass the discount along to your clients, all while still earning a healthy margin for yourself. That’s the benefit of the reseller business model.

What is a Google Workspace reseller partner?

A Google Workspace reseller partner is a type of software reseller for the Google product suite. You can become a Google Workspace partner yourself if you can qualify with Google, or you can skip all the hurdles and engage a third-party provider who is already part of the Google resellers program to sell Workspace to your clients.

What are the benefits of being a Google partner?

Being a Google Workspace partner gives you instant credibility and trust. The Google brand is instantly recognizable.

As a reseller, Google Workspace also makes your clients more sticky. After all, your clients need their documents, email, and meeting scheduler. It would be difficult to work without it. As a result, it would be difficult to work without you as their partner. Boosted retention leads to more annual recurring revenue, especially considering the Google product suite packages so well with other solutions.

Crash course on the Google product suite

Google Workspace is a collection of the powerful cloud-based business, collaboration, and productivity solutions produced by Google. If you want to be part of the Google resellers program, it’s time to know the suite inside and out. Thankfully, you’re likely familiar with the Google product suite (just mentally insert “Google” in front of most of them):

  • Gmail. Secure business email.
  • Drive. Store, share, and access files.
  • Meet. Video meetings.
  • Calendar. Integrated online calendars.
  • Chat. Streamlined messaging and group collaboration.
  • Jamboard. Visualize ideas as a team.
  • Docs. Powerful word processing.
  • Sheets. Collaborative spreadsheets.
  • Slides. Beautiful presentations.
  • Keep. Capture notes and to-dos.
  • Sites. Create sites for teams, projects, or events.
  • Forms. Easy to create surveys and forms.


The Google product suite is cloud-based and exceptional for remote and hybrid environments. Google Workspace is basically everything that your business clients need to work together conveniently, creatively, and efficiently. As a Google Workspace partner, you’re allowing clients to get back to conquering their local markets with the right solutions in hand.

How Google Workspace works

So you’re thinking “I want to become a Google reseller! But how does Google Workspace actually work?”

Essentially, it’s Google’s agile iteration of Microsoft 365.

As I mentioned, the entire Google product suite is cloud-based. While Google’s tools and solutions have always been top tier, you can imagine how critical Google Workspace’s line of solutions have become in our post-2020 world. The way people work has fundamentally changed (Time), and Google’s product suite has ensured that teams are set up for success.

In many ways, there’s never been a better time to resell Google Workspace. On an anecdotal level, Google Meet, Cal, and Gmail are completely ubiquitous in both my work and personal life. And I’m not alone.

So, what about pricing?

Google Workspace operates on a freemium basis. For personal use, the average person gets access to many of the great products and services that comprise Google Workspace for free. As you begin to grow in your usage rate and start using Google’s product suite more professionally, even freelancers and solopreneurs benefit from paying for usage.

There are a couple of options for when you (or your clients) become paying customers:

  1. Pay directly to Google for usage.
  2. Purchase seats through a Google Workspace reseller at a discounted rate. This Google reseller could be you.

So, what products and services are included through a Google Workspace reseller?

Dive deeper into the Google product suite

Google Workspace’s motto is: “Do your best work, all in one place.” Here’s an overview of how Google’s product suite can super-charge your clients’ creativity, collaboration, and output.

A screenshot from Google. Included applications: Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, AppsScript, Cloud Search Jamboard. Security and management: Admin, Endpoint, Vault, Work Insights.

Make quick team decisions

As a Google Workspace reseller, you’re selling the ability for teams (whether hybrid, in-person, or remote) to connect quickly, easily, and face to face.

Think intuitive work calendars, quick video conferencing, easy screen sharing, chat capabilities, and visual group brainstorms with a jamboard.

Seamless real-time collaboration

If you resell Google Workspace, are you reselling documents, spreadsheets, and slides? No. As a Google reseller, you’re providing clients with powerful, cloud-based collaboration tools that work together in real time.

Cloud-based storing and sharing

If you’re a Google Workspace reseller, you’re selling the freedom and security for clients to work the way they want to. Sometimes that will be from their phone on the couch, their tablet on the train, or their computer in the office.

Data and devices on lock

Resell Google Workspace and you’re selling the feeling of security and support, which is priceless for clients. Google employs 2-step verification, endpoint management, the ability to archive emails and chats, and more, all from an easy admin console.

Plus, Google support is stellar.

Top 4 reasons to become a Google Workspace reseller

We’ve arrived at the heart and soul of our article on how to become a Google Workspace reseller. This brief list will help you better understand the value in becoming a Google Workspace partner.

1. Why resell Google Workspace? Your business clients need it

When starting a business, every entrepreneur or business owner needs a branded email. A business-branded email adds serious legitimacy to any enterprise’s contact information. As a Google Workspace partner, you can contribute to adding this essential credibility.

For example, which of the below emails do you think instills more brand trust in Jon's Furniture?

  • johndoe123@gmail.com
  • Or admin@jonsfurniture.com


The difference is that one of those email addresses will be taken seriously, and one of them will look like it’s coming from a basement operation. Setting up a branded email with Workspace as a Google reseller is easy, and your clients will instantly see the value in having a Gmail domain as opposed to using a personal email for business.

Here are some of the other reasons why as a reseller, Google Workspace is essential for the businesses you serve. In fact, Google Workspace resellers benefit from selling to businesses of all sizes and functionalities.

Resell Google Workspace for cloud integration

Globally, the cloud market is expected to grow to $278 billion by 2022 (BrightScout). The time to recognize the value of cloud integration was yesterday. As a reseller, Google Workspace allows you to capitalize on the new way people work—and will work in the future.

So as a Google Workspace reseller, how do you position it? The cloud is the ideal place for local business operations to be conducted because it minimizes the operational costs. Consider that as a Google reseller you’re reducing the need for expensive onsite equipment for apps and storage. The Google Cloud also has a 99.9% uptime promise (Google), so you never have to worry about your email server (or anything else) going down. Cloud integration enables local businesses to operate off of a laptop, tablet, or phone, and that’s why it’s becoming so desirable.

Be a Google Workspace partner to increase productivity and innovation

Since the beginning of time, workspaces have always sought new ways to drive increased productivity and spark innovation among their teams. Now in 2022, Google’s product suite is a powerful enabler of growth in both of these areas. As a reseller, Google Workspace’s apps, features, and functionalities are cutting edge and will remain ahead of the market. That makes you look good for reselling the solution, doesn’t it?

Google resellers program simplifies the cost of Google Workspace

Google Workspace has a very simple pricing structure, comprising four tiers: Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. Even before this new iteration, G Suite resellers will tell you Google has always valued a streamlined pricing approach.

Four tiers is revolutionary compared to the 20-tier iterations of their competitors.

What’s more? Google Workspace cost is more economical than that of Microsoft Office 365.  For example, the Enterprise edition of Google Workspace is around $29/user/month at wholesale (prices may vary), whereas the enterprise equivalent of Office 365 comes in at around $35/user/month.

Businesses need the functionalities that Google Workspace delivers. So just remember: If you don’t become a Google Workspace reseller, then someone else will.

2. Brand authority for your clients and credibility for yourself as a Google reseller

As a Google Workspace partner, you can position it to your clients using simple math: Your Brand + The Big G = Credibility. That’s a fact.

We love to talk about the power of branding. And what brands are bigger and stronger than Google? As of November 2022, Google’s parent company (Alphabet) has a market cap of $1.079 trillion, making it the 4th most valuable company in the world (Companies Market Cap).

Just imagine the trust that you can build and instill with your customers simply by conveying that you are a Google reseller. Google gives you instant verification and legitimacy in the eyes of your prospects.

Once you’ve established this brand trust, having this "Google bazooka" in your arsenal is successfully going to anchor all of your other product and service offerings as well. If you resell Google Workspace and place a Google logo beside another product or service, you are lending it Google caliber credibility.

It bears repeating: as a reseller, Google Workspace gives you the trusted shine of credibility as well.

3. Resell Google Workspace with top-notch customer service and support

Odds are good that unless your clients are pretty tech-savvy, they are going to need some help setting up, operating, or troubleshooting their new Workspace account. What’s more, they might need guidance on getting the most out of the Google product suite. That’s where you come in and grab a bigger slice of the (revenue) pie.

Most of your traditional local businesses are fine setting up a standard Gmail account, but when it comes to setting up a custom domain email address using Google Workspace, it becomes much more difficult. While Google does have some helpful documentation, it's not the easiest to follow or understand. If you're not a technical person, a Google Workspace reseller adds a personal touch and training that Google itself will not provide.

Joe Robison

Founder, Green Flag Digital

As a Google Workspace partner, providing your clients with personalized service and support can strengthen your relationship. In turn, they will likely be more inclined to stay with you and your brand. This relationship-building can then be leveraged to help sell other products and services, boosting your profitability as a software as a service (SaaS) reseller.

4. Resell Google Workspace for stickier clients

When it comes to building a strong relationship with your clients, there are few things that make a customer stick to you better than Google’s product suite. These apps are foundational to the success of your clients businesses.

A study on 7,700 small businesses using Google Workspace yielded the following results:

  1. 20% stayed for 1-2 years
  2. 70% for 2-5 years
  3. And 10% for 5+ years

Google Workspace reseller small business study

In the business service and marketing industries, these numbers are staggering. Just think about it though. As a Google reseller, two of the foundational components of Google Workspace are custom email domains and website building capabilities. If you have your email domain set-up with Google, your website built with Google, and all of your data stored in the Google Cloud—why would you ever leave?

If minimizing churn and driving stronger client relationships are among your yearly goals, then becoming a Google Workspace reseller is a perfect pairing for you and your brand.

How to become a Google Workspace reseller with Vendasta

Google Workspace reseller sell with Vendasta

You might have an idea about how to become a Google Workspace reseller now, but questioning how Vendasta fits into the equation. Why would I resell Google Workspace from you instead of directly from Google? What is the benefit of becoming a Google Workspace partner through Vendasta?

The short answer is that Google partners with large resellers like Vendasta to leverage greater market access. In doing so, Google gives more end consumers access to one of the most in-demand products in the business market (Google’s product suite).

How becoming a Google Workspace reseller through Vendasta saves you time and money

Sure, you could just jump into the Google resellers program on your own without us. Why wouldn’t you?

The answer is that Google has a very difficult and strict qualification process for Google reseller partners. They mandate a minimum of 100 provisioned seats on the product before they will even consider letting you become a Google Workspace partner. After that, you have to complete a credit check and a number of other preliminary qualifiers.

So, in short, we let you skip all of the hassles, and become a Google Workspace reseller for a much better price point than listed.

What’s more? In partnering with Vendasta, you also get access to hundreds of other powerful products and services within our Marketplace. You can then bundle solutions under your branding, and at a price point to maximize your software reseller margins.

What if my clients are already using Google Workspace directly through Google?

We can help here, too. Given our relationship as a Google reseller, Vendasta can migrate Google Workspace accounts.

That means that if your clients are already paying Google rates and want to switch to you as a new Google reseller for a discounted rate (and all of the other benefits you can offer them), we can enable that transaction for selected partners. Contact us if you are interested in this feature!

Single sign-in with Vendasta

We all know that no business wants to deal with eight different vendors to meet 15 key needs. That’s a fact. By becoming a Google Workspace reseller with Vendasta, you can meet more of your client's needs and dramatically increase your chance of retaining their business. As a reseller Google Workspace is one of many solutions you can provide through our white-labeled, all-in-one platform.

If you want to learn more about the power of product diversification in conquering churn, check out the Vendasta churn study.

The bottom line? If you meet all of your client's needs through a single login portal, you might quickly become the best resource (and only) resource they ever need. With Vendasta’s client portal Business App, you can offer clients a single sign-in to access all of their Google Workspace products, in addition to 250+ other products and services that can be sold wholesale from the Vendasta Marketplace.

And don’t forget: the client portal can be white labeled under your brand. Let us handle the jumping through the Google resellers program hoops. At the end of the day, you are still the trusted Google Workspace reseller to your clients.

Google Workspace partner product bundles

One of the greatest advantages to becoming a Google Workspace reseller with Vendasta is the access to our existing Marketplace of an additional 250+ (and growing!) solutions and services.

These products can easily be bundled with the Google product suite. We offer a variety of reseller partner programs you can take advantage of. By adding additional products to your offering, you can increase the stickiness of your sales and give yourself a distinct advantage over other competing resellers.

Here is an idea of the bundles you could offer clients by harnessing the power of becoming a Google Workspace partner through Vendasta. The world is your oyster, of course. We’re just here to help you visualize some of the possibilities when putting together a Google resellers program that leverages bundling with other SaaS tools.

How to become a Google Workspace reseller: Web hosting package

Google Workspace reseller web hosting

This package could include:

  1. Google Workspace for foundational business operations.
  2. Website Pro for managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform.
  3. And marketgoo for improved website tracking and Google search ranking

How to become a Google Workspace reseller: Agency-in-a-box package

Google Workspace reseller  agency in a box

This package for an instant marketing agency could include:

  1. Google Workspace for foundational business operations.
  2. Website Pro for managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Custom Logo Design because everyone needs a slick, professional logo.
  4. Advertising Intelligence to measure as much data as you can digest and ensure that you are the king of your own domain when it comes to advertising.

How to become a Google Workspace reseller: Full email bundle

This package could include:

  1. Email marketing software: On top of reselling Google Workspace, become a Contact Contact reseller, one of the leading email software providers, for do it yourself (DIY) and do it with me (DIWM™) email marketing.
  2. Email marketing services: Provide white-label email marketing services to supplement client campaigns and improve overall results from the email channel.
  3. Video and content creation services: Beef out email campaigns by packing on custom video and graphics to improve your client campaigns.

Getting started: Resell Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an extension of everything that Google stands for. And as a Google Workspace reseller, you can be a part of that. With Google Workspace, your clients can be confident that they are implementing the most user-friendly, convenient, compatible, and secure apps that they need for their work.

If you are ready to amplify your revenue, build stronger relationships with your clients, and always outmatch your competitors—you better head to the Vendasta Marketplace.

Note: Original post written by Brock Andony, updated in 2022 by Domenica Martinello

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