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2017 Year in Review: Products, Content, Webinars, and More


Thanks for a fantastic year, friends!
Let's take a look back at 2017.

For Vendasta and our partner community, 2017 has been a year of monumental growth. We're so glad you've been a part of it!

Among the highlights, we helped 1,204 resellers grow and succeed, held our first annual conference, launched a Marketplace of business apps, recruited 105 talented Vendastians, and accepted 8 prestigious awards.

To help our partners succeed, we’ve introduced more than 40 products, 250 software updates, 120 blog posts, 90 webinars, and 30 other marketing resources. In this year-end recap blog, we’re highlighting the best of each category so you’re ready to conquer local in 2018.

Vendasta’s #1 focus this year was to arm partners with the complete local marketing stack and the tools to sell and fulfill it. Throughout the year, we made over 250 valuable software updates, from brand-new products to feature enhancements. These were our 10 most impactful releases:

  1. Marketplace  (Feb. 1)
  2. Website Pro  (Oct. 4)
  3. New Social Marketing  (Nov. 8)
  4. Google Insights in Listing Builder  (Jul. 5)
  5. Google Posts in Social Marketing  (Nov. 8)
  6. Sales Pipeline in Sales & Success Center  (Jul. 26)
  7. Google AdWords in Snapshot Report  (Sep. 28)
  8. Digital Advertising  (Feb. 1)
  9. New Snapshot Widget  (Jul. 19)
  10. Enhanced Content in Listing Sync Pro & Listing Distribution  (Aug. 30)
A full martech marketplace is open for business and thriving! Although Marketplace has only been out for less than a year, almost half of our partners have successfully added new lines of recurring revenue from over 40 products. Check out some of the hottest products from 2017:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO Network
  2. Website Conversion Widgets: Appointment Scheduling
  3. Video Content Solutions: BetterVideo Montage
  4. Social Influencer Marketing: Simple Social Share
  5. Free Social Wi-Fi Marketing: Zenreach

From $0 to $1M

Hard Rock Media has grown from $0 in revenue to over $1 million in just two years. Plus, they’ve gone from managing zero clients to onboarding 20-25 new clients every single month.

"It’s so easy to onboard a client and have [Vendasta’s] Digital Agency take care of everything for us. From the standpoint of an entrepreneur, it’s a dream." 

— COO, Hard Rock Media

2,180% more reviews

ForRent accomplished a 2,180% year-over-year review volume growth and 24.6% average yearly listing score growth with their full-service reputation management solution.

“The solutions Vendasta provides have not only helped our business save time and money, but also provide differentiation in a crowded, competitive environment. The platform has enabled us to scale and improve our efficiencies for reputation and listings management.”

—  Erica Campbell Byrum, AVP of Social Media, ForRent.com

In 2017, we published over 30 resources, from case studies and eBooks, to templates and checklists. These tools were built to help you sell, market, and fulfill digital solutions. Check out the Content Library to see all of our great marketing resources.

These were the top 5 resources:

1. Sapphire Hotel & Waterpark Digital Advertising Case Study

How this hotel generated over 5,600 ad clicks on Facebook with Vendasta’s Digital Advertising and Digital Agency.

2. Cafe Mexicana Digital Advertising Case Study

How Café Mexicana generated over 4,300% ROI with the help of Vendasta’s Digital Advertising team

3. Rebrandable Facebook Ad Templates for Small Businesses

Pre-made ad artwork for 11 different business types—in PSD, Word, and Powerpoint formats.

4. How to Win on Social Media: A Step-By-Step Guide for Local Businesses

Social marketing tactics from marketing maven Dennis Yu.

5. Digital Advertising ROI Report Template

A template that breaks down key metrics by advertising channel, making your value to clients crystal clear.

In 2017, we hosted over 90 webinars to help you boost your digital sales. In case you missed ‘em, here are the 5 most popular sessions:

  1. Discover Marketplace Products (Feb. 9, 2017)
  2. Introducing Listing Sync Pro from Yext (May 18, 2017)
  3. How to Build Your Store (Jun. 15, 2017)
  4. How to Sell a Website Suite (Oct. 12, 2017)
  5. How to Sell an SEO Suite (Oct. 26, 2017)
At Vendasta, we work hard and play hard. You can see it in the numbers:

  • 10,000,000+ coffee beans consumed.
  • 180,000+ peanut M&Ms devoured.
  • 100,000+ social posts for local businesses by our Marketing Strategists on behalf of our partners.
  • 50,000+ review responses for local businesses by our Marketing Strategists on behalf of our partners.
  • 15,000+ sandwiches made and enjoyed by Vendastians.

2018 is the year we conquer local.

Together, we made 2017 a year to remember.

Let’s continue to grow together in 2018.

Let’s conquer local.

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