Hard Rock Media Case Study

Hacking growth and scale with white label fulfillment services—a success story

In 2014, Hard Rock Media was a twinkle in an entrepreneur’s eye. Two years later, they’re a full-service online reputation management company with over $1 million in revenue. This is their story
What’s inside?

  • Hard numbers like 112% account growth in 2 years, and how they did it
  • Detailed look at Hard Rock Media’s process for prospecting, scaling and conquering digital sales
  • Hard Rock Media’s “golden rules” of prospecting, service and culture

How Hard Rock Media went from $0 to $1 million+ in revenue in two years with Vendasta

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"It’s so easy to onboard a client and have Digital Agency take care of everything for us. From the standpoint of an entrepreneur, it’s a dream."

– Chief Operating Officer, Hard Rock Media