Closing The Loop on Marketing Solutions with Reputation & Listings Management was founded in 1982 to provide property managers with diverse marketing and advertising services. In 2015, they sought to expand those services and add reputation and listings management to their services to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing environment. With 90% of consumers relying on internet listings to research apartment listings, knew how essential the addition of these services was, and how they could stand to exponentially grow their own and their clients’ businesses.

Learn how white label reputation and listings management software helped this massive media company provide new innovative solutions to their real estate clients.

What’s inside?

  • Tactical tips on how this huge media company implemented new white label digital marketing solutions to thousands of clients
  • Key growth statistics like 2180% year-over-year review volume growth, with growth comparisons between DIY and DIFM service types
  • Testimonials for white label reputation & listings management solutions from one of the largest real estate media players

“The solutions Vendasta provides has not only helped our business save time and money, but also provide differentiation in a crowded, competitive environment. The platform has enabled us to scale and improve our efficiencies for reputation management and listings management with an easy-to-use interface.”

Erica Campbell Byrum, Assistant Vice President of Social Media,

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One giant media company—brand new revenue