Local businesses struggle with Facebook video marketing primarily because they do not have an effective strategy. This lack of strategy may stem from the fact that not all local businesses understand how to utilize the social media space. For most businesses, a video marketing strategy on social media does not even exist.

If you’re wondering how to build the best video marketing strategy on social media for your local business clients, we’ve got the answers.

We’re here to help local businesses develop a proven Facebook video marketing strategy with the help of our friends at Blitzmetrics. Dennis Yu, CTO of Blitzmetrics and renowned social media lead generation expert, has brought a different way of thinking into video marketing. Local businesses need to look no further than the 3x3 video grid!

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What is Dennis Yu's Facebook video marketing strategy?

The strategy itself is relatively simple, but the reason it the 3x3 video grid Facebook marketing strategy has proven to be so effective is that it moves prospective customers down the funnel into a purchasing customer. Each video in the grid is designed to move the consumer along their personal buyer's journey.

When a small business can address the why, how, and what of their business, they are able to effectively sequence their social following and ultimately convert views into sales.

Before we dive further into this Facebook video strategy, here is a quick video explaining the 3x3 video grid brought to you by Logan Young, VP of Strategy at BlitzMetrics.

3 x 3 Video Grid Developed by Blitzmetrics

As Logan mentions, most businesses only create videos surrounding the what, which is the specific product or service that they offer. By sharing video marketing content that only addresses the what, you are immediately in "selling" mode, or pushing to sell your products and services. People don't like being sold to, so it's important to gain the trust of your social following before pushing the sale.

The 3x3 video grid ensures that local businesses build brand awareness first, then build social engagement, and lastly convert the sale. Each step consists of 3 different videos, strategically designed to generate social leads.

The 3x3 Video Grid Strategy for Facebook Video Marketing

1. The Why - Awareness

Awareness facebook video strategyThis first step is for the local business to develop brand awareness. Therefore, the first set of videos a business needs for their social media video strategy is the why videos.

Start with the why—this is a local business’s passion and their stories. No matter the industry or business there is always a story or history as to why the business came together.

Industry Example (Health and Wellness):

→ Video 1: A business owner may have had a past injury or chronic pain that drove them into opening a fitness/injury rehabilitation center to help others with their discomfort.

→ Video 2: A business owner may refer back to college sports where they always pushed their teammates to focus on the fundamentals of proper weightlifting which lead them to a career in physical therapy.

→Video 3: A business owner may share a story about the first time they received physical therapy or athletic rehabilitation and how that experience drove them into starting their own business.

No matter the industry, vertical, or business, there will always be a story (or multiple stories) around how the business came to fruition. By relating this story, consumers will develop an emotional connection with the why of the business and will connect on a deeper level with the brand. In this way, the why video's role is to help consumers understand a local business, develop a relationship, and even relate and connect with their story and brand.

The goal of these why videos are not to push a product or service, they are used to develop brand awareness with a local business. Consumers want to do business with the places that establish authenticity in their brand, and sharing stories help in doing so.

  • In 2013 the Boston Consulting Group surveyed 2,500 American consumers and found that being authentic was indeed one of the main qualities they said would attract them to a brand. (The Economist)

The why videos are all about attraction and awareness, so a local business must do their best to tell a memorable story. In this 3x3 Facebook video marketing strategy, the why videos tell the story that sets the stage for the how videos.

[clickToTweet tweet="The first step in the funnel is about attraction & awareness, so the first video should tell a story. #videomarketing" quote="The first step in the funnel is about attraction & awareness, so the first video should tell a story. #videomarketing"]

2. The How - Engagement

engagement facebook video strategy

The second set of videos a business needs for their Facebook video strategy is the how videos. This step of the funnel is focused on engagement. The how videos are designed for a business to share their expertise online. Once again, it does not matter which industry or field a local business operates in because there is always something educational that a business can share with their prospective customers.

The purpose of the how videos are to generate engagement with the content and to help establish the business as a trustworthy source of information in the industry. Additionally, by engaging with helpful content, your audience will gain a more positive connotation with your brand, and be more receptive to future interactions with you.

Industry Example (Health and Wellness):

→ Video 4: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center will record and share how-to videos with tips on proper stretching techniques for shoulder pain.

→ Video 5: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center will record how to deal with the mental health issues that stem from a major injury or dealing with the stress of not being able to work due to injury.

→ Video 6: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center can share tips and tricks for people who sit in an office chair to avoid a tight neck/upper back.

Not only do these videos help a local business in showing their knowledge, but they also provide enormous value to those who may not know proper stretching techniques or how to check their oil. Consumers are looking for educational videos online all of the time, and the internet is used by many people for gaining more insight or education.

  • Searches related to “how-to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year, with more than 100M hours of how-to content watched in North America so far this year. (Search Engine Land)

People are actively looking for answers online on how-to do a variety of things and local businesses can capitalize by putting this type of material right in front of their social following.

[clickToTweet tweet="The 2nd step in the funnel is about engagement, so a local business should share their expertise! #videomarketing" quote="The 2nd step in the funnel is about engagement, so a local business should share their expertise! #videomarketing"]

The Importance of The Why and The How Facebook Videos

A local business wants to convert prospective customers into sales—bottom line. With the previous steps, the what and how videos, a local business has worked to develop authenticity and engage their prospective customers with educational content.

“When people believe in a mission, then they’ll buy whatever it is that you have to sell.” (Dennis Yu, 2017)

So far, a local business has worked to get their following to believe in their mission through the why and the how videos. Now it’s time to sell!

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3. The What - Conversion

facebook video marketing conversion

The final step of this video strategy for local businesses is to create the what videos. The "what" here is the product or service that a business offers. This step is what most businesses do first, and that is to advertise or push their products/services online. Without the why and the how to set the stage for the what, businesses are being ignored by prospective customers, as they do not want to connect with a business who constantly spams them with sales pitches.

With the 3x3 Facebook video strategy, the prospective customer has journeyed through three stages and is now ready for that sales pitch! So let ‘em have it!

Industry Example (Health and Wellness):

→ Video 7: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center could promote their one on one therapy services.

→ Video 8: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center could promote their mental health awareness month (May) specials and talk about the relationship between fitness and stress relief.

→ Video 9: A fitness/injury rehabilitation center could promote their group fitness sessions.

Through the use of the 3x3 video grid strategy, a local business is able to deliver video content effectively so that their sales pitch is heard.

[clickToTweet tweet="When people believe in your story & trust your business, they'll buy. Cover your bases with the video grid strategy. " quote="When people believe in your story & trust your business, they'll buy. Cover your bases with the video grid strategy. "]

Key Video Tips & Examples

  • Remember to keep videos relatively short! Facebook recommends videos between 20-90 seconds length, so we recommend 1 minute as a good place to start.
  • Each why video should be unique from the rest. By creating 3 different why videos, 3 how videos, and 3 what videos, a local business is able to test which type of story performs the best!
  • The videos do not have to be fancy. You do not need special lights, graphics, or a set. You will just need your smartphone, and one minute of insightful content.

Logan Young of Blitzmetrics will take you through examples of the why, the how, and the what videos. His videos are a great way to show how unique each step in the funnel is!

Download our video grid templates and explanation package to arm your sales team, and get selling video marketing! Because, now armed with the strategy your business clients need, you can start dominating their social presence with increased brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.