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The MSP landscape is changing, with new players entering the market to meet the ever-growing demand small and medium businesses (SMBs) have for IT services.  There is certainly plenty of opportunity in the space: MSP industry trends indicate that the current 161 billion USD market will reach a value of 300 billion USD by 2027. However, landing more MSP clients in the face of increasing competition is the single biggest challenge that managed service providers identify currently.

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If you want to position your IT business for success in the high-growth years ahead, capturing more MSP clients by expanding your service offering will be key.

In other words, the core IT support offering that many MSPs have been able to survive off of in the past won’t cut it anymore. Diversifying revenue streams and offering clients more services is the way of the future for MSPs, and digital services are the perfect complement to traditional offerings.

Reselling digital solutions to your MSP clients

Diversifying your revenue streams may sound daunting: you have your core competencies and expertise, and venturing into digital services can feel like entering unknown territories. Moreover, you don’t want to harm your existing relationships with MSP clients by offering a sub-par service that compromises the trust you’ve built with them.

Reselling digital solutions makes it easy for you to broaden the scope of what you offer in an affordable, easy-to-implement way. You can choose from the most trusted, industry-leading service providers on the market, so you can be confident the services are in line with your standards.

The resale model has the added benefit that you don’t have to pay for software upfront. Instead of incurring a huge expense to be able to offer digital services to your clients, and not knowing when exactly you’ll break even, reselling makes it possible to pay only once you secure a sale with your customer. You also set your own markups, so profit margins are in your control.

By reselling digital services, you can become more of a one-stop shop for new and existing clients who might otherwise go to a digital agency for these services. You’ll also be able to work with many more clients who may not require MSP services at the moment, but do need digital services.

Best reseller services to land more MSP clients

While there are many digital services you can start reselling, here are the top 7 for MSPs and their clients. These are an excellent complement to your existing IT services, are highly in demand with SMBs, and are available from high-quality, industry-leading vendors that you can trust.

1. Microsoft 365

If your MSP clients haven’t migrated to cloud technology yet, getting them started on Microsoft 365 will be a huge improvement for them. Storage limitations will become a thing of the past, and they’ll get access to a full suite of essential business apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

File management and professional email services are also included.

You can resell Microsoft 365 at different price and service tiers so it can be positioned for SMBs of all sizes. Since it’s a subscription, they’ll always have the latest tech and security updates. Since MSPs are already in the business of information management, it’s a natural fit when it comes to choosing reseller services.

2. Google Workspace

Remote work is here to stay, and even for teams that work on-location, collaboration tools have become indispensable. Google Workspace includes a ton of productivity tools like Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, Google Docs, Sheets, and more. It can be used by just about any SMB, making it a great choice for an MSP that is serious about expanding its client base.

Once clients are onboarded and using the various apps, Google Workspace quickly becomes integral to how SMBs collaborate, stay organized, and operate from day to day. The ecosystem of apps retains users by becoming an indispensable part of their workflow, another good reason for MSPs to resell Google Workspace.

Plus, there is a growing trend of SMB customers demanding Google to run their business. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Web building, design, and hosting

Having a website today is non-negotiable. There are very few businesses left that can afford to operate without one. Your existing clients may have already asked if you can support their web hosting and maintenance. By reselling web services, you can answer yes the next time you’re asked.

With so many new web-based businesses popping up every day, you may find more success landing new clients quickly with web design and development services than with your traditional offering. As they grow, you can sell them higher-ticket MSP services and the other digital services discussed in this article.

Web hosting and general maintenance are also great recurring revenue streams after the initial project is complete.

4. Scheduling software

Online scheduling software like CalendarHero makes life easier for clients with customer-facing businesses that require bookings. Whether it’s a hair salon that needs to manage a large number of weekly appointments or a tech startup that offers live demos of its products, there are plenty of SMB applications in which online scheduling software can be used.

Even for clients who don’t necessarily need booking functionality, scheduling software makes setting up internal meetings for busy teams with conflicting schedules a breeze.

5. Digital ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to generate traffic and revenue for your clients relatively quickly. PPC can drive sales quickly, sometimes even on the first day an ad is launched.

Digital ads are a core component of how businesses drive revenue online, especially in the ecommerce space. Reselling PPC ad management can help you establish your worth with new clients quickly, so you can more easily grow the number of services they trust to you.

6. Social media

Managing multiple social media channels can be very time-consuming. With limited resources, it’s not uncommon for a client’s social media channels to become neglected. That’s not a good look for your clients, since it can indicate to their audience that they’re either unengaged with their business or unreliable.

By reselling social media management services, you can take this task off your clients’ plate.

7. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) management is essential for any business that wants to show up at the top of Google’s search results. However, it requires technical knowledge, involves staying on top of many tasks at once, and takes time to show results.

SMBs need to focus on optimizing their websites for search engines, but most of them lack the in-house expertise and tools to handle it. That makes reseller SEO management tools an ideal offering for any growth-minded MSP.

The easy way to get more MSP clients

If you want to grow your business without the risks and expenses of hiring or buying expensive software, reselling digital services is the ideal solution. It allows you to diversify your revenue streams, land more clients, and grow your business sustainably.

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