How MSPs can open a new revenue stream with Vendasta’s white-label PPC

How often do your local business clients ask for digital marketing services like website design or pay-per-click (PPC)? If you’ve been referring clients to marketing agencies, you are watching a potential revenue stream walk right out the door. White-label PPC gives managed service providers (MSPs) the opportunity to boost their revenue without the responsibility and hassle of fulfillment.

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In this article, we explore how MSPs can expand their offering without having to hire experts in house to fulfill the work. With Vendasta’s white-label PPC, digital ads and pay-per-click advertising campaigns are brought to life by a fulfillment team of trusted professionals. Read on to discover the fundamentals of white-label PPC that can help you grow your MSP business.

First let’s explore some of the basic terms and definitions to help you become more familiar with the fundamentals of white-label PPC.

What is white label?

White label is a service, offering, or product that can be presented under another company's brand to make it appear as though it is their product or offering. Often, white-label products are developed by experts and distributed through a larger network of resellers who offer it to their own clients under their branding.

What is white-label marketing?

White-label marketing is the business of reselling marketing services under your brand that were originally created by another company. Managed service providers can act as marketing resellers and offer digital marketing solutions created by another company to their local business clients as their own product.

What is white-label PPC?

White-label PPC or white-label pay-per-click advertising is a digital advertising product or service offered by another company that you can resell and offer to your clients. And according to the latest PPC trends, PPC rates are on the rise across several market categories.

Your client experiences the service under your brand, which they already know and trust. You then have the opportunity to increase revenue by offering the solution to your existing clients, without the extra workload of having to fulfill that service yourself.

Why should you consider offering Vendasta’s white-label PPC to your local business clients?

It’s common for managed service providers to shy away from offering new services they don’t have confidence in selling. Digital marketing is a new frontier for MSPs, and white-label PPC is no exception. Here are some of the primary reasons you should consider if you’re thinking about offering white-label PPC to your clients:

  1. MSPs can stop referring clients to marketing agencies. Boost your revenue by offering digital marketing services you can cross-sell and upsell to your client base.
  2. Expand your offering. Become your client’s single source of software and services by offering the digital marketing and PPC solutions your clients are searching for. Don't leave money on the table.
  3. Bundle software and services to create valuable packages. Bundling strengthens and expands your current offerings. Offering more than one product to your clients creates a stronger MSP-client relationship and will help you retain your clients for a longer period of time.
  4. Create a self-serve option for your clients under your brand. By offering white-label PPC services through Vendasta’s white label software marketplace, you can create a storefront where you can add not only your existing services, but external third-party products and services as well. Clients can purchase these services from you with a few clicks.
  5. Fulfillment through a white-label team of professionals. Our team of experts fulfills digital advertising and pay-per-click campaigns under your brand, building your credibility with your clients.
  6. Scale your business without having to hire. White-label PPC allows you to add a valuable service for your clients. You can generate a new stream of revenue without worrying about the costs related to managing people.
  7. Provide proof-of-performance reporting. Vendasta’s built-in and automated PPC reporting software helps you prove return on investment (ROI) for digital ads campaigns.

Tapping into new revenue with Vendasta’s white-label PPC

Digital ad campaigns help your clients appear where their customers are already searching for them. Pay-per-click campaigns primarily leverage Google and social media platforms like Facebook to reach a very targeted audience profile. There is a ton of value in offering this type of service to your clients.

Ads are half about delivering leads, but the other huge chunk of it is growing yourself as a trusted marketing expert with that client.

Mike Vossen

Sr. Sales Engineer, Digital Advertising, Vendasta

“It builds trust and creates a relationship that will help you with that client down the road. I always start with the client’s definition of success, how they value that success, and what actions they take based on those outcomes to create an approach that ticks all of the boxes,” Vossen says.

Advertising channels to leverage through Vendasta

There are five primary ad types that you can resell to your local business clients through Vendasta.

Digital ad type #1: Google & Bing Ads. Your local business clients can leverage the power of the biggest search engines on the internet and surface ads to new customers right where they are already searching for your client’s business.

Digital ad type #2: Facebook & Instagram Ads. With a potential advertising reach of 2.9 billion monthly active Facebook users and 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, you can help clients strengthen their social media presence and attract more customers.

Digital ad type #3: YouTube Ads. YouTube is a hot bed of search intent, with 2.1 billion monthly active users, looking for informational content related to your client’s business. Video advertising is a visually engaging way for your clients to capture the attention of potential customers.

Digital ad type #4: Dynamic Automotive Ads. If you manage any client accounts for local dealerships, this ad type is a great way to boost the eyes on dealership inventory. Dynamic automotive ads target customers who’ve shown intent to buy a vehicle.

Digital ad type #5: Google Display Ads. Develop client campaigns that share your client’s brand with millions of websites through Google’s display network. This form of digital advertising is a great way for local businesses to drive more traffic to their website and increase brand awareness.

How Vendasta’s white-label PPC services work

With Vendasta, our four-step process makes it easy to resell PPC solutions to your clients.

Step 1: Start with a proposal

Managed service providers can request a free proposal. Vendasta’s in-house team will identify the right services to achieve the results your clients are looking for.

Step 2: Digital ad campaign setup

Our team of professional white-label PPC experts will begin to work on your client’s campaign. They’ll conduct the keyword research, create the tracking codes for reporting, and audit the quality and set up of the campaign before launch.

Step 3: Time to optimize

Our team of experts will consistently monitor your client’s campaign performance and make adjustments to increase ROI and overall performance of the campaign.

Step 4: Proof-of-performance reporting

White-label PPC services wouldn’t be complete without a way to prove the value of the investment back to your clients. The Vendasta platform comes equipped with automated and built in proof-of-performance reporting so you can display to your clients exactly how the campaign is performing and driving more traffic to their business.

Start offering Vendasta’s white-label PPC

Vendasta works with MSPs and other resellers to overcome hiring and scaling challenges. Through us, you can grow your business, increase your customer base, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Instead of shying away from the services and solutions your clients are already asking for, say “yes” and let Vendasta take care of bringing those solutions to life for local business clients that need them.

About the Author

Nicole Lauzon is a Content Marketing Manager at Vendasta and has spent the last decade of her career helping local businesses tell their stories. Kickstarting her professional journey as a writer and producer for a major Canadian television network, Nicole would later spend five years as a PR Agency Creative Director, managing brand journalism, social media, blog and video content for corporate, non-profit and local business clients. Whether Nicole is marinating over her next piece of writing or enjoying some down time with her family, she likes doing it in floral print.

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