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Can online scheduling software help MSPs scale?

Between 2021 and 2025, the appointment scheduling industry is expected to grow to $663.47 million (PRWire). With consumer demand favoring online scheduling over conventional methods, businesses leveraging the latest scheduling technology have a competitive edge. In fact, 94 percent of customers are likely to choose a new provider if that provider has an online booking option (GetApp). 

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Today, scheduling technology is a foundational solution that accelerates booking rates and fuels revenue for customer-facing teams and appointment-based businesses. Conventional appointment and meeting scheduling will soon become a thing of the past. What does this mean for your IT business? It’s time to invest in online scheduling software to power up your business operations. It’s also an excellent opportunity to gain more revenue and a competitive edge in the managed service providers (MSP) industry.

What is online scheduling software?

Eliminate back-and-forth emails to find the right time to meet. Skip the phone tag. Scheduling technology helps your IT business schedule and manage meetings more efficiently. This includes sales calls, demos, interviews, site visits, and internal meetings. 

The software syncs with your online calendar system to enable invitees to self-book meetings with you, using your real-time availability. The best online scheduling software providers make it easy to find the best time for a meeting for all invitees, even for large and complex groups.

A scheduler can and should also offer powerful integrations to connect to your existing tech stack, including Microsoft, Google, video conferencing, and customer relationship management systems (CRMs). While some schedulers will rely on Zapier, Pabbly, or other automation tools to do so, other schedulers like CalendarHero provide direct integrations. 

Increase operational efficiency in your IT organization 

The hybrid workplace isn’t going anywhere. Market trends demand operational efficiency and new ways of connecting teams across disparate locations and time zones. Scheduling software can power your IT company’s operations:

A meeting scheduler powers MSP business operations

  • Standardize scheduling across your IT organization
  • Automate your company’s scheduling workflow
  • Make virtual scheduling easier by auto-populating conferencing links in remote meeting events
  • Schedule video meetings by adding Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and other video conferencing links directly to meeting requests
  • Improve group coordination and collaboration by sharing team members’ availability instantly 
The goal is to drive operational success for your IT business. Whether you're thinking about productivity or collaboration, meetings are the cornerstone to success.
Komal Salvi

Director - Revenue Development, SMB Division, Vendasta

Scheduling software can shorten your sales cycle

  • Route leads to revenue team members instantly. As a result you can offload some time-wasting administrative tasks for customer-facing teams. 
  • Add scheduling technology to your website and email signatures to schedule leads on the spot
  • Pre-qualify leads with invitee questions and people insights
  • Sync contacts and view CRM details in meeting briefings via integrations to ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Freshworks, and more
  • Make it simple and easy to book your sales and techs with your SMB clients
  • Secure payment collection is available directly in the meeting booking tool 

Scheduling software improves customer experiences and simplifies logistics

  • Create a simple and frictionless customer experience by automating bookings, reminders, payments, and more
  • Book site visits and set recurring appointments with clients quickly and easily to simplify logistics
  • Prevent overbookings or double bookings with a birds-eye view of your techs’ schedules
Improving your scheduling systems and the way that you implement meetings in your workflow improves customer satisfaction on the outside of your business, while giving you an edge in the market.
Komal Salvi

Director - Revenue Development, SMB Division, Vendasta

Drive recurring revenue by reselling a meeting scheduler

Businesses are moving to the cloud. The global shift of business SaaS adoption reveals a massive opportunity for managed service providers. 

There are 230 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide, and they have an increased reliance on SaaS solutions to run their business.

Everything from their productivity suite and their point-of-sale-system to their marketing platforms is cloud based and paid for monthly. This has revealed a massive market opportunity for MSPs, as their local business clients are projected to spend more on this than enterprise companies in the next couple of years.

What’s more, a recent Vendasta survey conducted across approximately a quarter of a million businesses found that two thirds of SMBs want to work with one single expert. The study also indicated that if you can get a customer using seven unique products or services, you can see a 90 percent retention rate with those clients.

With this in mind, it only makes sense that forward-thinking managed service providers would bundle and sell online meeting scheduling software with their other productivity offerings and software tools to drive a new recurring revenue stream. Connect calendars, inboxes, video conferencing, and more to an online scheduling tool to add immediate value to these essential platforms. Give those SMB clients a one-stop shop, a single pane of glass, where they can manage all of their solutions in one place.

If you currently resell Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, bundling a meeting scheduler just makes sense. Building productivity and ecommerce packages can increase your profit margins and provide an upselling opportunity for existing clients. Plus, it enables you to potentially add a service layer to your offering, which can further increase your revenue potential month over month.

Selling a new foundational product in the cloud era

In the world of hybrid workspaces, businesses are not just holding their meetings in boardrooms – they’re meeting with internal teams as well as external prospects and clients online, anywhere in the world. Online scheduling software has become a foundational product for both IT organizations and their local business clients. 

While an online scheduling tool will help you streamline your own operations, it can also offer a tremendous opportunity to add value for your clients. Do not waste this competitive advantage—unlock the power of scheduling automation with CalendarHero, the preferred online scheduling software in the managed service provider industry. 

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