Why Managed Service Providers should consider reselling Google Workspace

As a Managed Service Provider, your clients are looking to you to keep their business running efficiently and securely online. What you may be seeing more and more, however, is that your clients are also turning to you to keep their employees connected, collaborating, and productive. 

In a post-pandemic world and with the rise of remote work, an increasing number of MSPs are leveraging Google Workspace as one of their leading productivity licensing offerings. Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and Meet, along with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. If you’re looking to grow your MSP business quickly by adding new SMB customers, this product offering should be in your portfolio, too. 

When you resell Google Workspace (previously G Suite) by partnering with Vendasta, you can not only meet your customers’ requests to add value but open a new revenue stream as well. 

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Gain trust with a reliable offering

When you refer product offerings to your clients, your reputation is on the line. You should only recommend products that you believe in. Fortunately, you can trust Google Workspace.


The Google productivity suite is powered by Google Cloud, which is one of the most reliable cloud platforms in the world. Billions of dollars have been invested in it, and it has the capacity to serve over 1 billion IP addresses every day. Many leading companies, including Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix, and even the US Army, rely on Google Cloud. 

Reselling Google Workspace can also help you build additional trust with your clients by allowing you to become their trusted local expert. You can be the expert that handles their migration, trains their users, and offers the service and support they need to boost their business’ online productivity and collaboration.

What’s more, having the Google brand authority behind your name can boost your credibility in your market.

Serve the entire market

Perhaps you already offer clients a productivity tool: you likely resell Microsoft 365. After all, it’s the number-one productivity tool for MSPs. You may think you have no need to add another similar platform to your product offering. 

Consider this, though: Google now has over 10 percent of the office productivity software market (Gartner). And every year, that number is growing by 1 percent.

Google is steadily taking market share away from Microsoft, and it currently has over six million business clients.

I previously was Partner/VP of Sales with an MSP that used and sold Microsoft 365 exclusively to our SMB clients. Since joining Vendasta (which uses Google internally), our IT Channel team has seen a growing trend of SMB customers wanting—even demanding—Google to run their business.

Andrew Down

Director of Sales for the IT Channel, Vendasta

How is it taking so much market share? It’s simple: clients love the product. It offers a seamless experience on browser and mobile, it makes collaboration and content creation simple and easy, and it has integrated business-grade security capabilities that companies trust. All tasks and projects can be managed from one place, so users can work faster and smarter. Why wouldn’t your clients love it?

The next generation of business owners is growing up in Google Classrooms and using ChromeBooks. We’re already starting to see a younger generation of business owners asking for Google Workspace. It’s what they know.

Adam Soltys

IT Channel Sales Development Representative, Vendasta

By becoming a Google Workspace reseller, you can get ahead of this trend and ensure you’re serving the whole market by giving clients an option beyond Microsoft 365. Plus, if you don’t offer Google Workspace to your customers, there is always the risk that your competitors might. 

Retain more customers

The Google Workspace apps are foundational to the success of many small and medium-sized businesses today. Their employees simply cannot work without their custom email addresses, video conferencing, shared calendars, cloud storage, documents, and spreadsheets. 

In short, the suite of Google apps is sticky. Your clients are more likely to continue working with you in order to continue using their Google Workspace licenses. In fact, a study on 7,700 small businesses using Google Workspace found that 70 percent of clients stayed for 2–5 years, while 10 percent stayed for 5 years or more.

If you want to build strong client relationships and retain your customers, resell Google Workspace.

Enjoy the ease of reselling with Vendasta

Getting approved for Google’s partner program to resell directly from the tech giant can be difficult. The program has a long list of requirements that partners need to meet. For example, you’ll need distinct credentials, a minimum of 100 provisioned seats on the product, and an approved annual business plan just to get authorized as a partner. You may also have to meet minimum billing and certification requirements, complete a credit check, and go through a number of other preliminary qualifiers. 

When you resell Google Workspace through the Vendasta Marketplace, you can bypass these requirements, so you can start generating revenue quickly. We have already jumped through Google’s hoops to become a partner, which you can benefit from immediately. Vendasta is a white-label platform, so you can sell Google Workspace, and other SaaS solutions, through a cloud marketplace with your branding. 

Purchasing, subscription management, and cost management are also consolidated in your Vendasta Partner Center console, so you can spend less time on admin and more time running your MSP.

If you’re ready to open a new revenue stream and offer your clients a new value-added product suite, partner with Vendasta to resell Google Workspace today.

This post was written in collaboration with Andrew Down, Director of Sales for the IT Channel at Vendasta, and Adam Soltys, one of Vendasta’s IT Channel Sales Development Representatives.

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