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Grow Email List: Infographic to Boost Subscribers


Infographic provided by  Marketingcloud.

Emails matter—a lot. Growing your email list matters, too. But how do you get more people to sign up and stay engaged? That’s the crucial connection in growing an email database.

Capitalize on Social Media Advertising

For starters, if you find people that share similar interests, they’re probably more likely to be passionate brand ambassadors and actively promote your agency. To do that, one of the easiest methods is capitalizing on social media advertising, including Facebook’s Lookalike Audience. It enables you to pick from a variety of sources.

Think Out of the Box for More Email Signups

In addition, you must think out of the box about how people can sign up for email. There are natural spots online—say, when they first visit your site, but don’t ignore other opportunities, such as in-person events. In addition, let people customize their content when possible.

Check out the Infographic Below for More Help

Want more tips about how to grow your email subscription database? Use this graphic for help.


grow your subscribers infographic

With email, you have a direct one-to-one communication portal. This is the digital equivalent of a conversation, and it's essential to hold high standards for what you do with this. Not only does your list need to grow, your drip campaigns, email sending times, calls to action and email content all need to be above par to achieve optimal click through rates and conversions. Don't fret, like any marketing process it is a practice that can be continually revisited and refined. If you do, your inbox and lead metrics will thank you!

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