Benefits of combining your CRM and project management

To meet your clients’ needs, you have to be in constant contact with them.

That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in. AI-backed sales CRMs help you track client interactions (CMS Wire). But what about all those requests coming in from them? How can you ensure no task slips through the cracks? How can you ensure your project timelines are effectively managed?

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Combining project management and your CRM just makes sense. It can help you manage every part of your agency with ease, while ensuring your client needs are met and their projects are completed on time.

Here’s how.

Combining CRM and project management improves data

Does your agency use a sales CRM and other software in other departments? If so, you’ve probably run into the issue of cross-platform data management.

Basically, this means that the info stored in your CRM isn’t available to other teams. Other departments have their own data siloed in whichever software they’re using.

That can lead to issues, such as inaccurate data, duplicate data, and even extra time spent rekeying data. In short, your team may not be working with the latest, greatest data or there may even be errors in it.

By contrast, combining CRM with project management lets you centralize data. When someone enters information in the sales CRM, it becomes available to the whole team. Your billing department can access updated email addresses in an instant. Project managers can see requests coming in.

How this benefits you

Data management is a huge challenge for many businesses, with some suggesting poor quality data costs businesses nearly $10 million per year (The Daily MBA). Centralizing data lets you update it across platforms and departments. Everyone has the latest information at their fingertips.

Consolidated data gives you a more accurate picture of your clients and their needs. It can even help you get data-driven insights to create better strategies and plans.

An all-in-one solution aligns your teams

Combining your sales CRM and project management software also brings your teams into alignment. Sales can see when a project has finished and follow up with recommendations for upselling opportunities. Project managers can see what information sales has shared with a client, so they know where to pick up the conversation.

In turn, project managers can build on what salespeople have pitched to clients. The hand-off of a new prospect or project becomes seamless. Your team members can follow up with clients at any point during the project to ask for feedback, as well.

Collaboration across departments becomes easier than ever. In turn, everyone is in a better position to deliver on project tasks and to take better care of clients.

How it benefits you

Simplifying collaboration across teams means better service for your clients all the way around. It can also boost productivity, as everyone is clear on their responsibilities. Improvements to communication also ease the way for your teams to work together.

Combining project management and CRM saves time and money

We mentioned one way combining project management with your CRM can save time. It reduces the re-entry of data. Data (re)entry is often redundant work that can take up a lot of time. If you’re using a couple of different platforms, though, your team might be doing a lot of it.

Better communication between your teams can also save time. Streamlining the flow of information and communication leads to better collaboration. It can also improve productivity (Entrepreneur). Tasks are communicated in a timely way, and people know exactly what they need to do.

Clearer communication around tasks can also help the team “get it right” on the first try. That means your team spends less time and effort going in the wrong direction. You don’t need to spend time fixing mistakes, which leads to a smoother process.

Finally, better data-backed insights can help you see where you can make improvements. That, in turn, can help you save even more time and money.

How it benefits you

Clearer roles, effective communication about tasks, and up-to-date data give your team members the tools they need. In turn, they can be more productive. They'll also be able to reduce turnaround times and improve accuracy.

Reducing or even eliminating duplication of work also helps. With more time and money in your pocket, you can invest more in growing your agency and delivering more for your clients.

Combined CRM and project management improves deliverables

Finally, the combination of CRM and project management can help you improve what you deliver. Whether it’s more of the same, offering new services, or improving quality, CRM and project management teaming up makes it possible.

The ease of getting customer feedback and communicating it to every team can help you identify strengths and areas for growth. Imagine customer feedback says your clients are concerned about campaign cost overruns. You'll want your team to hop on managing campaigns more effectively ASAP. This clearer picture helps you address client concerns in the moment.

You might also get feedback that suggests future action. A CRM might help you get information about prospect pain points, like pricing, bundles, or even the services you offer. Maybe you don’t offer website development right now, but CRM data shows many prospects choosing competitors because they do have that service.

Knowing this gives you some insight into future developments. 

How it benefits you

Improving deliverables lets you focus on both immediate goals and on long-term ideas too. Combined CRM and project management platforms let you craft better strategic plans.

You can better meet your customers’ immediate needs and attend to “wishlist” items. This two-pronged strategy will help your agency keep growing with clients into the future.

Streamline agency growth

No matter how large or small your agency, combining your sales CRM and project management makes sense. The benefits of this powerful combination can put you on a clear path to growth—and greater client satisfaction.

About the Author

Solange Messier is the Content Strategy Manager at Vendasta. Solange has spent the majority of her career in content marketing helping companies improve how they connect with their prospects and customers. Her diverse background includes magazine publishing, book publishing, marketing agencies, payment processing, and tech. When she's not working, Solange can be found spending time with her family, running, and volunteering.

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