Gain a huge advantage against competitors in the social marketing space

Everyone uses it, businesses need it, and your competition is eager to gain an edge in the market. Vendasta’s channel partners get to harness a remarkable set of social media management tools and resources to get ahead in the competitive world of social media services.

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Why social media agencies use the Vendasta Platform

A platform designed
for experts like you

Automated workflows
to scale fulfillment

The Do It With
Me® model

Add great products
to your offering

Harness a platform designed for social media experts serving local businesses

Our Social Media management platform is made exactly for companies like yours, providing you and your clients with the insights needed to win in the social media sphere and beyond.

Offer a freemium social marketing solution

Our freemium solution, Social Marketing, helps you take more impactful and effective steps to get your clients looking great on social media.

Check out this free online course to see how you can provide your clients with a new level of social media fulfillment under your own brand. Your prospects and clients can enjoy the free version, and upgrade to get even more value when they’re ready. An essential tool in your Vendasta toolbox, Social Marketing will create product-led leads in no time.


You clients’ new social media experience

Your clients access their social media updates through a white label client portal that’s rebranded for your company—you always get all of the credit, even when you’re not doing all of the work.

The white label difference

White-labeling social media services brings scaling to a whole new level for social media agencies. By outsourcing under your brand, you’ll be growing your business and getting great results while still operating under your own identity. Grow without hiring, scale without firing.


Use friction-free workflows to scale social media fulfillment

Acquire and manage hundreds of social accounts, all from one platform.

Workflow automations

Vendasta’s platform comes with built-in, customizable workflow automations that take care of tedious, repetitive tasks. Set up powerful workflows in just seconds. Automatically send out marketing campaigns, acquire new customers, or upsell services on top of your social offering—the possibilities are endless. Automations let you win back time and focus on delivering results for your agency.

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Task Manager

Use Vendasta’s project management tool, Task Manager to make sure fulfillment projects and tasks are on-track. Create or use pre-built templates to kick off new projects. Enhance collaboration by assigning tasks to your team (or even your clients!). With transparency on progress at every step and detailed reporting, you can build and grow your clients’ trust and confidence in your agency. Streamline your productivity and never miss another deadline with Vendasta’s Task Manager.

Learn more about Task Manager

Build client trust with the Do It With Me® model

In Vendasta’s own Do It With Me® fulfillment model, your agency works alongside Vendasta’s team to create the perfect social media presence for your clients. With your expertise and our help, we can deliver the final product your client is looking for.
And, if you’d rather have us do the work, you can always choose the Do It For Me option for complete project fulfillment from Vendasta’s teams. We have one of North America’s largest and most talented digital agencies under our roof, and they’re all experts in their field.


Unsure what’s right for your clients? Under the Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It For Me (DIFM) model, you get the complete opposite sides of the social media management spectrum. On one side you have complete control and ownership over the execution of your clients’ campaigns, while leveraging our powerful social media management platform. On the other side a completely hands-off approach with our white label digital marketing services.

The Do It With Me® (DIWM®) approach is a hybrid of the other two options. Our white-label team helps create and publish social posts on a weekly basis. This means that when the client is too busy to create their own posts, two or four posts are guaranteed, with no effort on the client’s part. However, clients are also able to log in to their social accounts, or their Social Marketing dashboard, and create and publish their own posts.


Add best-in-class products and services to your offering

Become a full-service agency and meet all of your clients’ needs by using Marketplace and discovering the perfect solutions for exactly the right clients. With over 250 products and services, you’re bound to find the right packages to add to your offering.

Discover more social media products and services

Improve your client retention

Did you know that you can increase your client retention rate by 47% simply by providing just one additional product or service? Read our churn study to see the benefits of offering more products or services to your clients.

Download our churn study

Social media management software for agencies

Vendasta’s white-label social media management platform is designed to help you scale your fulfillment and elevate your client’s content strategy. Expand your offering by delivering more products and services and outshine competitors in the social space.

Discover the all-in-one social media agency platform

Scale your services, expand your offerings, and experience rapid growth for your social media agency. Get started with Vendasta today!

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