DIY to DIFM to DIWM: What’s Best for your Clients?

There are many strategies for social media, but there are three main methods of follow through: Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It For Me (DIFM), or Do It With Me (DIWM™). With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which is right for a small and medium business. There are benefits to each method, depending on the circumstances of the business.


Do It Yourself

The hashtag DIY is everywhere on the internet these days, so it’s only appropriate that it’s an option for a business’ social media presence as well.

Do It Yourself is an option that’s best for managers and owners who are hands on with their business’ social accounts. They want to be involved with customer interaction online, and want to know what’s being posted for the business. These customers are excited about social media and have the time and desire to be involved.

This option is also the most cost-friendly option for businesses, with the only costs outside of product being time and effort.

Do It For Me

Do It For Me options are great for business managers and owners who keep very busy schedules. They may not have the time to invest in managing their various social accounts. This option is also a great choice for businesses that may not be familiar with the world of social media or the internet. And yes, trust us, these people still exist!

This option is more costly than DIY, but it provides customers with professionally generated posts they don’t need to spend the time creating themselves.

Do It With Me

Do It With Me is a hybrid of the other two options, and most notably, the method employed by Vendasta’s Digital Agency.

Digital agents create and publish social posts on a weekly basis. This means that when the client is too busy to create their own posts, two or four posts are guaranteed, with no effort on the client’s part. However, clients are also able to log in to their social accounts, or their Social Marketing dashboard, and create and publish their own posts.

Conversations regarding content are ongoing, making DIWM™ the perfect option for clients who are hands on with their social accounts, but have concerns about neglect when they get busy.

For more information on Vendasta’s Digital Agency and DIWM™ social media, check out our site.

About the Author

Leanne is a former digital agent on Vendasta's rockstar Digital Agency team. She is the creative behind many social posts, constantly thinking of innovative ways to build business' social presence.

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