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Scale Digital Sales with our Suite of Resellable Products for Publishers

Unleash local advertisers’ full potential with AI-powered digital solutions designed for reselling. Own your digital transformation by generating recurring revenue streams while minimizing costs.
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Affordable digital solutions for advertisers, high margins for you
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Seamless integrated platform for prospecting, selling and billing
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Generate monthly recurring revenue with ease
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Provide a client app under your brand to show marketing performance

Discover the flexible ways you can grow with Vendasta

With Vendasta you can build more value in your product, operate more efficiently, and provide incredible client experiences.

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Offer 250+ solutions from one Marketplace

Scale your digital revenue streams by offering cost-effective, resellable AI-powered digital products from our marketplace of 250+ products. Increase your market share with solutions like reputation management software, listings management, and social marketing.

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Showcase value effectively

Build trust with advertisers through robust reporting tools and a client-facing app showcasing product value. This sets the stage for lucrative traditional packages and further digital adoption.
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Leverage AI-driven prospecting

Use our powerful suite of automated sales intelligence tools, automated project management and sales CRM to transform your sales team into digital experts who can prospect and sell with precision.

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Seamless integration, without the cost

Effortlessly incorporate our solutions into your tech stack while avoiding the hassle of building an in-house agency or dealing with substantial development expenses. With Vendasta, your digital transformation is smooth and seamless!
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Empower local advertisers digitally

Guide local advertisers on their digital journey with our comprehensive marketplace toolkit—including PPC solutions, SEO, and more. Establish yourself as the go-to local expert, supporting their traditional and digital aspirations for unparalleled business expansion.

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Ignite success across digital and print

Empower your publishing sales team with essential CRM tools to nurture meaningful conversations with prospects. Cultivate reliable digital income streams and, as trust deepens, introduce traditional packages to enhance client success in both print and online advertising areas.

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Vendasta platform image

Enhance service, automate insights, save time

Present advertisers with a branded client portal, where you can provide access to their marketing metrics and empower your sales team with a competitive edge. Enhance trust and transparency by automating data delivery, enabling proactive sales, upselling, and strategic client interactions.

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Effortless AI-powered prospecting

Leverage our AI-powered Snapshot Report to evaluate a prospect’s digital performance with just one click. Understand their needs and assess digital recommendations seamlessly, all while streamlining your processes for swift and well-informed conversations.

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Build online visibility

Products to connect with prospects everywhere they search

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We make it easy to connect with new customers every step of their journey

Automated reporting and insights

Powerful reporting that empowers your business to sell more

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