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Sync business information to Google My Business

With Listing Sync, your clients can effortlessly manage their Google My Business location data.


Take advantage of an incredibly powerful local SEO tool

Google is the most important place for businesses to be listed. With Google My Business, local businesses, brands and organizations can effectively manage their presence on Google+, Search and Maps. Vendasta has integrated with Google My Business to enable local businesses to update their location data instantly from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Sync business information to Google in real-time

Instantaneously update key location information, including contact info, hours of operation and more.

Manage Google business data from one place

Whether you offer a DIFM (Do It For Me) or DIY service, Listing Sync gives you and your clients the ability to efficiently manage their Google footprints from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Get it for no additional cost

Google My Business is included in Listing Builder, a tool that agencies can give to local businesses for free in order to introduce them to online presence management and start them on a freemium upsell path.

Access a robust listings management solution

Pair Listing Sync with Listing Distribution to syndicate business info to the four major data providers that fuel over 300 online directories. Plus, supplement Listing Sync with Reputation Management to monitor the accuracy of business listings.

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The Google My Business integration with Listing Sync empowers your clients to

  • Fix inconsistencies in their business information
  • Improve their local SEO ranking
  • Attract new customers and retain existing customers
  • Save time by managing listing data from one place

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Access the full Vendasta system with all the products, services, and solutions you need to take your business to the next level for free. Recognize ROI fast, and become the most indispensable asset and extension of the team for your local business customers.


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