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A white-label social media management tool built to help elevate social strategy.

An unbeatable social strategy starts with the perfect post

Offering social media marketing to your clients can often feel like challenging and extensive work. Posting to a variety of networks takes time and effort that you could be spending growing your businesses’ revenue or finding new clients. With Vendasta’s Social Marketing you can save time and post to multiple networks from one, simple to use social media marketing platform.

Better yet? You can white-label and resell Social Marketing to your clients. This product is adaptable to any service model. It works great whether you’re offering DIY solutions or managed services.

Efficiently schedule social media posts to the most popular networks

Trusted by 8000+ resellers

Create a Fanbase

Social Marketing makes connecting with and building audiences easier than ever! With ready to publish content, post scheduling, and in-depth analytics, you’ll have all the tools you could need to build strategies and develop real fans on behalf of your clients.

Find customers

Help your clients grow their revenue! Discover new customers and find out what current customers are saying about your clients business. With this powerful social media marketing platform you can easily conduct lead searches and follow up without ever having to leave the product.

Engage with the community

Social Marketing enables you to help your clients build deeper relationships with their customers. Discover and respond to comments and mentions made by their fans from one convenient location.

All the tools needed to craft remarkable social content

All-in-one composer and scheduler

Effectively manage and schedule your clients posts through the easy-to-use composer. Post the same content to multiple networks or customize by account.

Stream of industry-related content

Easily pull in your clients favourite and new RSS feeds to discover great content for their social media posts.

Detailed post performance

Measure the metrics that your clients care about with rich engagement statistics. Maintain complete oversight of all networks from this social media marketing platform.

Stock images at your fingertips

Make your client’s posts pop with access to thousands of high quality stock images through Social Marketing’s integration with PixaBay.

Link tracking

Efficiently monitor and track the links in your client’s posts. See how many link visits originate from the different social networks or from Dark Social.

Twitter lead finder

Configure keyword searches and geo-targeting to find and engage with new customers on behalf of your clients.

Direct Instagram scheduling

Plan Instagram posts in advance and then sit back while Social Marketing publishes them automatically.

Google My Business post support

Promote your client’s upcoming events, make special announcements, and share timely offers through direct to GMB posting.

Complementary products for Social Marketing

Monitor every aspect a local business’s online reputation, including reviews, listings, and mentions. Reviews collected through Customer Voice can be managed and responded to in Reputation Management!

Send SMS and email requests to get more authentic customer reviews on the sites that matter most! New reviews will arrive in Reputation Management for you to monitor and respond to.

Help build your client’s brand by providing them with a social media strategy that works!

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Social Media for Businesses is a FREE and comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know to develop and manage your client’s social media.

The smart way to scale your social media marketing

Mobile friendly

Social Marketing works great and looks beautiful on any device, so your clients can post fresh content and respond to customers on the go.

Sell as your own

This social media marketing platform is 100% white labeled, so you can slap your brand on it, mark it up, and start generating instant ROI.

Collaborate on any level

Social Marketing adapts to the level of involvement each unique client need. Manage their social media on their behalf or empower them to do it on their own.

Offer Social Marketing to your clients for FREE!

Vendasta’s Product-Led Growth (PLG) program gives our partners with the ability to provide a freemium (Express) version of Social Marketing to their clients. Once engaged with the product, your clients can raise their hand and upgrade to the paid (Pro) version.

PLG brings try-before-you-buy to your agency. With this business strategy user acquisition, expansion, conversion and retention are driven by the product, rather than a traditional sales team. Agencies that adopt PLG lean on delightful product experiences to grow and retain their customers

Social Marketing Software Features

Features Express Pro
Social Profiles Facebook, Google My Business Facebook, Google My Business,
Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
Scheduled Posts 20 posts
*at a time
Calendar View
Drafted Posts
Post Performance Analytics
Social Audience Analytics
Link Tracking
Customer Posts
Interesting Content (RSS feeds)

Grow your business with Social Marketing

Social Marketing is one of more than 100 products in the Vendasta Marketplace. According to Vendasta’s latest Churn Study, the more solutions you offer, the more likely you’ll retain local business clients; selling four products show increased retention of 80%! Create your own packages and sell products at margin.

Use Vendasta’s Snapshot Report to show your prospects and clients where their digital marketing could use your help. Are they struggling with managing their social media? Social Marketing will help them build fans, find customers, and engage with the community.

Vendasta Sales & Success Center uses AI to tell you when your prospects are ready to buy Social Marketing or any of the other amazing Vendasta products. It gives your salespeople the tools they need to become trusted local experts. You’ll know about every handshake by viewing the live feed and The Loop, plus get a wider picture with your sales manager dashboard.

Finding it hard to juggle the work? Vendasta’s Task Manager directly integrates Social Marketing ‘to do’s’ into one place where they can be assigned and fulfilled. Still struggling to keep up? Enlist our white label marketing services professionals to fulfill on behalf of your business.

Vendasta’s Social Marketing can do more than just get you new clients, it can help to retain your current ones. Your clients will be amazed at the time they save when posting to multiple networks with the click of one button. Additionally, by wrapping Social Marketing around your social media fulfillment services you will be able to provide them with excellent strategy and a powerful product that does it all!

Social Marketing and all of Vendasta’s products come complete with go-to-market plans that allow you to be the trusted local experts, all under one login for you and your client. Simplify the cloud for use on the ground and grow your business quickly with Vendasta.

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