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My listing pages that work for consumers and search engines

Reach a new level of market share with My Listing pages

Every business owner understands that location is everything. On the internet, prime real estate is given to those who are featured on as many directories, search engines and review sites as possible.

With Listing Builder, you can help businesses control their presence by handing them a responsive My Listing page that search engines can readily index and mobile users find easy to use. The best part? These sites are worth $295 each, but we’re letting you give them away for free.

Reach a new level of market share with My Listing pages
Fully-responsive, mobile-friendly site

Wait, did I read that right? Free?

Yes, free. Think about how competitive the local website space has become. On top of all the DIY tools out there (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.), your competition is charging hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars to whip up half-baked sites that businesses have been told they need.

But what if you offered a business a fully-responsive, mobile-friendly site valued at $295 for free? They’d choose you in a heartbeat. And once they’re on board, you’ll be able to derive much higher value from them with upgrades throughout Vendasta’s entire suite of solutions.

What is a My Listing page?

A My Listing page is as simple as it sounds — any page that contains information about a business. For most small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) this will likely be an individual page, but for chains or franchises, it may be part of a store-locator section from the main website.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, is emphatic about the importance of not hiding your multi-location information within a complex site.

According to Google, the most frequently sought after information is:


  • Business address
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone number
  • Departments
My Listing page contains information about a business
Data to include

Google, as well as other search engines and sources, require certain criteria for optimal data sourcing. Google’s criteria includes:

Google, as well as other search engines and sources, require certain criteria for optimal data sourcing. Google’s criteria includes:


  • each location’s information should be accessible on separate pages
  • allowing the Googlebot to discover and crawl the My Listing pages
  • location information presented in an easy-to-understand format
  • use of schema.org structured data markup

Mobile and Responsive My Listing Pages

Mobile is growing at five times the speed of the internet. If your SMB clients don’t have a mobile-friendly presence, it’s time to catch up — both users and search engines demand it.

When mobile visitors come to a website, they’re usually looking for a few key pieces of information: directions, store hours, phone numbers and product information. My Listing pages make that information easy to find and navigate.

With My Listing pages, business owners no longer have to worry about customers having a bad browsing experience. And since the same site adapts to all devices and screen sizes, they only have to update content once in order to keep it current everywhere.

Choose a template to fit any brand

Choose a template to fit any brand

Templates for different types of content alleviate the need for complicated formatting — just drop in images, videos or social media URLs and the coding is taken care of.

Include clear calls to action CTA to maximize conversions

Include clear calls to action to maximize conversions

Large buttons, integrated coupons and the ability to incorporate images make the most of a business’ My Listing page.

Take advantage of Responsive Design

Take advantage of Responsive Design

Responsive design allows websites to scale to the size of whatever screen they’re being viewed on.

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