How to reach peak profit potential

A definitive agency profitability playbook

In partnership with Parakeeto, the digital & creative agency profitability experts

Reach-Peak-Revenue-Potential-Mockup-300x259-Did you know? Most agencies achieve less than 50 percent of their true revenue potential. That’s because they inaccurately estimate project costs, undercharge, and don’t monitor key metrics.

To help agency owners rocket past their earnings goals, renowned profitability expert and Parakeeto CEO Marcel Petitpas shares the secrets of agency profitability throughout this playbook.

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What you’ll learn:

thoughtbubble-icon-peakrevenue-60x60Discover how to think more profitably as an agency owner

document-icon-peakrevenue-60x60Master the art of project estimation and improve the accuracy of your client billing



calculator-icon-peakrevenue-60x60Learn the key financial metrics you need to be watching and how to calculate them 

cog-icon-peakrevenue-60x60Explore opportunities to fine tune your systems and processes, taking control of profit margins

Make better, more informed decisions and unlock the gate to peak profitability for your agency.

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