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Our staff come from different backgrounds and experiences and live worldwide. Together, we build and support each other, making room for growth and opportunity. Hear from our Vendastians and learn about the teams they work on, how they work, and what they do.


​​Why Vendastians love where they work

“Vendasta is a great place to work. It has an open, welcoming culture. Its diversity in all forms is incredible. Talent is respected and you have a great learning opportunity.”

Aparna A.

Senior Product Manager

“I have never worked at an organization before that has cared so much about me as a person. At Vendasta, I’ve felt I can be honest and candid about a lot of things. About who I am as a person. About concerns or problems in the way, things work. About new ideas to bring to the table. There’s a lot of openness here.”

F. David S.

Growth Specialist

​​Accounting & Finance

Who we are: We are a team of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial planning and analysis experts at Vendasta.

What we do: We work collaboratively with both our partners and our internal team members to prepare financial reports, maintain excellent relationships with our vendors and employees through timely payments, implement and monitor compliance, ensure revenue collection, and so much more!

Why we do it: Our work is key to ensuring that leaders across the organization have access to revenue forecasts and budgets they need to make key strategic decisions that benefit our partners and the local businesses they support.

Working at Vendasta has allowed me to thrive like no other company I've worked for! My direct leadership nurtures my ability and never tries to hold me back when I want to extend my reach to help others with my unique combination of experience and skills. I never feel like I'm stuck in a box or strict corporate hierarchy. Our team is grounded in mutual trust and respect. They have my back and I have theirs. All of this boosts the pride I feel in my work every day and fuels my ambitions to seek improvements at every opportunity.

Tara C.

​​Business Intelligence

Who we are: We are a team of experts in data science, data analysis, and business analysis.

What we do: We work collaboratively with product, sales, and leadership teams to pull, analyze, and make recommendations using data.

Why we do it: Our work is key to ensuring that leaders across the organization have access to the information they need to make data-driven decisions that ultimately benefit our partners, the businesses they support, and our company strategy.

Working for the BI team, I feel that the reports, data and analysis we provide are a crucial part of what the leadership group relies on to analyze the growth of the company and make appropriate decisions. Figuring a way to help my stakeholders analyze the problems they are facing and help them get the answers they are looking for with data is probably the most rewarding aspect of my role at Vendasta.

Teja M.

Corporate Marketing

Who we are: We are a team of highly creative brand and marketing magic-makers at Vendasta.

What we do: We work with a number of internal stakeholders—from the C-suite to our internal sales team—to execute strategy across the company’s corporate marketing, communications, brand, and more.

Why we do it: Through corporate marketing strategy and execution, we build and evolve Vendasta’s brand awareness to establish credibility and trust in our partners, our community, and even prospective employees (like you!).

Vendasta is unlike anywhere else I have ever worked. To start, I love what I do everyday at Vendasta. I am passionate about continuous improvement and putting my best foot forward every day. My colleagues at Vendasta are incredibly smart, motivated, and supportive people who make it easy to strive for my best.
In addition, the environment is second to none. Vendasta’s rooftop patio, the food services, and the fun events all contribute to a workplace that often doesn’t feel like work. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jon M.

Demand Generation

Who we are: We are a team of specialized marketers across areas like SEO, growth marketing, content marketing, and videography.

What we do: We create and curate content in the form of blogs, digital advertisements, videos, and anything else that can engage prospective partners!

Why we do it: Our work generates qualified, inbound leads for our sales teams to build relationships with and welcome into the Vendasta partnership fold.

It delights me that at the end of the day, my work helps local businesses enter and thrive in the digital economy with the help of trusted partners. My work directly impacts the pipeline value generated by the business. The better content & media experiences I create, the more leads, sign-ups, and expressions of interest we get from prospects interested in becoming Vendasta partners.

Vishal T.


Who we are: We are a team of software developers and engineers working across the various areas of the Vendasta platform.

What we do: We work in Agile two-week sprints with product, design, business intelligence, and more to build the Vendasta platform and the products that exist within it.

Why we do it: The programming we do in cutting-edge technologies like GoLang and Angular makes up the tools our partners and their customers use to thrive online. We get to keep up with industry trends and build brand-new features each and every day.

Vendasta is an awesome organization to join to grow your career while building a product that lets local small and medium-sized businesses thrive. I love that I get to learn a modern tech stack from some of the most talented developers I've ever worked with. Vendasta also gives back to the community and is a key player in Saskatchewan's growing tech scene.

Tyler D.

Food Operations

Who we are: We’re a team of trained cooks, chefs, and bakers that make the Vendasta team drool on the daily.

What we do: We prepare an amazing menu of breakfast, lunch, and snack items for the Vendasta team to enjoy throughout the day.

Why we do it: Time at home with our families, friends, and hobbies is important—and we aim to give as much of that back to the Vendasta team by eliminating the need to meal prep or make food for your workday.

The most rewarding part of my role in Food Operations at Vendasta is that it highly contributes to people’s fuel and attitude for the day. I try to uplift, make laugh, and motivate the mass! I feel very valued at Vendasta and that my opinion matters

Camille C.

Marketing Services

Who we are: We are a team of customer service, social media, website, and digital ad experts.

What we do: We work in a white-label fashion on behalf of Vendasta’s partners to support their customers across social media content creation, website creation, and digital advertising.

Why we do it: Our work directly helps local businesses establish and maintain their presence online so that they can compete with big names with big budgets.

Working at Vendasta has been the best kind of adventure. I am constantly tackling new challenges and finding opportunities for growth and improvement, all while working alongside some of the brightest and most passionate individuals. Oh, and supporting small business owners is an extra sweet bonus!

Micheline G.

Onboarding Success

Who we are: We are a team of platform implementation experts at Vendasta.

What we do: We partner with brand new partners of Vendasta to integrate them into and train them on our platform.

Why we do it: Our work helps to set partners up for a lifetime of success with the Vendasta platform so they can grow their revenue and support their customers.

Every day, I step off the bus with the biggest grin as I remind myself that I work with some amazing people, with some amazing customers, and with an amazing company. Every day, I get to "hit the ground" with a truly amazing group of individuals. We get to put our knowledge of the digital space into the hands of the agency owner and their sales teams to further assist their customers in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Nik L.

Partner Development

Who we are: We are a team of highly strategic and growth-focused account executives at Vendasta.

What we do: We build relationships with and support a book of business of Vendasta’s partners.

Why we do it: By building strategic relationships with partners, we advise them on how to grow their business and revenue with the Vendasta platform.

The most rewarding thing about my role as a Partner Development Manager is helping others achieve their goals, and feel seen, heard, and overall appreciated and valued. We're the gas in the tank that gets that vehicle to its destination. We help our partners fuel their passion and validate their needs in their community.

Amanda B.

People Operations

Who we are: We are a team of human resources and operations professionals.

What we do: We partner with leaders, team members, and candidates across all aspects of the employee journey. From hiring to talent development and employee engagement, our team does it all!

Why we do it: We work to make Vendasta a place where all team members can find community, growth, and meaningful work that makes coming to work every day enjoyable.

My role contributes to Vendasta overall because I get to build and deliver talent and leadership development tools and programs that make our people better and allow our leaders to level up their skills, confidence, and competence. It is incredibly rewarding work and it aligns with my personal mission of leaving people better than I found them.

Kim C.

Product Design

Who we are: We are a team of user experience and user interface experts who work with the product teams of Vendasta.

What we do: We work with product managers and developers across Vendasta to create designs that make our products the best experience for our partners.

Why we do it: We advocate for user experience to create usable, valuable, and scalable products and features that meet the goals of our partners and their customers.

My experience at Vendasta has allowed me to grow into the designer I've always wanted to become. I am surrounded by talented and supportive colleagues who are always willing to learn from each other, allowing me to continually expand my skill set and excel in my design journey. The best part of it all is that I have been able to gradually transition into a role that I am truly passionate about, which has helped me shape my career path in the direction that I have always envisioned.

Amanda N.

Product Management

Who we are: We are a team of highly-strategic product managers and product owners at Vendasta.

What we do: We collaborate with partners and leaders at Vendasta to set product vision and execute product roadmaps.

Why we do it: Our work allows us to identify user needs, industry trends, and business objectives that allow our products to be best-in-class in the market.

Thriving within Vendasta is an exhilarating journey for various reasons, igniting passion and propelling innovation at every turn. Firstly, its culture fosters continuous learning and innovation, pushing boundaries and fostering personal growth. The fast-paced environment keeps me on my toes, driving me to deliver my best work every day. Moreover, Vendasta's commitment to empowering local economies resonates deeply, as we directly contribute to their growth and prosperity. We're always on the lookout for the latest tech to stay ahead of the game. But the best part? It's the people - the collaborative spirit within the team that fuels creativity and fosters an environment where everyone thrives. Together, we're not just shaping products, we're shaping the future.

Aparna A.

Product Marketing

Who we are: We are a team of product marketing and sales enablement specialists at Vendasta.

What we do: We build and execute the marketing strategies that take the Vendasta platform and its products to market.

Why we do it: The marketing collateral, sales training support, website content, and other material we create drive demand and adoption of the Vendasta platform and our products.

In my role, I have the opportunity to be the internal and external voice for my product. I get to design the messaging behind new product launches which helps to contribute to Vendasta's overall ecosystem. My role contributes to helping local businesses specifically because I'm able to help our teams develop resources and information that better serves our customers.

Claire W.


Who we are: We are a team of world-class sales development representatives at Vendasta.

What we do: We work with prospective partners of Vendasta through the entire sales funnel to understand their needs, conduct presentations, and close partnerships.

Why we do it: The relationships we build with prospective partners from our first contact to the close of a contract sets them up for success with the Vendasta platform as they grow their business in tandem with our own.

My position as Sales Development Rep is the initial gateway to engage and excite potential partners of Vendasta as the first touch point. My role contributes to helping local businesses every day by adding value to improving their digital marketing presence to help drive traffic and business.

Lily Y.

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