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See Available Positions

What does Vendasta do?

Vendasta is a software development company, headquartered right in the heart of Silicon Prairie… Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! We make an online platform for helping B2B companies provide marketing solutions to local businesses.

Looking for a great career? We hire top minds from computer science, software engineering, marketing, user-experience, design, and business fields to help us provide software to world-class companies. If you want to be part of our exciting culture, apply today.


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Why Join Vendasta?

We believe happy employees are essential to great companies.

Our core values are rooted in teamwork and open communication; plus, with an active social committee, free lunches, Friday demos and more, the culture here can’t be beat. That’s why, in addition to a highly competitive salary, we’re proud to offer excellent benefits, such as:

  • 24/7 casual dress code
  • Healthy work options (e.g., weekly yoga, standing desks for those who want them, etc.)
  • Top-of-the-line mobile workstations with dual monitors
  • Daily soups and sandwiches for lunch
  • Daily bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • Catered lunch Fridays
  • Foosball tables, office scooters and our very own kegs
  • Free lattes, popcorn, snacks, soda, and fresh fruit
  • Attendance at local tech events
  • A great social committee with at least one event a month
  • Learning and growth with a team on the cutting edge of technology

Work in the heart of Saskatoon

Vendasta’s HQ is located at the historic Avenue Building on the corner of 21st and 3rd in Saskatoon, SK. On top of that, we have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Austin, Texas.

At the end of the day, it’s all about culture

Vendasta Team Vendasta Team - camping trip Vendasta Team - Go karting Vendasta Team - House party

Sound like a workplace you could get used to? Send us your background and we’ll be in touch.

Don’t worry too much about applying for the “right” job. If we think you’re a better fit for a different position, we’ll make it work (there’s also no need to apply more than once!)

Hey developers, work in a cutting-edge environment

Powered by Google App Engine

Google App EngineWe don’t like to brag (ok… sometimes we do) but we’re one of the world’s leading developers on Google App Engine. Not only do we develop all of our core solutions in Python over App Engine, but we’re a trusted tester with Google and we participate in regular round table groups to help Google map out the App Engine platform roadmap.

In addition to Python, our devs have experience in many other languages and development environments such as .Net, WPF, Java, Oracle, SQL Server, and PHP.

Agile Methodology

Vendasta uses the Agile method, specifically Scrum for development and Kanban for marketing and sales. As such, we follow the main Agile tenets:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Each team has a Product Owner and Scrum Master, our sprints are weekly and we demo our progress every week to the entire company.

Available Positions

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