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Bundle Vendasta’s web design and SEO services to boost agency profitability


Adding white-label web design and SEO services is the perfect solution for agencies that want to take their profits to the next level without the risks that can come with growth.

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Growing your agency’s profits once you have an established niche and client base can be challenging: landing new high-value clients becomes more difficult once you’re already working with your main target clients in your area. Plus, you want to maintain the high standards your reputation is built on, so it’s important that any service additions make sense for your business and client base.

How white-label services work

According to the 2021 Marketing and Advertising Agency Report from eMarketer, agency executives cite coming up with a more profitable new business strategy as their top area of improvement.

It’s easy to understand why: Achieving impressive growth numbers is easier in the first few years when your sales team has plenty of leads and prospects. As many of these become paying clients, obtaining steady growth and boosting profits year after year is harder, especially if you don’t broaden your service offering.

Even if your agency is able to build a healthy pipeline of prospects, hiring more staff to handle the increased workload is costly. The hiring and onboarding processes are expensive, and there’s no certainty that new hires will be a good fit for your organization. These costs can cut significantly into your profitability even if your revenue is growing.

Reselling white-label services like web design and SEO services addresses all of the major challenges faced by many agencies as they mature and have a harder time achieving higher profits year over year.

You don’t need to onboard, train, and pay for expensive in-house software. Instead, you can entrust Vendasta’s expert team to fulfil services like web design and SEO on behalf of your agency. Work is fulfilled under your brand name. All you have to do is sell the white-label services you add to your product offering.

Since you only pay once you sell a service to your client, you don’t have to worry about up-front costs eating into future profitability. Instead, you can set your own price. You also remain totally in control of the profit margins on the services you sell. This makes projecting future profits much easier. Further, it eliminates the risk of your costs affecting your profits as they can with a more traditional model.

Benefits of bundling

Once you’re set up with Vendasta and ready to start selling website packages to small businesses, bundling them is an effective way to maximize your profits. Bundling multiple services enables you to increase the profitability of each client by locking in greater revenue month after month.

It’s also a good way to make your agency an indispensable partner for your clients. By bundling and offering multiple services at a favorable price, it becomes less appealing for clients to split their spending across different providers. The more services they can get through your agency, the more you’ll be perceived as a convenient one-stop shop they can rely on for multiple solutions.

You can also create different client profiles that correspond with the different types of clients your agency serves, from smaller startups to more established medium-sized businesses. Then, you simply build bundles tailored to the needs of each customer profile.

You might have a bundle with core basic services at an affordable price point for startups, and more robust bundles for clients with a bigger budget. This way, most clients will be able to identify a bundle that meets their needs, and you don’t need to overwhelm them with a ton of options.

Bundles are effective for boosting your profitability by making your agency an appealing choice for new prospects. However you can also use them to increase the value of existing clients. Create bundles that include services they already use to increase the appeal of buying additional services from you over other providers.

Web design and SEO services: The perfect bundle

For established agency owners want to boost profitability, expand their product offering, and grow with both prospective and established clients, web design and SEO services are well worth adding to the existing list of services offered.

That’s because these are needed by just about every modern business, regardless of which niche or industry you primarily serve. You can expand your product offering without diluting your specialization at all.

You can also create various bundles for your different customer profiles with just these two services. Since both web design and SEO services can range from basic to more complex, you can create bundles that are perfectly suited to a client's needs and budget.

Finally, web design tends to be a one-off service, while SEO is an ongoing commitment. By bundling the two, you can generate recurring revenue from clients who might have otherwise only paid for design service one time.

White-label SEO

Investing in SEO has become non-negotiable for any business that cares about being discoverable online—that is, just about any business today. It’s also quite complex since a successful SEO campaign involves lots of moving parts. Most SMBs lack the in-house expertise and time to manage their own SEO activities. That means they’re trusting their SEO management needs to outside third parties: why not your agency?

Through Vendasta’s suite of SEO white-label services, you can effectively help your clients gain greater visibility online by achieving a higher position on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s search bar is where most consumers first go when looking for a product or service. Ensuring your clients rank highly for search terms related to their industry can make a serious positive impact on their bottom lines.

The more results you’re able to generate through Vendasta’s white-label SEO reseller products,  the more confident your clients will be to increase their spending on SEO services.

SEO solutions you can offer through Vendasta include:

  • Alpha SEO – A full-service SEO program that helps local businesses rank higher in search engine results. Alpha SEO can handle onsite edits, link building, content creation, comprehensive reporting, and more. Plus, both you and your clients can track campaign progress at any time through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Boostability SEO – An SEO program built with SMBs in mind, Boostability is perfectly suited to product bundling with customizable packages, starting with a 10-hour base package, based on each business’s unique needs.
  • Marketgoo  – Let businesses generate their own custom SEO plan with this platform designed for small businesses.
  • SEO Network– A platform that provides both on-site and off-site SEO, building website relevancy for 10 keywords.

Selling these services in conjunction with web design is a perfect fit: Once clients have a beautiful, optimized website with web design services, SEO services can drive traffic to their site regularly, resulting in more conversions and a larger bottom line.

White-label web design

A professional website is a must in today’s increasingly online world. Even businesses that operate primarily as brick-and-mortar operations without an ecommerce component require well-designed websites, since a staggering 88% of consumers research products and services online before purchasing.

If a business doesn’t have a website that communicates professionalism and competency, its prospective clients may well choose to go with a competitor that has a better online storefront.

With Vendasta’s white-label web design services, you can offer your clients the beautiful, responsive websites that will impress their customers.

Your web services can extend beyond the initial site build, securing recurring revenue for your agency. One way to do this is with Vendasta’s Website Pro, which enables you to offer managed hosting on the Google Cloud Platform. As an industry leader, this platform gives you the confidence that your clients’ sites will always be fast and secure.

You don’t need to have web designers in house. Vendasta’s white-label team can create a seamless experience for your clients. From the opening call, through the design process and the site build, our team of experts will work under your agency name for a top-tier branded experience.

If you have clients or prospects who are interested in web design, make sure to walk them through the importance of SEO. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and responsive a website is if no one actually visits it. Once a site is built, SEO is the tool that will drive organic traffic over the long term.

Vendasta’s web design and SEO services go hand in hand

It’s not at all uncommon for agencies to struggle with generating greater profits after they’ve been around for a while. After the initial growth period, figuring out the best way to grow revenue without incurring costs that negate your efforts is challenging.

Bundling Vendasta’s web design and SEO services, and fulfilling your client projects through our white-label team of experts, means your agency can grow its profits reliably and repeatably. Without the costs and challenges of in-house hiring to worry about, you can instead focus on growing your client list with your new, highly in-demand product offerings.

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