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Luke Aulin

CEO, Rtown Digital

“Vendasta’s technology is further ahead than anyone’s we’ve seen in the online presence management landscape, and their support is first rate. A great team behind great products.”

Greg Sterling

Senior Analyst,
Opus Research

“Small businesses need simple and effective tools to track customer conversations. Vendasta’s product is one of the strongest we’ve seen to date.”

Gordon Borrell

Borrell Associates Inc.

“I just saw a review of what Vendasta has to offer, and I’m impressed. The depth of their Reputation Management product is excellent and should be very attractive to SMBs.”

Dennis Yu

CEO, Blitzmetrics

“[Local businesses] need services that make the software work. [Vendasta has] people, process, and the platform together.”

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Hear what partners have to say about Vendasta

Tonya Wren

Owner, Wren Interactive

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Terry Barnes

CEO, Nusani Media

“Vendasta’s agency tools have allowed us to provide our clients the tools and services they need to stay on top of their online reputation and social media. We’ve gained market share from our competitors, provided our clients with the latest technology to be successful online and increased our retention of clients to over 97% after their initial contract terms.”

Elena Littleton

Digital Sales Director,
Ad Pages Solutions

“What I like most about Vendasta is that they have a team that’s doing the work for me and find new solutions that can better help our clients in bringing brand awareness and leads to their front doors. Since adopting Vendasta we’ve seen a huge uptick in revenue. We’ve also seen that we’re able to handle more accounts because Vendasta helps us with that bandwidth.”

Dani Anderson

Harvard Media

“The Marketing Services team at Vendasta is amazing to work with. They are professional, hard-working and so quick to respond. They truly care about their partners and in turn, the client. They’ve become a vital part of our team!”

Kaitlyn Herrmann

Customer Success Lead, Ordereze

“[Vendasta is] always asking us for feedback so the products that we use can be made even better and more user friendly … it really shows that they’re focused on making sure that their customer’s needs are met—and it’s something that we definitely appreciate.”

Mitchell Slater

CEO, Slater Strategies

“Since using Vendasta we’ve seen a change in our clients and the aspect of them just being excited about logging in and seeing their stats and where the Google listings are, where their website stats are, just kind of knowing where everything’s at, because beforehand everything was in all of those different locations and now they can find information from one dashboard, so, clients are extremely excited!”

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Scott Sanderson

Vice President, Shoptoit Inc.

“Vendasta is an exceptional resale partner with impressive technology at its core … [but it’s] not just the technology – it’s the market access … Vendasta’s assisted sales model is the future of SaaS. Their salespeople are delivering measurable results, and the company has provided tremendous customer service along the way.”

Sebastian Krüger

Head of Partnerships, marketgoo.

Through Vendasta we’re able to serve smaller companies looking to resell SEO Tools, while maintaining the same distribution quality as a larger enterprise. The platform also allows for easy communication with these resellers, enabling us to give great customer support.”

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