The only software and services distribution platform you’ll need to accelerate your business growth

With just one integration, Vendasta lets you distribute your software and services instantly to a global network of resellers and local businesses. It’s an easy way to establish new revenue streams for your products and services.


Explore new revenue streams with distribution through Vendasta

Grow with Vendasta's network

Grow with Vendasta’s massive network

Get distribution through 60,000 resellers and their salespeople, as well as over 5.5 million local businesses by easily building and managing a network of channel partners.

Expand your product line

Expand your own product line

Extend your marketplace. Grow your customer base and deliver more value to your existing clients by integrating Vendasta’s products onto your platform using our APIs.

Reduce development costs

Reduce your development costs

A turnkey ecosystem for your technology allows you to add your solutions using Vendasta’s platform to manage users, billing, notifications, logins, and more.

How to sell your product through Vendasta:


Have a product, service, or solution? Sign up as a Vendasta Partner and integrate it to the Vendasta platform.


Bring a reseller or sell it yourself to prove the scalability and value of your product.


Apply to be a vendor to distribute your product to our constantly growing global network of resellers.

Distribute through Vendasta and explore new revenue streams

Get your solution in front of tens of thousands of resellers worldwide

Instantly make your product available to our massive network of resellers around the globe, opening new streams of revenue.

Expand your solution to new markets

Vendasta operates internationally—partnered with resellers in North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and numerous other areas.

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Lower your cost of acquisition with just one integration

With Vendasta’s built-in lead generation, you can instantly tap into our reseller network of marketing agencies, independent software vendors (ISVs), TV and radio companies, publishers, telecommunications, and so much more. Vendasta’s extensive network includes resellers of all sizes, including industry giants such as Yellow Pages, Hearst, Heartland Media, and to name a few.

Reduce development costs

Build on the Marketplace Infrastructure and create an instant, many-to-one effort instead of integrating separately for each individual reseller.

Go to market effortlessly

Build brand awareness without spending on marketing efforts. Receive marketing guidance to equip resellers with the right marketing and sales tools to effectively sell your product to their clients.

With your product in the Marketplace, resellers can hit the ground running and instantly go to market with your product.

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One billing relationship for all your sales

We empower a one-to-many billing relationship. Avoid the time and effort required to bill each reseller and customer individually. Every month, we will send you a statement and get you paid. It’s that simple.

Scale your business faster

Our team of 125+ sales agents continually sell your product to our constantly growing network of resellers, helping you expand your business faster than ever before.

We have sales teams focused on every stage of the reseller experience—from acquiring new resellers to enabling established resellers to maximize their growth. No matter their size or scale, we make sure our resellers supply their clients with the right solution at the right time.

sales professionals for vendors

Scale your business faster.

Our internal sales teams sell with you. Our trusted sales teams help sell your product, allowing you to expand your business faster than ever before.


Increase customer lifetime value

Selling your solution through Marketplace allows resellers to package and sell it along with other products. The breadth of products and packaging options makes local businesses less likely to churn by 86% and increases the lifetime value of customers for you and your resellers.

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Hear directly from our vendors who have supercharged their product & service distribution through Vendasta’s Marketplace. Get instant access to over 60,000 channel partners serving over 5.5m local businesses.



What is a software distribution platform?

A software distribution platform is a solution that allows software vendors, resellers, and service providers to become a client’s only technology partner. The platform enables companies to deliver technologies and services to fit all of their clients needs from one place.

What features should a software distribution platform have?

A software distribution platform should offer many features and functionalities for the vendors and resellers.

An effective platform should automate backend processes such as billing and fulfilment, and make it easy to instantly deliver cloud-based solutions.

For software distribution platforms that support resellers and other solution providers, selling to their clients should also streamline partner onboarding, management, and payouts.