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Vendasta’s sales solutions powered with marketing automation, opportunity management, sales collaboration, contact management, scheduling, and many CRM integrations helps you sell faster and efficiently while optimizing your sales process.

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Why sales teams use Vendasta

Data-driven sales
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Discover the biggest opportunities and close them faster

Know what your local business prospects need before they do and contact them with personalized messaging with Vendasta’s AI-powered sales CRM powered by Snapshot report, marketing automations, and much more.

Snapshot Report: a salesperson’s best friend

Get a report card of your prospect’s performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, advertising, SEO, and reviews. This award-winning tool enables your salespeople to concentrate on gaps in their prospects’ marketing, and tailor the conversation to how they can fill in those gaps with your solutions. With this sales intelligence, your salespeople can build trust as local marketing experts.

Learn to become a Snapshot Ninja from Vendasta’s own George Leith!

Personalized, automated contact management

Your customers want personalized experiences. Use Marketing Automations to discover their needs, and engage with them based on their intent with targeted email campaigns. When users perform specific actions in the platform, personalized triggers start workflows based on lists, tags, payments, and product activations.


Free your salespeople to sell with an easy to use, impossible to replace CRM

With great prospect management, CRM integrations, configurable automations, and up-to-date sales collateral that’s right every time for every customer, your sales team can finally focus on selling.

Sales & Success Center: Prospect Management

Prospects are measured and prioritized based on campaign activity—email opens, clickthroughs, emails sent, content type, and dates. With the prospect management dashboard, salespeople are able to see what leads need action immediately, and which need nurturing.

Integrations with CRM

With a wide selection of additional integrations that seamlessly connect with our platform, Vendasta’s CRM opens access to an extensive list of options and tools.

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Connect, track, and measure client engagement

Effortlessly connect with your clients, understand their engagement and show them proof of performance with great scheduling and reporting tools with Vendasta’s sales solutions.

Connect with your clients

Connecting with your clients is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. With popular screen sharing software, Google Meet, Zoom, Crankwheel, and Meeting Scheduler built directly into our platform, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect with your prospects.

Understand your clients with Executive Report

The Executive Report is an automated white label client report that gives your single or multi-location clients direct access to proof-of-performance reporting and data-informed product and service recommendations. By opening and engaging with the Executive Report, you’ll be bringing your clients into their business dashboard, where they can review their online weak points and explore the solutions you provide to fix the problem.


Enable and manage your sales team like never before

Vendasta’s solutions help you manage tasks and organize your team better than ever, all without complex integrations with built-in tools like leaderboards, pipelines, meeting scheduling, and task management.

Closed loop reporting

Our intuitive dashboards empower managers to make better decisions with a full picture of their current funnel, from leads contacted to presentations delivered to accounts closed.

Seamlessly manage your tasks

Achieve maximum productivity, effective collaboration, and next level organization. Customize your space to work how you want it to, and flow between templates, projects, and reports, fulfilling all of your tasks in one place, under one login.

Sales management software designed to close more deals

Power through with a CRM that offers you the tools necessary to not only stay up-to-date with ever-expanding requirements, but also allows you to expand your client base with relevant and actionable data.

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Take your sales processes and your team to the next level.
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The sales framework that gets results


The Master Sales Series

With over 30 years of experience, George Leith, Vendasta’s Chief Customer Officer, gives you access to some of his biggest sales secrets.


Master Monthly Recurring Revenue

Guided by our sales guru, George Leith, this course dives deep into monthly recurring revenue and the Vendasta Channel Partner Revenue Growth Model.


Accelerate Sales with Sales & Success Center

Explore Sales and Success Center CRM, and learn how Vendasta enables you to focus on the leads that are ready to buy.

We succeed when our customers succeed

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Tonya Wren



“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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